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New Zealand

New Zealand former MP: Labour Party is ‘controlled by homosexuals’

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Reader comments

  1. Who gives a crap?

    1. you havta laff tho doncha?

    2. Lots of simple gullible people listen to nonsense such as Taito Field spouts . . . and totally believe it!

      1. Sad but very true.

  2. Right, so a convicted crook tries to assert morality? How “christian” of him. These people really are a joke. A pathetic, hysterical, paranoid, mouth-breathing joke.

    1. That There Other David 25 Nov 2012, 8:49am

      Ah, but he’s no longer a crook you see. Find Jesus and all your bad history just flutters away…..

      Quite pathetic.

  3. What an ignoramus. Of course it’s ok to have two mums or two dads. Just as ok as having one mum or one dad, or being raised by single out double grandparent or uncles and aunties. Families come in so many more configurations than simply mum and dad and frankly either or both of those may not be fully heterosexual.

  4. ““You are going to have a generation of children grow up who think it is OK to have two mums and two dads. This is a contradiction of the word of God,” he continued.”

    Funny; I don’t remember anything in the bible whatsoever about children having two mums or two dads being wrong…

    1. Especially when you consider the example of Jesus of Nazareth.

      1. Well, Jesus certainly came from an unconventional family.. he had a mum AND two dads! Plus he was conceived via donor sperm.

        So, was Mary the surrogate mum, using sperm from an Angel, while Joseph and God Himself were the two dads?

        Wow! this is almost good enough for a soap opera!

  5. As ever, assuming that everyone gives a toss for his imaginary friend, God!

  6. “disgraced former MP”

    says it all really, wouldn’t want to be on the same side as this guy if I was a curent MP.

  7. He doesn’t look anything like nelson mandela.

    1. That There Other David 25 Nov 2012, 8:51am

      That’s a pic of Helen Clark, former NZ PM ;-)

      1. Well I was going to say he looked a bit effeminate but thought better of it.

  8. New Aussie 25 Nov 2012, 8:35am

    It’s “death knell” you imbecile, as in bells

    1. His grasp of English is an apt measure of his grasp of reality.

  9. There will always be voices of opposition but when spoken by a “Christian” crook like this it probably helps our cause. He’s hardly a mascot for righteousness.

  10. If only some of these paranoid homophobes’ fantasies were true – a major political party ‘controlled by homosexuals’ – now that would be an achievement!

    1. David Dimbleby: “And tonight, on my left, speaking for The Homosexual Party, swept to power in no less than five recent by-elections, we have the Honorable Riondo . . . “

      1. Sounds like a character in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera.

  11. Carry on infesting, gals and chaps!!!

  12. “infested . . . smell that won’t go away . . . death nail in the coffin . . . ”

    Yet another terrified homophobe screaming “Doom! Doom! Let the queers marry and the sky’s gonna fall in!”

  13. Technically, the Secretary of the NZ Labour actually is an out gay man- former UK Stonewall Director Tim Barnett, to be precise.

    But you’re right, though. It’s amusing that a convicted corrupt politician and fraudster thinks he has any moral high ground to speak from- but then fundies always do obsess about consensual sexual activity s opposed to business ethics…

  14. Rpbert in S. Kensington 25 Nov 2012, 7:43pm

    Get thee to a decent dentist dear, your teeth are appalling and heaven knows what your breath must smell like. Stupid cow! Another bloody religious conservative. Seems every country is “infested” with the same cancer of religious addiction.

    1. The photo shows former NZ PM Helen Clark, who “infested” the party with homosexuality according to Taito Phillip Field, who is indeed a man:

  15. He is correct!

  16. Well actually given his comments…

    ““You are going to have a generation of children grow up who think it is OK to have two mums and two dads.”

    I am actually going to go a step further and say not just “think” but “know it is OK! because when that happens bigots will have lost their ability to control and influence the consciences of our youth!

  17. Robert of Kensington or who ever. Your comment was offensive to Helen Clark. Ex prime Minister of NZ and in my view one of the better ones.

  18. He is a repulsive corrupt bigot, liar and thief, now using homophobia to try and stir up hatred within the pacific community in NZ. Beyond contempt

  19. Philip Taito Field is a convicted liar and thief. He is a repulsive bigot now using homophobia to try to regain some credibility with the Pacific communities in NZ. He is beyond contempt and by comparing himself to Nelson Mandela ( a man who supports Gay rights) just proves Fields ignorance and incredible arrogance.

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