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Lindsay Lohan: ‘My first lesbian relationship was toxic’

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Reader comments

  1. As one of the big brother contestants used to say……

    Whooooooo is she?

    1. BruceWillisFan 24 Nov 2012, 10:31am

      Hi Twitless. hahaha great name btw. Lindsay Lohan is such a great actress & my favourite films of her’s are Life-Size. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. A Prairie Home Companion. Just My Luck. Bobby. Chapter 27. Labor Pains & Machete. also I thought she was very good in the episodes of Ugly Betty that she was in & I cant wait to see her in Elizabeth Taylor Biopic ‘Liz & Dick’ (which has been getting mixed reviews so far) & I also Scary Movie 5 which I hope her & Charlie Sheen’s comic chemistry will be Winning. but I am not too sure about the look of The Canyons though.

      1. You are so gay

        1. BruceWillisFan 24 Nov 2012, 11:34am

          Hi James & thank you. I am openly & proudly gay, lol :)

          1. Is your name Damien? Your almost too gay to function..

      2. That There Other David 24 Nov 2012, 12:27pm

        I only really know her from that Robot Chicken sketch with the corpse Hannah Montana. That was funny though :-D

      3. No wonder. I haven’t heard of any of those. According to James, I just can’t be gay. What am I doing wrong?

        1. BruceWillisFan 24 Nov 2012, 12:57pm

          Hi Twitless. you are doing nothing wrong hun. you have just got some catching up to do with some of Lilo’s films thats all. :)

        2. Me neither and my tounge wsa firmly in cheek. I am partial to the golden girls and clueless is my favorite

      4. GREAT actress? I think the term ‘great’ needs redefining. She’s an average actress and a huge publicity hound. And I think that’s all there is behind this story – a bit of publicity.

  2. I don’t think it’s uncommon for people to be confused about their sexuality at age 26. She’ll figure it out when she meets the right person. I think she’s smart to keep her options open until her sexuality is less fluid and more defined. Don’t let others put labels on you or try and define you. Smart girl!

    1. I’m sorry, but, repeatedly getting caught for drunk driving offenses and being sentenced to prison for it (she’s a “celebrity”… technically, by California law, she should almost receive an award for committing a crime! a celebrity has to be pretty bad to actually do jail time) is not “smart girl”.

      This girl is a complete idiot.

      And a bad actress.

  3. “Lindsay Lohan is toxic”

    That’s better

  4. Yet again, somebody is marking down for trivial reasons. Liking or not liking Lindsey Lohan is a matter of opinion. There really isn’t a right answer, unless we check in fifty years or so to see if her films are still on TV on a Sunday afternoon, which will prove her ‘greatness’. But meanwhile, whoever is marking down those who don’t like her is being a bit childish.

    1. oh, it’s just a case of some “lohan-fan” trolling every website that mentions her name and then downvoting anyone that DARES to insult her idol.

  5. Shut up Lindsay, no none is listening to you.

  6. And we give a toss about this, do we?

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