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UKIP By-election candidate: Gay people should not be allowed to adopt

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  1. Could this guy be any more of an idiot? Sometimes I really wonder why we pay any attention to people like this.

    1. He is entitled to his beliefs. What he is not entitled to is to try to impose those beliefs on others without any strong evidence of why he thinks this would be detrimental to society.
      Just “because it is my belief” or “because my holy book says it” are not strong evidence.

      1. Quite right.

        “There are people out there who bring up their kids encouraging them to believe they are gay themselves,” he said.

        Evidence please? I certainly think the same can said in reverse. Most parents assume their kids are straight and bring them up accordingly, doing great damage. Most gay parents know what that is like and are probably a lot less likely to do that.

        Ignorance and religion. They are never far apart.

        1. barriejohn 26 Nov 2012, 6:31pm

          Not only that, but throughout the world people call their children “Christian” or “Muslim”, etc, just because the parents are of that particular faith. Believe me, someone brought up in a Christian family can have a very hard time of it if they dare to express an opinion of their own!

  2. I don’t believe that bigoted people should have a seat in parliament!

    A child needs to brought up in a safe, loving environment, irrespective of whether it is straight of gay.

    The man is an utter tool!

    1. Bigotry is Relative. It’s apparent from the POV of the observer. So you just said nobody should be in Parliament unless they agree with YOU on a specific agenda. LGBT right not to be discriminated against specifically.

      Now while I think sexuality should in fact not be an issue in law and policy i.e. everything should be de facto equal, colour and sexuality blind, let’s be honest for a moment. Half of the country overall can’t stand for Parliament in your opinion. Probably two thirds in Northern climes. That’s tantamount to putting on the black shirts.

      Society has to be inclusive. Therefor Parliament has to be inclusive.

      In the case of adoption, Let us consider children being adopted from a Middle Eastern islamic background. Should they be placed for adoption or fostering with a Gay or Lesbian couple? Of course not, it could endanger their very lives at some time in the future and we are not going to rid the planet of those murderous monsters any time soon.

      1. Unfortunately, there are still bigoted people in parliament already.

        This man has made his position quite clear on these issues and I hope that the people of Croydon North see through him and don’t elect him.

        Where in my comment have I stated that anyone has to agree with me? Nowhere. That is an assumption that you have made of my comment but it seems that many people actually agree.

        A child who needs fostering or adoption should be placed with those who are best placed to care for them. That should be irrespective of carers background. How can it endanger the life of the child? Would you care to enlighten us?

  3. He should be happy with the system as it is then, because if you are giving your children up for adoption then you do indeed get to specifiy things you want in the new parents. You can say “Christians” only and “No gays” and social services have to try to match your wishes.

    A tiny number of children are given up for adoption though, most are taken by a court because of abuse or neglect.

    1. DJ Sheepiesheep 26 Nov 2012, 5:14pm

      …by a heterosexual parent or couple!

  4. What about saying that white children should not be adopted by blacks.

    1. It must have happened though I’ve never seen it. By parents of different races though, certainly.
      Think of children from Northern Pakistan as a for instance however. Would you place them with a christian caucasian couple, gay, lesbian or straight? Quite probably they would be murdered if they ever returned and it was discovered.
      So there have to be specific considerations and certain children would not be suitable for fostering or adoption by a LGBT couple. Most, probably would, then it comes down to the individual adult personalities.

      1. Children from Pakistani backgrounds are almost always adopted by White British people as the Koran has passages which discourage adoption and British Muslim couples rarely adopt.

        One of my own adopted children is from a pakistani background.

    2. mickie_newton 27 Nov 2012, 1:08am

      It wasn’t that long ago when black people weren’t allowed to adopt white children or white adopting black children etc. The reason given was that a white child or a black child needed to be brought up with the appropriate ethnic family to learn about their own kind and that was apparently impossible other wise!

      He seems to have forgotten that one!

  5. I sure as hell wouldn’t want my child adopted by Mr. McKenzie. What a skank.

  6. After Thursday, this idiot will be forgotten.

  7. Seems like UKIP and BNP are synonyms for each other.

    1. Although I am a former BNP supporter, I believe there are few instances (apart from the EU issue) where UKIP and the BNP agree.
      UKIP is a party of EU-hating Tories who still mourn the day Mrs Thatcher was overthrown. The BNP doesn’t. The BNP has non-globalist economic policies and doesn’t endorse the persecution of the unemployed like the scumbags of UKIP do.

  8. If the article in the Croydon Guardian (2003) is to be believed, Mr McKenzie would hardly be an ideal parent himself.

    1. GulliverUK 26 Nov 2012, 5:20pm

      I love the bit;

      Turning to his future, he said: “I’m still very involved with the Liberal Democrats and have every intention of standing for MP in the next election.”

      Yeah, right, LibDems clearly asked you a few questions, didn’t like the answers, and directed him to the racist party head quarters down the road, where they knew he’d be happier. Sounds like a wannabe gangster.

  9. GulliverUK 26 Nov 2012, 5:15pm

    I’ve seen plenty of UKIP supporters try to portray their party as not homophobic, but here is the truth, and their other stances against equal marriage, say it all.

    This is a homophobic party, just like the the BNP and the National Front. If you’re gay and you vote for any other those may you never reveal this to anyone else, because you will have voted against not only your own rights to be treated as an equal member of society, but against all the rest of us too.

    1. Oh come ON, have you ever seen men as gay as some of those skinheads with swastika tattoos? It’s no accident they eulogize the SA :o)

    2. A new nationalist party will be launched soon which will have a more liberal line on this issue than the BNP did.

  10. Well, given that: Mr McKenzie is black; UKIP has stated that they oppose multiculturalism; and that he himself is against the kind of progressive values that he himself has benefited from; then what does that say about him – or UKIP for that matter?

  11. Who was it who said that UKIP was full of bigots and fruitcakes…?

    1. UKIP is certainly full of fruitcakes as I have just mentioned with regard to their economic globalism which is why they don’t perform well in Labour areas.

  12. Jesus moran 26 Nov 2012, 5:18pm

    He Should apply for citizenship in Uganda and then became a politician there not in UK in what country he thinks he lives !

  13. barriejohn 26 Nov 2012, 5:18pm

    Hahaha – just when Reichsminister Farage was getting all the positive coverage that he could possibly have hoped for. Sweet schadenfreude!

  14. ““I’ve nothing against gays. I wouldn’t attack a man or a woman because of their sexuality.”

    Why would he attack a man or woman, then?

  15. he’s a dick

  16. Oh, I don’t know, I think Farage’s hold on the UKIP leadership could be under serious threat from… whatshisname…? for speaking UKIP’s philosophy so eloquently.

  17. Jason Feather 26 Nov 2012, 5:33pm

    Oh the irony! What a knob end. Hasn’t he learnt anything from this weeks news? Perhaps social services were right if UKIP have warped views like this!

  18. A black man standing up against equality… oh how soon people forget!

    The Emancipation and Civil Rights Movement of the black community remains one of the truly incredible and inspirational things our civilisation has done! And it will continue to inspire me in the ongoing fight for equality and democracy for all.

    This man takes the rights hard won for him by his predecessors, and tries make a mockery of everything they stood for! How utterly disrespectful to the blood and spirits shed in order to let him have a chance to stand in an election. I appreciate his freedom of speech, but my opinion is that he clearly isn’t fit for office if he can’t comprehend what he is saying…

    1. People like this undermine that achievement by consistently demonstrating bigotry against others. They have lost the moral high ground. The civil rights movement seems to have been all about…..Me Me me!

  19. Woot, 3 different kinds of nasty party to choose from Tory, BNP and UKIP. Don’t forget a topping of Rupert Murdoch or the Daily Mail for luck.

    1. In this by-election, you can also vote for the National Front, the Christian Peoples Alliance (which is led by prolific homophobe Alan Craig), and of course the Nine Eleven Was An Inside Job party.

    2. Please don’t count the BNP in with the TRUE nasties of the ‘Nasty Party’
      ie the Tories. We in the BNP don’t believe in murdering disabed people by withdrawing their benefits and finding them ‘fit for work’ whilst they have only months to live and we don’t believe in persecuting the unemployed like the evil Tories and UKIP do.

      1. Not sure if serious… but the BNP’s website is full of whinging about benefit scroungers and seems to say that their policy is that everyone on benefits must work or join a training scheme.

        1. Unlike the Tories with their blame unemployment on the
          unemployed stance and their sick joke of a Work Programme which has, of course, proved to be a total failure as was predicted the BNP would have a Work Programme that was flexible and included high-quality training.

      2. That There Other David 26 Nov 2012, 9:21pm

        The BNP aren’t a party. They’re a joke, run by a joke and with jokes as members. All the country’s losers banding together and blaming others for how bad their lot is.

  20. Nick Davis 26 Nov 2012, 5:40pm

    I agree with this totally enlightened gentleman, and so.
    Black kids should never be placed with a white couple incase later in life they don’t like it, and white kids should never be placed with a black couple incase they don’t like it later.
    And as a gay person I am insulted that the Government is bringing in gay marriage, I would like to thank Mr McKenzie (not Kelvin by any chance) for recognising this.

    1. 1: Troll Detected.
      2: FFS you really need to sort your head out. I pray for the day the zombie apocalypse comes so that I get to finally wipe all the bigots like you out. You are the reason the BNP and such parties exist.

      1. I think it might have been sarcasm.

    2. There is actually a huge shortage of ethnic minority adopters. Ethnic minorities just don’t want to adopt. This is a far more important issue. Why doesn’t this moron address that issue instead. Why doesn’t he ask his potential black voters why they won’t adopt?

    3. mickie_newton 27 Nov 2012, 1:28am

      Well frankly I don’t care if you are ‘insulted’ by gay marriage! I am not YOU thank the gods!! And I want the right to choose!!

      And I suspect, given by your comments that A: you’re not gay at all and B: your a site troll!

  21. Pavlos Prince of Greece 26 Nov 2012, 5:44pm

    How good, that he lives in the country, where its possible to say own opinion on all political/social issues. And where some people are not in the jail, just because they are gay. (And ‘a propos’, yes, how good, that Mr. Sentamu has lose competition of the year…)

  22. Wow. A possible Bigot of the Year candidate for 2013 already?

    1. don’t give him more press coverage opportunities – this moron just wants to be famous and is using ignorance and sub human beliefs to do it!

  23. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2012, 5:48pm

    His opinions are no different than Tories such as Anne Widdecombe, Colin Hart, Anna Minichiello, Lord Carey and that whole endless litany of bigots at the Christian Institute and the Roman Catholic hierarchy of course. Their language is identical and so are the sentiments, absolutely NO difference to the UKIP or BNP for that matter.

  24. Got to love those UKIP “libertarians”.

  25. Why is a failed celebrity like Winston ‘DickHead’ McKenzie being given a platform for his hatred?

    If breeders don’t care enough to wear a condom to prevent unwanted children – why would they care who took the burden away from them – better gays than uncaring unintelligent hetros!

    Keep your nasty ignorant attention seeking words for those other Neanderthals who give a monkeys what your kind says or tries to think, Scumbag!

    1. this is a serious slur on the Neanderthals.

  26. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2012, 5:55pm

    He can always go back to Jamaica if he doesn’t like equality for gay people in the UK. Nobody asked him to come here, so he can go back to that bigoted cesspool from whence he came.

    1. As a nationalist, I am 100% in agreement with you. It is simply intolerable that
      we have immigrats from overseas making bigoted remarks about Britons.

      1. Yeah, like the ignorant comments that your OWN English people are making against gay people – Widdecombe, Carey etc?

        Soon forgotten, eh – nationalist Steven?!

        1. It is surely more intolerable when the bigots come from
          overseas? If you are a foreigner in Britain then you have an obligation not to insult your hosts.

  27. If anyone looks like he should be kept away from children, it’s that creep. What qualifies him to opine on the subject? What are his credentials? If he’s going to take a biblical objection to gay people, someone should remind him that the Bible also commands slaves to obey their masters. Why is he cherrypicking through Leviticus. Why shouldn’t we expect him to obey all of it, not just the parts he likes?

    1. Factually children are way more at risk from the religious than they are from openly gay well balanced individuals or couples.

      Just the truth. Which he won’t like.

  28. If I was an MP and I said ” It is unhealthy for a child to be brought up by a black person” I wonder how fast my life would go down the pan.

    He does not see the irony in his statement and therefore is a complete idiots, but most MP’s are braindead anyway.

  29. “I wouldn’t attack a man or woman because of their sexuality” A member of UKIP liberal wing then?

  30. The worst bigotry often seems to come from those who within living memory were the most discriminated against? So when “freedom marches” took place they were really only interested in their own freedom?

    What a surprise.

  31. What an utterly ridiculous individual. He should be aware that some of the same rubbish was said about black people marrying white people back in the bad old days

  32. WInston McKenzie is a well known local joke. Ex-Labour, Ex- Liberal Democrat, Ex-Independent and soon to be Ex-UKIP when he realises YET AGAIN that South London doesn’t want him.

    1. Tim Roll-Pickering 26 Nov 2012, 6:43pm

      On top of all that he’s also an ex Conservative member and twice an ex Veritas member. Additionally he once founded his own party, named in true Life of Brian style “the Unity Party”. Curiously it was pro EU.

      He’s just a typical case of the Egos who wander the political fringe throwing tantrums every time their latest party fails to recognise their obvious talent and ability to overturn all the laws of psephology and pull off a shock victory if only party resources would be given to such a seat or if only they’d make the Ego leader.

  33. Tim Roll-Pickering 26 Nov 2012, 6:36pm

    So UKIPpers complain about foster children being taken away because of party membership but want to prevent gays from adopting.

    So what does UKIP think about gay UKIPpers who want to adopt?!

  34. “To suddenly introduce gay marriage would be an insult to some gay people.”

    I realise that there are some gay people who are opposed to marriage equality, but insulted by it? That’s a new one.

  35. Agathokles 26 Nov 2012, 6:41pm

    When asked why, Mr McKenzie, UKIP’s spokesman for culture, media and sport, said that couples might raise the child to be gay.

    “There are people out there who bring up their kids encouraging them to believe they are gay themselves,” he said.

    Because obviously, straight people only raise straight children. Idiot.

    1. Golden dawn are now attacking gays. The right will use you as a useful idiot

    2. mickie_newton 27 Nov 2012, 1:26am

      Well I left my thoughts on your UKIP statement!! Still think they’re no better than BNP because it seems UKIP are always separating themselves from way too many of these bigoted idiots! Looks like the party is full of them!

  36. He wouldn’t attack someone for being gay. Hmmmm…..what’s the criteria for an attack then chump? By the by, has he considered who’s producing all these unwanted children…yep….chump! And, durrr….UKIP???

  37. Jamaica, enough said.

  38. He clearly isn`t that intelligent is he but then again most right-wing nutters are like that including half the Tory party for that matter.

    Well I don`t believe facists right-wing idiots such as the BNP or UKIP and their members should NOT be allowed to adopt they damage they`ll inflict on a child with those backward views seriously.

  39. Where to start….

    how exactly is this ANY different from, say… Children being taken away from their foster parents, because said foster parents are members of UKIP?
    They moan like nothing on earth when THEY are the victims of discrimination in the adoption services, but are the first in line to want the same discrimination imposed upon other groups.
    This guy is allowed to remain in his position, if Farage hasn’t yet given him a medal.

  40. When asked why, John Jones, fictional character, spokesman for nothing whatsoever, said that couples might raise the child to be members of UKIP.
    “There are people out there who bring up their kids encouraging them to believe they are UKIP themselves,” he said.
    “If the child is properly multicultural and they are put in foster homes without any thought or consideration of who they are or what their identity is, that’s not right.
    “A child might be vehemently against being housed with a UKIP couple but you wouldn’t know until they were older. Placing them with that couple deceives the child…”

    Whoa! It looks like it works both ways Mr Winston McKenzie!
    Who’d have thunk it?

    1. mickie_newton 27 Nov 2012, 1:31am

      Nicely done!

  41. I am a UKIP supporter and member. I find Mr McKenzie’s comments despicable (and utterly ridiculous really) and I presume aimed at the mouth-breathers in the party.

    Loving adopters/fosterers should be heartily welcomed irrespective of race, sexuality, religion or anything. They are extremely valuable people.

    I can guarantee you that the nutters ARE on the retreat in UKIP and the members I meet are increasingly non-judgmental and switched on (some of us even own computers, don’t belong to a golf club and can walk unaided).

    Anyway, I say sorry to those who are (quite rightly) offended. But I hope you don’t judge us on the fruitlcakes. They’ll be history soon enough.

    1. Can I judge you on your policies? Your party opposes marriage equality, denies the existence of global warming, seems to be sceptical about conventional medicine and supportive of quack remedies, and wants massive tax cuts and huge spending increases on defence and prisons funded by… well, that isn’t clear. Leaving the EU certainly isn’t going to pay for very much of it.

      Your education policy involves getting rid of state schools and giving parents vouchers to spend on private education. Your justice policy involves hugely increasing prison places and introducing a California-style “three strikes” law (in which anyone who offends three times is given a lengthy prison sentence, no matter how trivial their crimes), and you don’t seem to have ruled out the idea of bringing back the death penalty. Then there is all the dog-whistle rhetoric on immigration and multiculturalism. The nutters don’t seem to have retreated very far.

      1. There is a debate to be had regarding capital punishment.
        Unfortunately, we can only have one when we exit the EU since we are banned from restoring it until we depart. Speaking as a nationalist, I don’t think there is any reason why this country (once it leaves the EU) can’t have a referendum on this matter after having a full and frank national debate on the subject.

        1. As I understand it, leaving the Council of Europe would probably be necessary to bring back the death penalty. I’m not sure a country has to leave the EU before it can leave the Council of Europe, and we can certainly have a “debate” about it whenever we like. Speaking as a normal human being, capital punishment serves no purpose but frequently leads to irreversible miscarriages of justice. I really don’t understand why anyone would want to roll back human rights laws (which would inevitably encourage certain other European countries to do the same) just so that we can hold a referendum on whether people we don’t like should be murdered or not.

    2. Michael

      Although I am confident about the sincerity of your own personal views, I have to say I am less convinced regarding your assurances about what appears to me to be widespread homophobia in UKIP.

      After all, this UKIP candidate for Croydon North was officially selected by the local association. Didn’t anyone bother to check that his views about LGBT rights were consistent with the official position of UKIP? If they did, it clearly didn’t stop him being selected. Either scenario speaks volumes.

      If UKIP continues to select anti-LGBT candidates, it will continue to set itself outside the political mainstream. And if the LGBT members are outraged, they need to take a lead in challenging homophobia in UKIP, and making sure they never collude with it: e.g. as they do at the moment, by opposing equal marriage.

      The opposition to equal marriage is based on a fantasy. If the fantasy were true, the ECHR would be forcing Catholic priests to marry divorced people.

    3. mickie_newton 27 Nov 2012, 1:35am

      So your gay and you think it’s ok for UKIP to dictate who I can and cannot marry? You think that’s ok? It is much more than what this fool has said. It’s UKIPs policy with regards to gay marriage!! Sorry mate I want to be an equal with my family and friends and until marriage equality is allowed, I am not! So nope, I don’t agree with UKIP.

  42. Roddy Williams 26 Nov 2012, 7:23pm

    And an X-Factor auditionee to boot. I think he was the one who sang ‘Where me keys? Where me phone?’

  43. Andrew Pettitt 26 Nov 2012, 7:53pm

    I see he’s using the old “twitter account was hacked” excuse now.

  44. He couldn’t get famous from auditioning for x-factor, so he thought he’d share his anti-equality messages to get some headlines. What a sad loser.

  45. Seriously, would you want your child to be brought up by a black person, I mean seriously, they might teach the children to climb in trees .. which is about where this idiots ideas belong.. together with the rest of him.. no culture, no history, and a bigot to go with it..

    1. That’s an intelligent comment – you’re just as bad as him – zero intellect and racist as well, and you have the temerity to call him a bigot?!! Seriously, use a dictionary and look the word up.

      1. I’ll add you massive cant

    2. Please go back to whatever hole you crawled out of, you racist moron, and take the people who thumbed up your comment with you.

    3. Yes. Welcome. Trust a homophobic comment from a Black to bring those who still belive Blacks live in trees.
      Knew you’d come out sooner or later

  46. Spanner1960 26 Nov 2012, 8:21pm

    There is no such thing as homophobia.
    They just simply don’t like us.

    In much the same way there is no such thing as racism, the BNP just don’t like black people like him.

  47. This mans views are the same as most uneducated black people. 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants have a sense of entitlement and think their anti gay views should be the norm. Thats why London is becomming unliveable unless you live in Zone 1

    1. As a third generation immigrant I’d like to tell you to f-off. You’re just as bad as this moron.

  48. Many Uncle Toms among us have been enabling and supporting homophobic parties (including the Tories) for nearly three years now. No surprises when one comes healthily out of the woods to bite their hands. Unfortunately they will bite innocent hands as well.

  49. Will Gilpin 26 Nov 2012, 8:56pm

    Statement from David Coburn, Chairman UKIP London,

    “Mr McKenzie absolutely does not speak for UKIP on the issues of gay marriage and gay adoption.  UKIP’s stance is simple: we entirely, wholeheartedly support equal rights for couples regardless of sexuality and we believe this has been achieved through the introduction of Civil Partnerships, which UKIP supported.”

    “The difficulty is that there is no guarantee that religious institutions will not be forced, via appeals made to the Strasbourg court, which certain SSM supporting groups have already suggested, to perform ceremonies that they themselves do not agree with. We see this as an act of intolerance in itself and for this reason alone we do not support same sex marriage. UKIP is a libertarian party, we are categorically not against gay adoption; what we do have a problem with is that Catholic adoption agencies have been banned for opposing gay adoption. What matters is that the children receive a safe and loving home”

    1. That There Other David 26 Nov 2012, 9:27pm

      With CPs our equal rights end at the UK’s border, unlike straight married couples who get to carry theirs across frontiers. Other European same-sex couples who marry get to take their rights to other countries.

      Why do UKIP think British people should have less rights than other Europeans?

    2. “The difficulty is that there is no guarantee that religious institutions will not be forced, via appeals made to the Strasbourg court, which certain SSM supporting groups have already suggested, to perform ceremonies that they themselves do not agree with”

      Does that mean UKIP will support marriage equality if we ever leave the EU, and are not subject to ECHR rulings? Does UKIP support marriage equality in principle?

      1. Of course not, this whole “religious institutions will be forced to perform SSM” BS is just a pretext for opposing marriage equality.
        Ironically, David Coburn is gay himself, he’s just another Uncle Tom working against the interests of his own community.

        1. Will Gilpin 27 Nov 2012, 12:26am

          It’s a contentious subject even in UKIP. I’m a UKIPer and I support gay marriage. I cannot understand why the archaic views of churches trump fairness, or why they should be allowed to own the term Marriage. Maybe one day my side will win the argument, til then you will think us bigots, I know that.

    3. The difficulty is that there is no guarantee that gay people will not be forced to live life like second class humans, because they don’t have the same rights as heterosexual people.

      And most gay couples would know better than to go to a Catholic adoption agency to begin wtih.

  50. Homophobic Jamo says “no such thing as homophobia”.

  51. Self important twat. As Billy Connolly once said the fact that you want to be a politician should barr you for life from being a politician. Look at his smug face in front if the Houses of Parliament! He’s been a member of the Labour, LibDems and now UKIP?

    1. That There Other David 26 Nov 2012, 10:47pm

      And that last bit should definitely warn the voters off. He doesn’t even know what he stands for, but thinks people should put their trust in him.

      Or should that be, their faith? :roll:

  52. Christopher in Canada 26 Nov 2012, 9:38pm

    And the calibre of elected officials drops to a new low…

  53. “UKIP’s stance is simple: we entirely, wholeheartedly support equal rights for couples regardless of sexuality and we believe this has been achieved through the introduction of Civil Partnerships, which UKIP supported.”
    Fair enough. My personal view is that official “marriage” is a hetrosexual institution and I’m not sure why we want to copy it.

  54. Interesting to note that the BBC has said absolutely nothing about this. Typical

    1. That There Other David 26 Nov 2012, 10:48pm

      To be fair, he’s quite a bit below the radar level of the BBC. The Croydon Advertiser is pretty much the apex of his publicity hopes.

  55. Mr McKenzie, UKIP’s spokesman for culture, media and sport, said that black couples might raise the child to be black.

    “There are people out there who bring up their kids encouraging them to believe they are Jamo darkies themselves,” he said.

    1. I’m no racist but I do find it tedious that a person of black Jamaican heritage like Mr McKenzie who really should know better expresses his homophobia so casually with no regard for gay persons feelings.

  56. “A child might be vehemently against being housed with a gay couple but you wouldn’t know until they were older. Placing them with that couple deceives the child.”

    Maybe the child is against living with a straight couple?

  57. I guess most gays grew up in straight environments where they were supposed to be straight, like their parents. It just doesn’t always work out, I guess. But according to this guy, gays will succeed where straights failed. Idiot!!!

  58. mickie_newton 27 Nov 2012, 1:03am

    Hmmm someone who doesn’t know black history then! You know something McKenzie not too long ago there were people saying something not too different from what you have just said, only it was about black people adopting white children! They said “the children needed to be with ‘their own kind!”

    “There are people out there who bring up their kids encouraging them to believe they are gay themselves,” he said.”

    Really!? REALLY!!! That’s why those children who are BORN to a gay couple more often than not are straight!!…Some have even grown up and married someone of the opposite sex! Gosh how shocking!!! This guys an idiot of the first kind!

    “I’ve nothing against gays. I wouldn’t attack a man or a woman because of their sexuality. They have fought very hard for the rights I have seen come to the fore and that says a lot for some of them.”

    You patronising prat!

  59. Really, who is this guy?!

  60. What an arsehole, i’ve never heard such crap in all my life. Hold on i thought UKIP were like the national front but he’s a member of the party. Confused! Just cos some one is Gay does not mean they are going to flaunt their sexuality in front of a child, straight people do that all the time. I’m all for Gay people adopting, to me it’s just a natural progression in a relationship.

  61. They have their token black man here. This party will do anything to try and appeal to the electorate.

  62. “For thousands of years we have had marriage between a man and a woman.”

    {sound of loud horn} WRONG. It’s been man and women, it’s been man and little girl, it’s been marriages prearranged by parents (sometimes even for newborns), it’s been racially, religiously seperate marriages…

    “I know a few gay people and they are really not bothered. They aren’t concerned. For most of the general public it’s not a big issue.”

    “Knowing” gay people seems one of the strongest apologetic recources the anti-gay movement resorts to. So, YOUR gay friends don’t want to get married. Fine. That doesn’t mean NO gay people want to get married. And just because the majority of people don’t give their opinion, doesn’t mean they don’t have one.

    1. Exactly, logic doesn’t seem to be one of the strongest points of these people who are against same-sex marriage.

  63. Roberta Echelson 27 Nov 2012, 4:20pm

    This man is a “youth worker.” He should be removed from contact with youth on the basis of the threat to them that his views pose. LGBT youth, already vulnerable to bullying and abuse, who come into contact with him will suffer from his homophobia. Heterosexual youth may be encouraged to learn and practice his homophobic views.

  64. That’s okay, Mr. McKenzie. When somebody knocks-up your future teenage daughter, I will adopt the disposable, inconvenient child – regardless of ethnicity – and bring it up in a loving, spiritual environment. Oh, sorry… forgot to mention… I am a woman married to a woman. No worries, mate!

  65. What a farrago of ill-informed, innaccurate, bigoted bilge-water. Is this the best UKIP can do when it looks for candidates?
    Sad. As a spanner-in-the-works lefty I had at least hoped that they might pose a more serious threat to the Tories.

  66. Winston is right- get over it.

  67. Vic Codling 27 Nov 2012, 9:03pm

    I wonder how he would react IF an MP suggested that black people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children?
    And to JRW below…. Can you say ‘no blacks’ or no “religious couples”?
    First I have heard or that!!
    Both scenarios would be equally unacceptable as this bigots view. He certainly doesn’t have the X factor….. He should be booted out of parliament too

  68. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 28 Nov 2012, 8:45am

    What a stupid and insensitive dick and idiot making an ass of himself.


    Gay people as singles and same sex couples ALREADY can adopt in the United Kingdom since 2005 (Scotland in 2009) under the Civil Partnerships Act 2004!!!!!

    Northern Ireland adoption laws are still under investigation!

  69. “When asked why, Mr McKenzie, UKIP’s spokesman for culture, media and sport, said that couples might raise the child to be gay.”

    Because straight couples only ever raise straight children…

  70. corcheezyhatespinkcrackaz215 26 Oct 2013, 11:46am

    you people are sick….you equate sexual preference to ones race?? You suggest that people are unfit to raise children, based upon what? How about your unruly children: drug addicted mentally unstable, secretly taking all of these psychotropic drugs to live life. You are correct, Blacks are unfit to raise children the way that you try and dictate them to be raised. White people are the most hypocritical people to ever walk the face of the earth. Their women act holier and better than thou, but you give her four ounces of alcohol and she transforms into a complete harlot in virtually any setting. Their men love to have sex with underage children male or female.

    No matter what you say or think, you white ppl are obsessed with Blacks. It is just a fact. Nothing pleasures you more than to degrade us, ridicule us, and to always try and point out our shortcomings (from a unapologetically biased standpoint. You ppl are an affront to God almighty.

    Please, come back to reality.

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