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Oxford Tory students claim they are being ‘persecuted’ after being called ‘haters of gays’

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Reader comments

  1. Now they know how it feels!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2012, 12:52pm

      Exactly, and I wouldn’t mind betting many of them are against equal marriage too.

    2. They should be treated equally of course.
      Being a gay Tory is disability itself

    3. de Villiers 27 Nov 2012, 9:12am

      Surely there should be equal rights for everyone?

  2. “Bigotry” does not have protected status under equality laws and never will.

    1. Oh the irony. Dave north expresses his contempt for bigots by espousing his politically bigoted worldview.

      If you don’t vote like Dave north you don’t deserve equal protection under the law. Now everybody go home and put on your brown shirts and jack boots, Dave’s leading the parade tonight.

  3. So they’re upset because people are no longer tolerating their intolerance, and we’re supposed to feel bad for them?

    1. Kira’s so tolerant, she’s intolerant. Clearly a deep thinker.

  4. Like religion, political affiliation is a choice. and should not be placed together with things that are not.

  5. Whining little tory whelps. If they knew what it was like to face actual discrimination, they’d p!ss their pants and cry.

    It is the ultimate insult, the ultimate and putrid act of privilege, to usurp what others go through in such a self-serving manner.

    The “help help I’m a victim too” card merely demonstrates the depth of their inability to understand reality.

    1. de Villiers 27 Nov 2012, 9:17am

      I constantly fail to understand why you are so vicious and nasty. The hate just drips from your words, which make no real sense. The “ultimate insult” – the “ultimate and putrid act of privilege” – what do these snide and stentorian chants mean?

      If they are being harassed on the grounds of their political belief then surely that is wrong? That would seem to be the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in its decision a couple of weeks ago.

      It again shows that the only freedom some want is the freedom to oppress others.

  6. You have missed out which Oxford college this was; Oxford University as a whole does not have a JCR.

    1. Indeed! There’s a big difference between the intakes of Wadham and Christchurch, for example!

      1. Is Christ Church intolerant? They had a gay JCR President over 10 years ago.

        1. Hi Tom. Not saying that ChCh is intolerant, just that they have a different kind of intake and I think the intake at Wadham is more grounded, less public school, and far less Tory.

    2. It’s Corpus Christi

  7. Utter nonsense. This demonstrates a real contempt for equality and, yet again, shows socially conservative Tories for the bigots they actually are.

  8. You forgot to include the college, Balliol. Oxford University as a whole does not have a JCR.

    1. This wasn’t Balliol – it was Corpus christi.

  9. Utter nonsense. This demonstrates a real contempt for equality and, yet again, shows socially conservative Tories for the bigots they actually are. Get a life, not a chip on your shoulder.

  10. I think they are referring to the context of being republican supporters at the JCR US election night.

    That has nothing to do with them being tories. If they were supporting the republicans in this election they were being a gay hating rape apologist. That was pretty much spelled out in the republican party platform and actions.

    Not even David Cameron supported the republican candidate, and tacitly hitched all his colours to Obama.

    The Oxford Tory party is PARTICULARLY right wing. As in holding racist joke competitions, and inviting fascists to speak level.

    1. Cardinal Capone 26 Nov 2012, 12:01pm

      It’s like Flashman claiming to be victimised for being described as a nasty bully and coward in Tom Brown’s Schooldays .

      1. Bobbleobble 26 Nov 2012, 12:12pm

        Four years ago maybe but not this time he didn’t.

      2. As Bobbleobble has said, Cameron backed Obama on this occasion just about as much as a foreign leader could while maintaining decorum. Which is to say, not a huge deal.

        But they remained effusive about Obama, while being chilly, and at times vaguely hostile to Romney. And outright insulting in the case of Boris Johnson.

    2. Nixi Otemba Bongers 26 Nov 2012, 12:33pm

      and in wishing to bone Courtney (keep on wishing)

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2012, 12:59pm

      Some of them will be tomorrow’s anti LGBT equality back benchers too. Institutionalised homophobia is alive and well among many of the younger generation of Tories. They have absolutely no conscience about it either and they’ll continue to vote against gay people. Let them feel what it’s like to walk for just one day in our shoes. They never have to worry about the right to marry because for them, it’s a birth right, among other things or face discrimination in the delivery of goods and services in spite of laws protecting us. They haven’t a clue about discrimination, spoiled brats. They’ll turn out to be just as bigoted as their parents which is where they get it from.

  11. You’ve just got to laugh!

  12. ‘Third-year student Samuel Roberts, 21, had proposed a motion calling for more protection. He told the Sunday Times: “It made an atmosphere in which I felt uncomfortable.”’

    *slow clap* And that’s exactly how many LGTBQ people still feel wherever they go. Never been offered ‘more protection’ in my life.

  13. You hear these ludicrous stories from Oxford Conservative Association perpetually. They’re idiots. And past members include half the current cabinet.

  14. Wow the comments on here make me despair for the lgbt community. We expect the law and rules and regulations in institutions such as this to protect lgbt people from insults and cruelty but when another group of individuals want to be afforded the same protection we deny them it because their opinions do not tally with our own.
    If this article spoke about lgbt people feeling “often actively isolated, personally attacked and made to feel unwelcome,” then we would be in uproar!!!
    You are as small minded as the these young Conservatives. Shame on you.

    1. Uncle ‘Ollie’ Tom.

      1. No idea what this means but I assume it’s some sort of insult to my person completely disregarding the validity of my argument

    2. You’re missing the point Ollie. This group want protection for their chosen political beliefs and are equating those with natural-born, unchangeable traits like ethnicity, disability and sexuality.

      1. No. They’re reclaiming their right not to be abused. It does not matter why they are being insulted and being personally attacked. Simply – they are being insulted etc and they should not be.

        1. No. You’re still not getting it.

          Their right to hold personal beliefs is not the same thing and does not require “the same equal rights as gay people, those living with a disability and ethnic minorities”. Being a Tory isn’t an equal opportunities issue.

          Given the demographic who traditionally go to Oxford, their views must be particularly odious.

        2. de Villiers 27 Nov 2012, 9:21am

          No John. You are “not getting it”. In a democracy, the right to hold ones own political beliefs is precious and is as deserving of protection as in unchosen characteristics. That is, in any event, the jurisprudence of the Court European of Human Rights.

          1. so if someone on here calls me a “leftie”, I should sue them? I have thicker skin than that!

    3. I think that it is the hypocrisy and double standards that most of us don’t like. LGBT are still struggling for equality, while we see white middle class stuggling to hold on to privilege.

      It always makes me smile when I see that demographic place the discrimination card, I am afraid.

      1. Please in this country as far as the law and equality goes all we’re fighting for is the use of the word marriage and the ability to have ceremonies in religious places. Not exactly fighting the death penalty or something is it?
        Why can’t they be being discriminated against? Clearly you are simply a gay rights activist and not a universal human rights activist. We as the lgbt community claim the right not to be insulted, why are we trying to withhold it from others?

        1. I don’t claim the right not to be insulted. I claim equal rights under the law. Young Oxbridge conservatives are a political group. How silly you are to compare them to a sexual orientation.

        2. de Villiers 27 Nov 2012, 9:23am

          You do claim the right not to be insulted – or at least many do when there are arguments on these boards on section 5 Public order Act.

          Also, there is the right not to be harassed under Equality Act 2010 which prohibits this when related to a protected characteristic, which include sex, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs.

          1. I have recently completed a course in Equality & Diversity. Political beliefs are NOT protected characteristics, only religious beliefs

          2. de Villiers 28 Nov 2012, 8:18pm

            The European court of human rights two weeks ago said that the UK falls to protect political beliefs which it is required to under the convention.

  15. It’s tough being rich and privileged, but someone has to do it. Poor things. Still, there’s always hunting when you want to get away from the vulgar populace.

  16. “Conservative members of the Junior Common Room (JCR) say they are “often actively isolated, personally attacked and made to feel unwelcome,” because of their political views.”

    Welcome to our world. Not nice, is it?

  17. Awww, so ickle diddums bigots feel uncomfortable. Try being disowned by your family, excommunicated from your church, fired from your job or thrown out of your home. That’s the experience far too many many LGBT people have had, and while being a bigot is a choice, being queer is not.

  18. Woe betide anyone who dares speak out against conservative politics. Justice must be done for such as crime…

  19. pathetic idiots. the moment they aren’t totally in control – like dictators – they think they’re being victimised.

  20. Welcome to our world…

  21. Well done student Tories.

    Bravely advertising the stupidity and intolerance of the up and coming Tories.

  22. Christopher in Canada 26 Nov 2012, 1:39pm

    The overlooked fact remains: bigots wish to enforce their views upon others. Gays just want to be free to love and marry whom they wish. Gays don’t give a DAMN what others do.

  23. poor little darlings… perhaps they should consider changing their views, instead of expecting protection…

  24. I’m expecting any decent students at the university and people of Oxford ,to ostracise these Tory idiots even more after this. completely clueless and in some type of sheltered bubble world.

  25. Aryu Gaetu 26 Nov 2012, 2:04pm

    Oxford: Proof that not all trash lives in public housing.

    “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln’s paraphrasing of King Solomon’s Proverbs 17:28

    Don’t they teach anything useful at Oxford?

  26. Admittedly, there is a fair amount of unwarranted anti-Conservative feeling in the university, especially in the more liberal colleges. To a degree that’s understandable, but it has at times gone too far. I have a friend who has been ostracised from Oxford Uni’s LGBTQ Society partly because of his membership of a political party. The society’s elections last year became a mudslinging war with people hating on slightly-to-the-right views. It can be particularly nasty if you are a minority and share a non-liberal point of view, such as the case earlier, as often minorities can be just as spiteful as the majority – see some of the comments here…
    Also, some of the people commenting here show a frankly horrible virulence towards Oxbridge students. Despite popular media stereotypes, the majority of Oxford are not ‘hooray-Henrys’ or conservatives who go hunting, but rather normal, hard working students. Don’t tar us all with the same brush!

    Student, Ox Uni, and Treasurer, OU LGBTQ Soc.

    1. It’s not so much virulence towards the students in general, as it is towards the people mentioned in this article. They’re equating the discrimination against disability, sexuality and race with the bullying they have undergone for their choice of political views, and that’s what most of us are angry about. Political and religious views are a choice and can change, disability, sexiality and race, however, not.

  27. people cant change their disability, ethnicity or sexuality, but you can change your political viewpoint.

    they should stop moaning and live in the real world.

    I am a Tory myself, and proud of it, but would never dream of wanting special dispensations because of it.

    I can assure you not all of us Tory’s are upper class wimps who think that the world is so harsh because Mummy and Daddy have cut their allowance.

  28. Nobody should feel comfortable when their views are of offensive and a danger to so many people.

  29. Garry Cassell 26 Nov 2012, 3:32pm

    If the cap fits wear it…

  30. Well if you do insist on supporting the bigoted, homophobic, religion-loving party that is exacerbating our economic decline, gutting our education system and standing up for the rich against the rest of society then you should EXPECT to be vilified.

    That’s the whole point of free speech – you’re free to say what you like, and the rest of us are free to tear it to pieces if it turns out that what you’re saying is vacuous tosh.

    The other fascistic right-wing bigot parties understand this. Supporters of UKIP and the BNP do not dare to take this line. It’s only because the Tories have entirely unwarranted pretensions to being respectable that they demonstrate such hubris.

  31. How much of an intellectual discussion can you have with people who believes in virgins giving birth after being impregnated by an angel , men rising from he dead after three days, turning water into wine, walking on water, women being subservient to men, visions, a talking burning bush, cuttting of parts of your penis make you a chosen son of god….

    Honestly, these are nutty beliefs you should be discussing with a therapest.

  32. Cardinal Capone 26 Nov 2012, 4:17pm

    Young Conservatives are traditionally (in)famous for their intolerant and abusive speech and behaviour in particular towards minorities. To find themselves frowned on for this is hardly discrimination, but once again that tactic from the religious right in America (and now in the UK) of reversal, trying to claim they are the victims for being outed as bigots.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2012, 7:01pm

      Quite right. It’s the same with the conservative religionists including clergy who have no problem spewing hateful rhetoric about our lives, our relationships and equal marriage, all of it lies of course and not based on any fact, but when we give it back to them, they cry “abuse of religious freedom”, the traditional victim card mantra. Freedom of speech only applies to them no matter how offensive they are and we have to sit back and take it? I think not!

  33. There is one huge difference between the minority groups they wish to be treated like and them. They made a concious CHOICE to be a Tory. Frankly anyone that does that deserves ridicule

  34. Hey, you know what’s REALLY “uncomfortable”?

    Facing a society built on systemized oppression, bigotry, hatred, and violence towards your life, that’s what.

  35. The caption to the photo should read, “The rainbow flag flying UPSIDE DOWN last year above 17th century Wadham College, Oxford University”.

  36. George Pope 26 Nov 2012, 5:56pm

    Whilst I think it’s absolutely ludicrous for these people to claim that they are being “persecuted”, I feel that some of the abuse levelled at them and Tories overall here is unwarranted.

    I’m not a Conservative myself, and personally disagree with some views that members of the party take, but to say that all members are “bigoted” or oppose gay marriage is wrong; I know many Tory supporters who are part of the LGBT community or support equal marriage.

    So many here make too many assumptions, that all Tory party members follow EXACTLY the same beliefs. Oxbridge students in general seem to be pariahs too; whilst there are inevitably some stereotypical poshies who might be “bigoted”, surely the presence of a strong LGBT community at the university indicate that not everyone falls into such a stereotype?

    Fighting hate with hate only makes more hate.

    1. No one has ever won a battle by fighting hate with love, George.

      1. George Pope 26 Nov 2012, 11:34pm

        Gahndi didn’t do too bad a job of it.

        Plus fighting hate with hate is just as bad.

        I’m not saying that claims like this should be ignored or put down as harmless, quite the opposite, just that calling every Tory a “bigot” or stereotyping every student is as stupid as stereotyping gay people.

      2. de Villiers 27 Nov 2012, 9:26am

        Ghandi? Martin Luther King?

  37. *sigh* Not being supported to air your personal opinions or feel welcome because of your political views is NOT a matter of equality. Equality groups are set up to ensure that equality is available for all and that physical attributes such as age, gender, sexuality, disability or race are not foundations of being treated differently.

    Feeling upset because your personal viewpoints or political choices aren’t being supported is called freedom of speech, and has nothing to do with the fight for equality.

    Is this what we must expect now? The “oppressed” bigots wanting to have their right to oppress others protected.

  38. seems a shame that pink news could not have done a bit of research – this was the JCR of an Oxford college – say 250 people of whom maybe one third are tories and maybe one third of those are politically active – i.e. the views of maybe 30 deluted silly students.
    why then give these people publicity/

  39. Just on a factual point, it isn’t Oxford University Tories as a whole, but those at Corpus Christi College who are proposing this. Oxford Uni as whole does not have a JCR – a JCR is something each college has.

  40. Don Harrison 27 Nov 2012, 12:19am

    Welcome to our world

  41. I know its hardly believable. but you do “choose” to be Tory, you don’t choose to be gay or disabled. Although perhaps they are right, maybe being Tory should be classed as a “learning difficulty”

  42. de Villiers 27 Nov 2012, 9:30am

    People here really show who they are. It is not about politics but personality. The same people oppressing gay people have the same spiteful and nasty personalities as the spiteful and nasty people on this board.

    If some of the people here were straight, they would be attacking us with the same ferocity as the people they criticise. It is nothing but hypocrisy.

    1. I have seen vicious, spiteful comments about “lefties” and hurtful vitriol directed at Labour supporters. Some of those that made those comments now cry “foul” because the Tories are at the receiving end. Sheer hypocrisy!

  43. Wait, members of which ‘Junior Common Room’? There’s not just one massive Oxford JCR! Needs more accuracy in this article, I think…

  44. Have they tried not being Tories? Perhaps therapy would help.

  45. Discrimination against others should not be tolerated. If you don’t want to be “persecuted”, then don’t be a close-minded bigot. We give the same treatment to racists. Homophobes are no different.

  46. Listen to the bleating of the sheep in this comments section. Are you one person writing the same comment over and over again? Good to know the concept of thoughtcrime is alive and well. Self-righteous fascists the lit of you

  47. “…demanding the same equal rights as gay people, those living with a disability and ethnic minorities”



    i don’t even know what to say i really don’t

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