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Rylan Clark: Gary Barlow’s ‘hateful’ banter has gone too far

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Reader comments

  1. Rylan is not very good and there are others that much more of an Xfactor than him. In relation to gary B speaking his mind, why not. He mentioned nothing in relation to the fact that Rylan is gay, only to the clear point that he is not very good.

    1. Don’t be such a fool! Gary Barlow is a homophobe. End of story. First of all, he’s a conservative with a capital C. Second of all, if you watched The X Factor from the start when Rylan auditioned, there was always disdain behind Gary Barlow’s words to Rylan and other openly gay contestants. Have you ever seen Gary Barlow at a Pride Event? Or supporting gay rights? No, I haven’t. Also, why do you think Robbie Williams is OTT with his support for Rylan? Because he knows that Gary is a complete homophobe and it’ll wind Gary up. Here comes that age old saying: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

      1. You know? I am from Mexico and just now I have seen the videos about the last competition of X Factor, what you don’t understand is that this man Rylan has no evidence of talent, he is just a poor show of what a person who wants to sing can do, nothing but controversy. Rylan is the example of what some singers can do or wants to be, the copycat or others. It is also important to mention and remind that a “singer” who participates in this kind of competition is exposed to different opinions so what the problem is, Rylan is not a good singer and not a good competitor if he is stressed by opinions, as I said, he is a copycat and a man who wants to be a woman, to be a gay is not to want to be a woman.

    2. megan leyshon 3 Jan 2013, 4:43pm

      Leave him alown he maby a bad singer but he’s really nice he’s done nothing wrong has he

  2. I’ve noticed a pattern with Gary Barlow: he doesn’t like camp men, or even slight campness in men. I can think of far worse people in this competition, yet he never goes out of his way to truly make them feel bad. It was the same with Johnny last year, and it’s the same with Rylan this year.

    It’s not very smart to bully people, no matter who they are. It’s bordering on bigotry, quite frankly.

    1. Paul from Brighton 25 Nov 2012, 12:46pm

      That is so, so wrong.

      Gary Barlow has always been around gay men – the man who gave him his break with Take That was gay man, Nigel Martin-Smith.

      In the early days, Take That regularly performed at Gay Venues across the UK – GAY in London etc.

      I recall him as a nice, decent bloke, as they all were.

      He’s also taken the time to give an interview to Attitude Magazine about the X-factor and how in his view it attracts gay men to it, which he sees as a hugely positive thing for both the show and the audience.

      He’s also says that performers come to him worried about their sexuality and says he always advises them to be themselves and come out.

      I don’t see how you can make the claims you do sitting in an armchair or sofa?

      1. I accept all that but he really has responded negatively to overtly gay competitors. Maybe he thinks it will make good telly …. it doesn’t.

        1. Paul in Brighton 25 Nov 2012, 2:42pm


          I don’t watch the X-factor, so I can’t really say how he’s responded to overltly gay competitors, however, I would say, you walk into any gay bar in the UK or elsewhere in the world and you’ll find that many gay men react very negatively towards overtly camp men.

          For example, I was a meeting last week involving a room full of gay men and a number of them ( in response to a proposal for something taking place in 2013) said – ‘please, no more screaming queens..’

          This is from gay men.

          Think we need to get over ourselves here and stop being so obsessed with the idea that everyone is so against us, which is not the case.

          If Gary Barlow is homphobic – then I’m a straight man.

          1. “I don’t see how you can make the claims you do sitting in an armchair or sofa?” And what about you darling? Defending Gary Barlow like this? You don’t even watch X Factor or how he speaks to/interacts with openly gay competitors. Sure look at his last act Chris. He is gay and Gary Barlow as little as he can for the fella. Has done since he was VOTED BACK INTO THE SHOW BY THE PUBLIC. Gary did NOT take him through to Live Shows.

      2. What absolute rubbish! You’ve tripped yourself up there darling. You said “In the early days”. Yes, so he can make MONEY off the queers. He doesn’t have to like or support them. Get with the programme. Regarding his interview with Attitude, I am pretty sure he would told to do that as he is a judge on UK wide popular show. I doubt VERY much that Gary Barlow thought “OH I KNOW. I will give an interview to Attitude about X Factor because I love the queers soooooooooo much”. Catch a grip.

  3. GingerlyColors 24 Nov 2012, 9:33pm

    Gary Barlow or no Gary Barlow, there seem to be plenty of sad people out there who have nothing better to do with their time than troll the internet posting hateful comments about anybody whether they are gay or straight.
    Although some still see Rylan as a ‘joke act’ I am hoping that he will be joining Union J and Chris Moloney in the grand final. I am seriously wondering about Chris after his camp performance of ABBA’s ‘Chiquitita’ while surrounded by plenty of shirtless male dancers.

  4. Rylan can’t sing for toffee. He sings out of tune and flat. He’s used his mother’s illness for the sympathy vote and now he’s blaming being gay for X Factor fans not liking him and making comments online. I don’t believe Gary is homophobic. Rylan is playing the homophobic card and is again looking for the sympathy vote. It will be a travesty if he wins and he shouldn’t be in the finals.

  5. I just watched a bunch of Rylan’s performances.. and… honestly, he’s awful. He has a lot of style, a lot of flash, but there’s no substance.

    The judge, however, DOES come across as a complete douchebag.

  6. I agree with Rylan and I have read some of the vitriol that has been directed at him on twitter/facebook it is totally out of order. He is a lovely lad he may be a rubbish singer but the judges put him there in the 1st place so thats their lookout! Gary needs to accept that he is in the competition and comment appropriately without whipping up the sort of hysteria which I believe is fuelling the homophobe comments

    1. “rubbish singer” to quote you?

      It’s a singing competition. I haven’t seen it, got better things to do. But you have just said what barlow said. So are you also whipping up homophobe comments?

      Homophobes don’t need whipping up, they do quite nicely on their own. Are you seriously suggesting if barlow lied and said he is a great singer he wouldn’t have received homophobic abuse?

      1. Justusboyz 25 Nov 2012, 8:25pm

        Twitless ,Its called a praise sandwich im refering to the fact that Gary is always totally negative. Even if he said ‘I like your styling but not your singing’ that would make a difference but continued negativity is what is reinforcing the hatred. clearly my comments are not homophobic as
        a) im gay
        b) I commented on Rylans singing but also said he is a lovely lad.

        You said you havnt seen X factor therefore your comments are invalid

  7. Craig Nelson 24 Nov 2012, 10:31pm

    The vast majority of xfactor performers though perfectly ok as far as it goes don’t go on to have good careers.

    While Rylan isn’t the best singer he’s definitely the best performer of the competition and certainly a better singer than Frankie Cocosa (put forward by one Gary Barlow as I recall…..) not to speak of Wagner, Jedward etc.

    And a lot of the abuse is overtly homophobic. I’m sure that Gary Barlow is not homophobic but he does have a track record of reacting negatively to gay performers – which is not fair to them or the viewers of the programme.

  8. I thought he was just trying to save the act he didn’t put through himself, by trying to make the other “camp” act seem worse than his “camp” act , which makes the whole thing very un”camp” (in my opinion)and it’s obviously because “the gays” are trying to redefine marriage

  9. I am curious to know exactly what he modeled. Everyone likes to refer to themselves as a model and I do not believe for a moment he was.

  10. Rylan’s still a talentless attention seeker, but even he doesn’t deserve homophobic abuse.

    1. Problem is, all X-Factor contestants get abuse in some form or another, none of it is acceptable.

      Each year has a hate figure, last year it was Kitty Bucknell, the year before was Katie Waisel, all of whom received hateful messages and supposed death threats. Unfortunately, it is all part of the process, which I doubt will never change.

  11. X Factor!
    Why are the Brits obsessed with triviality…

    1. Same reason as everywhere else in the World.

  12. My two cents worth, Gary Barlow is about as dull as a pair of old slippers and a cup of lukewarm Ovaltine, whenever I hear him speak it makes me want to yawn. The only time Gary shows a bit of life is when he’s having a go at Rylan.
    I watched X FACTOR for a bit when soulful little Amy Mottram, Jade Ellis and Ella Henderson were still in the competition but have dropped out now there’s only Jahmene Douglas with his superb voice and James Arthur who has soul and swagger. But I lost interest in the show some time back.
    Chris Maloney is rather chronic overall despite a powerful voice, it’s uncontrolled and all over the place and his song choices are atrocious, I like his ambiguously camp mannerisms though.

  13. More exposure for this show. I stopped watching some time ago.

    Rylan will do anything to keep himself in the public eye. He is an attention seeking wannabe. I mean did you see him when Nicole told him he was going to the live shows?

    He can’t sing but pouts for the camera very well

    1. Craig Nelson 25 Nov 2012, 2:04pm

      His pouting is fantastic

  14. Another Hannah 25 Nov 2012, 1:05pm

    Don’t know about the specifics of this – I no longer watch the X-factor or any of the others because they are just looking very, very tired. Fed up with seeing people with no real interest in writing, composing or performing, with nothing to say, other than to be very, very boring with pointless lives. I’m hoping to see some proper talent shows without a concept, with proper musicians in them. I can’t see directly homophobia in this, but having auditioned and watch BGT a few times i have noticed a very strong current of not quite homophobia, with ignorance to match, all over the place.

  15. Briefly seen this guy on the TV and he is a terrible singer and incredibly annoying….but as in any sound democracy which values freedom of speech and expression, you have to let crap flourish!

  16. Suddenly Last Bummer 25 Nov 2012, 7:57pm

    Eff off you TOWIE reject. I cringe every time this chromosomely challenged intellectually stunted creep makes an appearance.

  17. Because Barlow doesnt like ‘camp’ acts he’s homophobic?? Rylan is awful, poor Gary still thinks this is a talent show. The best acts have already been voted off.

  18. mikeygrffiths 26 Nov 2012, 9:03am

    Take That were launched with a gay manager and their early appearances were in gay clubs. Since they have become successful they no longer need the pink pound. After their initial success they walked away from the gay scene. It was only a couple of year ago that one member of the group was reported saying homophobic comments on a radio one interview. Compare them to Kylie, who has always been proud of her gay fans and still attends and supports gay events.

    1. Who cares? Gary Barlow is AWWWWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!

  19. take that lyrics and videos at

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