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Gay teachers can’t come out because of ‘endless battle’ against homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. I challenge homophobic language (just as I challenge sectarian language) every day in my school. There are so many vulnerable pupils who would benefit from tougher management. I recently went to my Head Teacher with concerns that too many staff in school were using homophobic language, and using homophobic language during ‘banter’ with pupils. She did NOTHING, saying that she can only circulate an email saying that homophobia will not be tolerated, but that it is too common to police. She still has to send the email round. I can’t ever see myself coming out to staff or pupils.

    1. Yes, it’s that acceptance of homophobia that’s so depressing. Just because something’s common doesn’t mean it should be tolerated. Schools have responsibilities, and sometimes they need reminding of them.

  2. Maybe find a sympathetic parent and ask her/him to ask the governors whether “gay” is acceptable abuse in the playground and whether the teachers have been instructed to intervene to prevent homophobic abuse in accorded with local education authority guidelines (I’ll bet there are some). And ask your NUT or NAS rep what they an do to support you. Your union is there for you, don’t ignore it or presume it won’t help.

  3. There no doubt that most male teachers are paedophiliac….

    1. Oh grow up. Utter nonsense.

    2. The is more chance that you’re just a wanker

    3. Oh, grow up. Utter nonsense!

      1. I wasn’t talking about you btw Dan ;o)

    4. Carl Rowlands 27 Nov 2012, 3:52am

      At times I despair of some members of the gay community. I have two university degrees and have worked with 11-18 year olds for the last 15 years with great success. I am an out gay teacher who has worked hard to raise the profile of the gay community. I have received very positive responses in all the work I have done and then I read the statement above. What utter, utter offensive nonsense. Do something constructive, find a handbag and have a dance!

    5. Eric, there is no doubt that your are a simpleton…

    6. There is no doubt that most trolls are nutters.

  4. Christopher in Canada 27 Nov 2012, 2:58am

    Teachers should come out – gay kids need all the role models they can get. It’s sad that they need to go online and watch It Gets Better – that’s really just one step above what I had, which was Jack Tripper on Three’s Company and Billy Crystal on Soap. Elton John was MARRIED to a woman at the time! I’ve yet to figure out David Bowie…

    1. Bowie so far as I can tell from his biography is bisexual but currently in a longterm relationship with a lady called Iman. There’s no major mystery there…

  5. Teachers who are prevented from coming out should sue the schools for discrimination. As should parents of children who are being abused in school.

  6. As the article plainly suggests, it is basically a management problem. Senior teachers are too scared to tackle the problem or are homophobes themselves. Positive leadership in schools has been shown to be very effective against endemic homophobia.

  7. Sad but true. It’s not just the pupils and staff you have to worry about, it’s the parents too. They can cause no end of trouble, either directly or indirectly, and they can sometimes encourage their children to be homophobic or tell them lies about LGBT people.

    But the ones who shock me most are the homophobic staff. It doesn’t have to be abusive remarks, in some schools there’s a constant drip drip of ‘low-level’ homophobic remarks and assumptions and it can be demoralising. All staff should have proper anti-discrimination education.

  8. I’m out at school, and been pretty lucky I spose. Full support from SLT, n only one instance of homophobia, which was swiftly dealt with by me n SLT. Role models are important. School does LGBT history month, n we teach about sexuality specifically in PSHE, as well as in other subjects

    1. So I am Felix from the article. I’m pleased that this has helped to show that the problem lies with the management of schools. The children, parents and my colleagues have been nothing other than supportive. However, I was told only yesterday by my bosses that it is the teaching professions opinion that it is not appropriate for gay staff to be open in primary schools. Not only that, but they said in all seriousness that they felt I am the only person to have ever done so. And I am in London! Such a shame to be managed by such unenlightened people! My rant ends there, but I remain optimistic about the positive impact I can have by being an openly gay role model.

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