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Justice Secretary Chris Grayling vows to get tough on sex in prison

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Reader comments

  1. Cardinal Capone 26 Nov 2012, 5:39pm

    There is no mention of what his rationale is for this sudden “crackdown”. Does he have that strange belief that people will “turn gay” ?

    In a time of financial constraints, doesn’t he have more important things to be doing?

    1. I was under the impression that one of the major points of going to prison was to make it undesirable. Instead, these days people get classes, cable television, a free gym, etc. There’s NOTHING gay-related about saying that prison should be a terrible experience.

      1. Cardinal Capone 26 Nov 2012, 6:19pm

        Being deprived of your liberty is not generally considered desirable. There is nothing “desirable” about British prisons.

        1. Spanner1960 26 Nov 2012, 8:12pm

          They are still not a true punishment.

      2. I’m assuming you’ve neither been in prison, nor known anyone who has. They get a television which receives 4 channels if you are lucky. Unless a prisoner is working (which takes a few years of building up trust), they are confined to their cell most of the day, usually with 1 or 2 cellmates in overcrowded circumstances; forced to use the toilet with only a shower curtain separating you and your cellmates, and in constant fear of some form of physical (or worse sexual) abuse.

        The idea of rehabilitation is to train people with new skills to give them a POINT to life; so the classes are a positive thing. The myth of it being some Hilton Hotel with games consoles and all these wonderful amenities is perpetuated by the Daily Fail and it’s cousin the Hellegraph. Most prisons are barely habitable, never mind comfortable.
        The deprivation of liberty and some of the other activities that go on make prison a truly hellish place. Then again I wouldn’t expect you to know that.

        1. James Justice 26 Nov 2012, 7:22pm

          Well said. Although The Mail On Sunday’s Peter Hitchens writes very well on prisons and what they are like for the ‘meek and mild’ – i.e no holiday camp.

        2. At my workplace, we have two men doing work experience on day release from a prison – working for about £12 per week ‘pocket money’. They have both served more than ten years for serious violent criimes, but are doing their best to make themselves fit for release. They don’t talk about their prison life very much, but what they do say is that it is a tedious regime and that loss of liberty and the strict application of rules for every aspect of their day from morning until night is certainly undesirable and something they are working hard to be released from in due time.

      3. The removal of ones privilege to live free in society and such benefits is the punitive aspect, but prisons are to be rehabilitative, especially when the individual is to return to society. Teach those prisoners to be healthy ways to behave and live too. Healthy sexual activity should be taught, and a denial of condoms is just too Catholic-minded to ignore the consequences, even the public purse having to pay for the medical cost in the thousands of pounds for sexual transmitted disease when a condom could have eliminated the risk. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  2. People are in prison to be punished, why should they get to live with a partner. Same sex couples cannot… surely that is discrimination similar to what we face. There are innocent people outside of prison who cannot afford to live together and they have done nothing wrong

    1. A bit bizarre. Do you think they are jailing happy couples then? This is more a case of people thrown into the same cell finding they get on quite well, maybe very well. So we should stop this because they are enjoying themselves?

      Maybe we should taser prisoners if they are heard laughing too?

    2. Nobody’s suggesting pairs of men should set up home in prisons! This Grayling creature is apparently intent on making sure there’s far less of the covert hidden closeted sex that goes on. But it will go on regardless, and without condoms there will be a higher risk of STDs being spread.

    3. Queer Revolt 26 Nov 2012, 7:16pm

      Really? Since when can same-sex couples not live with each other, Honey this isn’t ‘V for Vendetta’. Speaking of which, you just sound like you have a vendetta against people being happy. If your boyfriend doesn’t want to live with you don’t take it out on men trying to make the most of their situations….
      People that can’t afford to live together? That’s bull, it’s always cheaper for two people to share a room as opposed two people renting separate flats….

    4. So you think people in prison are happy. You’ve obviously never been within fifty feet of a prison.

    5. Spanner1960 26 Nov 2012, 8:13pm

      Hear hear. This country’s gone totally soft in the head.

  3. Incredible! What’s the rationale behind the “no sex in prisons” rule? Does that include masturbation I wonder? And is this supposed to include Womens prisons or is Grayling going all Queen Victoria? Some people need to get real.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2012, 5:58pm

    Yet another bloody Tory as usual.

    A prescription for a condom, boggles the mind. What next, chastity belts? What a total exercise in futility and waste of tax payer money. So much for austering cuts elsewhere.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2012, 5:59pm

      ..austerity cuts….

    2. Hello Robert. I agree with you and posted a reply four times now but PN appear to be refusing to put it up. Incompetence, I suppose, nothing worse. If you get this I’ve tried to post up my reply as a comment rather than a reply so as not to tax the PN team too much, but who knows?

  5. this is another criminal defrauding MP who steals from the people who pay him (Expenses Scandal) and now to get the attention of all those homophobic public school boy closets he wants to get press attention for stopping those sexual relationships he was denied at school – ugly tory twat!

    1. The tories, like the church are more obsessed with gay sex than gay people are.

  6. Grayling is a half-wit.

    1. For a more refreshing outlook on this story just repeat the headline to this article but leave out the fourth last word (‘on’):

      “Justice Secretary Chris Grayling vows to get tough … sex in prison”

  7. Adele Winston 26 Nov 2012, 6:09pm

    Quite. Well put.

  8. Reubs Walsh (member of Howard League) 26 Nov 2012, 6:11pm

    This is SO stupid! The amount of rape in prisons is huge, and he’s investing his resources in preventing healthy relationships?! As if being openly gay in prison is remotely “cosy’! As for the way trans people, especially non-binary or pre-GRC trans people in prison are treated, I think this attitude is disgusting. A huge part of the enormous problem of high sex-offender recidivism is caused by these harmful attitudes to sex and sexual development in custody. This is so silly when there are so many other problems around sex in prisons that are both ‘more’ criminal and more harmful that are being ignored (i.e. see above re rape. Also sexual development in young people imprisoned, especially those imprisoned “as adults”) I find the assertion that prison should be horrible very annoying. It should be designed to prevent reoffending. Part of that is equipping the inmates to survive in the outside world without reoffending and so it should be about treatment not punishment.

  9. A Tory deciding to meddle in other people’s sex lives – because that worked so well for the Tories in the past?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2012, 6:46pm

      They seem to be the only ones obsessing about our sex lives to the exclusion of everyone else. Grayling probably is one of those anti equal marriage opponents, he has to be to be so worried about the sex lives of inmates, but then he would wouldn’t he, he’s a Tory?

  10. I should think it is tough enough without his help?

  11. Oh, this made me laugh. I have just been doing battle on the threads at the Guardian, fighting off singleminded Muslims who are terrified of some South African gay Muslim founding a mosque for gays in Paris! Then I whip over here to PinkNews and find that little Chris Grayling has got it into HIS head that there’s rather too much fun being had in UK prisons and it’s got to be stopped!

    We know this Grayling’s feelings about gays, don’t we, but for an MP to focus on an issue like this, instead of improving rehabilitation and so forth, is simply laughable!

    What a smallminded little man.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Nov 2012, 6:49pm

      He’s obviously not get any nooky at home to be worrying about the sex lives of inmates. Typical bloody Tory. It’s the economy, stupid!

  12. Does this man not realise that so many of these “cosy domestic relationships” are actually rape?

    How about he pays attention to that – something which victimises GBLT prisoners disproportionately often, rather than worried about consensual sex!

  13. “We don’t want and we will not accept prisoners replicating cosy, domestic relationships by being able to share cells in our prisons.”

    So, he wants them all in solitary confinement, or just wants to make sure they all hate their cell-mates? I’m pretty sure the purpose of prisons is protecting the public and rehabilitating criminals. How does making sure prisoners are miserable achieve either of those aims

  14. GulliverUK 26 Nov 2012, 7:19pm

    I would like to see Chris Grayling in prison for being a grade-A jackass. Remember that this is the turkey who said it should be ok for B&Bs to turn away people who are gay. Now, he wants us to think he’s for equal marriage. If people in prison want to have consensual non-abusive relationships it’s no business of his, or anyone else.

    The fact is, homophobic Von Grayling is targeting gay men, like he always does, because prisons are segregated by sex. He is a very dangerous individual who should not even be in government. He’s fooling nobody with this pretence of being in favour of equal marriage – he’s a right-wing loony

  15. Spanner1960 26 Nov 2012, 8:11pm

    Maybe he should crack down on everything else first, like the drugs.
    We should have visiting rooms with no physical contact (Glass screens and intercoms) and all prison should be heavily vetted and regularly randomly spot checked to ensure that nothing is brought in.

    Prisons these days are closer to hotels than they are penal establishments.
    It really is time we mad the places tough and it might prevent those released reoffending.

    1. Yeah right, because if we went one step further and had forced labour camps, put everyone in isolation cells, and tortured them as well, crime would just miraculously stop………… Or maybe not – as the evidence proves that isn’t the case. Crime isn’t committed because people think prison or the punishment is easy. Did chopping thieves hands off in the middle east stop theft – no. It just satisfied and justified the sadists urge to be violent. And if you think prisons are like hotels, I’d hate to see the hotels you’ve stayed in.

      1. Spanner1960 27 Nov 2012, 2:08am

        Crime is usually committed by idiots who think they can find shortcuts to making money without having to work for it, and fck everybody else and the possible consequences.

        I have zero sympathy.
        Either live by societies rules, or don’t be a part of it.

  16. Spanner1960 26 Nov 2012, 8:18pm

    Grayling must be also unaware that the term “men who have sex with men” or “MSM” often used in the medical profession is used instead of “gay” or “homosexual” for very good reason.

    Some straight men kept away from women for any length of time will resort to sex with other men as a release. It doesn’t make them gay, or even bisexual, it is simply an outlet.

    If Grayling assumes that men shack up together in prison because they are gay, he is seriously deluded.

    1. And some of it is sexual assault and rape

      1. Spanner1960 27 Nov 2012, 2:09am

        Oh I’m sure of that too.

  17. This beggers belife, the idea of prison is to deprive people of their liberty as a form of punishment. So this Grayling creature thinks because some guys sharing a cell end up getting into some sort of relationship, they are having fun! OMG we should stamp out any idea of a prisoner having fun after all they are not human are they, some sort of sub species we can treat with contempt for human rights and dignity…..Another words he is pandering to the right wing press and his party. Maybe we should ban buggery at Eton as well. Bet they wouldn’t like that!

  18. One of the first and closest of CaMoron’s leopards to change spots and pose as “gay-friendly” claiming B&Bs should have the right to refuse servicing gay people.

    1. Following his same rationale, ask him if he would seek to punish prisoners for finding pleasure and comfort in religious and conservative literature … No, I don’t think he would condemn that pleasure, would he?

  19. Just goes to show the tories are a bunch of curtain twitchers.

  20. Christopher in Canada 26 Nov 2012, 10:07pm

    …and we’ll raze the prisons to the ground…
    – Joan Baez

  21. I’m sure there are better things to spend money and resources on. What a bizarre bee to have in your bonnet!

  22. casparthegood 27 Nov 2012, 12:42am

    This used to be covered by regarding prisons as public places,along with British Rail property amongst other places under bizarre “catch all” rules What punishment does he propose now ? prison? wait a minute lets think about this then…..The man is an idiot with much more important and urgent problems to worry about as far as running Jails go

  23. GingerlyColors 27 Nov 2012, 6:58am

    If gay inmates are allowed to have sex in their cells, then would prison reformers start calling for mixed sex cell blocks? Prison is not supposed to be a pleasant experience and the message should be that if you cannot do the time, don’t do the crime.
    It is estimated that one in seven inmates are gay. This does not suggest that gay men are more likely to commit crime, many normally straight men do exhibit some gay feelings and when subjected to a same-sex environment they will often seek comfort or sexual gratification with each other. Incidences of homosexual behaviour have been observed amongst captive animals when the sexes are kept apart to prevent unwanted breeding.

  24. Justusboyz 27 Nov 2012, 8:09am

    Hmm.. not sure that this is a gay issue! Is he trying to stop men having sex in prison or gay men becoming couples in prison?? Either way I doubt having sex in prison means that you enjoy being there

  25. de Villiers 27 Nov 2012, 9:31am

    Surely there are more important things to do? This man is so vulgar.

    1. Maja Verde 27 Nov 2012, 9:57am

      Crackdown on prison sex…. umm… I’d like to see him do it in person.
      I am not so interested in the outfit he would wear, but the accessories he would be toting. Bull whip? Salt peter sprayer? Prada shoes?

      If he could mimic the high-pitched voice of the Bucket woman screaming, “Sheldon!”, just think how effective that would be and how much money he’d save constituents.

  26. The point is that IF prisons were mixed sex he would be cracking down on heterosexual realtionships, too.

    This has NOTHING to do with being gay at all, NOTHING.

    Anyway, we’re talking about criminals here.

    Honest to god, some of you are so blinded by gay rights you fail to see the word from the trees!

    His ‘battle’ will be futile, but that is besides the point.

    1. Spanner1960 28 Nov 2012, 6:14pm


  27. Mood-music for the right-wing press. Ignore.

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