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Alabama: Lesbian fights for life after Thanksgiving attack

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Reader comments

  1. Americans confuse me, the tell the world that they are forward thinkers and do not follow and only lead, yet they wont recognise hate crimes based on sexual or gender identity.

    poor girl, and poor family knowing that they will not get the justice that they deserve because Americans still think that there is a magic man who lives in the sky. and this belief impacts on their laws, nice separation of church and state!

    1. America does now have a hate crimes bill that includes sexuality but I’m not sure about gender identity. However the police. predictably, won’t use it.

  2. Queer Revolt 26 Nov 2012, 10:24pm

    oops, I acidentally posted a link to the monster’s facebook page. Well since it’s here why don’t you send him a message? Lord knows it won’t have the same impact as the message he sent mallory but it’s something….

  3. NorthernIrishGuest 26 Nov 2012, 11:29pm

    Wake up, America, you still have a problem with hate crimes against LGBT persons. Please target these states rather than only having certain zones where they can feel safe.

    Really hope this woman pulls through, must be absolute hell on her friends and family to cope with this during a time of thanksgiving.

  4. The family sound like trash. Apparently the suspect was shot in the chest age 17 buy his own father.

  5. Matthew of Mpls 27 Nov 2012, 12:48am

    In 1969 I was beaten up rather badly, in Washington, D.C.–but not like this woman. When I read articles like this, it affects me emotionally and reminds me of the attack. But in DC, police paid no attention to you if you were gay and a victim of anti-gay attack.

    I’m not surprised that the bigot was charged with only second-degree assault. Somehow, this should be changed to Attempted Murder as a hate crime.

    And the police who filed the charge of second degree assault should be disciplined.

  6. “Queerty reports that Hawkins is the brother of the victim’s girlfriend. It currently remains unclear what provoked the assault.”

    I guess in Mobile Alabama that second sentence is enough to answer the first.

  7. Disgusting. He should be locked away

  8. Patsy McDonald 6 Dec 2012, 12:37am

    Unfortunately people from outside the US have this beleif that its somehow great over here, and although it has its great points, it also has a history of hate based out of fear and ignorance from as far back as its founding. Look at the Salem witch trials and the civil rights movement and Womens suffrage. The south stays the same always.

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