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Video: Morgan Freeman says journey towards equal rights ‘has just begun’

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Reader comments

  1. Morgan Freeman? oh hell yes.

  2. Great ad. I just wish HRC weren’t (at present) a lumbering decades-old self-preserving behemoth dedicated to endless fund-raising and damn little else. Fortunately, since the creation of the American Foundation for Equal Rights three years ago, HRC has responded to the competition by becoming wonderfully concentrated on repealing DOMA (to the exclusion of action on ENDA, it seems) and actually DID contribute to the recent victories in four states.

  3. Maja Verde 27 Nov 2012, 9:17am

    HRC purports to be about the expansion of human rights. However, the two most constrictive, and avoidable, ways to give away your rights as an individual are: 1. military service and 2. marriage forever.

    Why should anyone be encouraged to permanently surrender their rights to anything or anybody?

    The sovereignty of the individual is inalienable and indivisible. HRC is working backwards. All types of marriage should be banned based on one premise: secular governance has no business managing a religious rite.

    And, military service should be banned as well. The militarization of the world cannot bring peace, only demilitarization can.

    Anyone can create a valid and enforceable agreement to obtain the secular goals two people desire in marriage.

    You want to marry a foreigner?

    Migratory birds have more rights than humans. Ban the INS as well. Anyone has the right to be human anywhere in the world. Nationalism should never usurp the human right to move freely.

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