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Kenya: Gay political candidate warned of ‘revolt’ if elected

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Reader comments

  1. Look, it’s easy as pie, Minister Moses Wetangula; if you don’t want him elected, don’t vote for him. But if he does get elected, that’s also part of the democratic process, and “revolting” won’t help.

  2. Nixi Otemba Bongers 26 Nov 2012, 3:24pm

    brave man, another domino is gonnna fall
    gnash your teeths xtians

  3. Wow i never expected that in Kenya !!! Where I come from being gay would end not just your political carrier but also your social life

  4. Came under Maine 26 Nov 2012, 4:23pm

    Kenyan Trade Minister Moses Wetangula has warned there would be a “revolt” if voters elected Mr Mbote, telling the BBC that homosexuality “simply doesn’t fly” in Kenya. However, corruption is not seen as morally wrong in a “country founded on religious morality”.

  5. I wasn’t going to lay any bets on his success but he is obviously a brave guy. Pity he has had to withdraw.

  6. If they people elect a gay politician they will revolt. How does that work? If they voted for a gay politician then presumably they have no problem with a gay politician being elected.

    Or am I missing something?

    1. Someone missed the meaning of democracy here.

  7. If he gets elected, surely it would be by support of a majority of voters.
    So who exactly would do the revolting? dictatorial, theocratic homophobes who don’t know how to cope with loss?

    1. Presumably the revolt would be carried out by the revolting.

  8. GingerlyColors 27 Nov 2012, 7:11am

    Wow, I give David Kuria Mbote 10 out of 10 for guts. Sadly most voters in Kenya will not see past his sexuality and he has as much chance of being elected MP as Screaming Lord Sutch had of becoming Prime Minister. But taboos need to be broken and we can only hope that Kenya will implement their country’s Human Rights Commission recommendation that homosexuality be decriminalised.

  9. ” … a country that is founded on religious morality”.

    That’d be – what? The religious morality of the colonisers who for decades thought you inferior because of your colour?

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