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UK: Radio station fined after presenter calls gay people ‘evil’

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Reader comments

  1. It really pi**es me off. Had someone made comments about Islam, chances are the licence would sure have been revoked.

    I am so fed up with the constant verbal gay bashing that we are getting at the moment. It allows people to make any kind of comment they want about LGBT folk and nothing serious is done to combat it.

    Secondly, I am not a practicing homosexual. I have perfected it after many years of practice. The only practicing here that is required that Sister Ruby learns the practice of peace, love and tolerance.

    1. Sister Ruby and her radio program sound like an utter waste of space and taxpayers money… not to mention oxygen.
      There are so many worthwhile projects that are in disparate need of funding and here is this woman spouting hatred
      and violence, taking money from the public…

      Many years ago there was a radio program, called gaywaves, which was on once a week. I’m sure that this program helped
      many gays and lesbians, with news, information and coming out, as it did me. We’re taking about the 1980’s no inter net back
      then. Gaywaves had to close due to lack of funds a few ago. I’m certain gaywaves could have used the money that goes into
      Sister Ruby’s hate inciting program.

      1. That certainly would have been money well spent rather than those spiteful bigots!

  2. Disgusting. Can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and another radio station encouraged listeners to go out and torture muslims? Would they be given a mere £4000 fine or would they be closed down immediately for inciting racial hatred?

    1. My point exactly! Yes inciting homophobia gains a mere fine!

  3. fine?

    throw her out of the country!
    this woman is obviously NOT the right fit for a western democracy. send her back to whatever hell hole she comes from.

    1. What if she is a British-born national?

      1. Neuter her.

        1. Yes, best not let that type of hateful antisocial person breed!

    2. Britain has always been homophobic.

      1. Just because Britain has been homophobic in the past,
        doesn’t mean in this day and age, such behaviour
        is acceptable! I’m from Australia and this country
        was exceedingly homophobic but both our countries
        have come along way.

    3. You racist bastard

    4. This is a Christian country, home sexuality is against the teachings of the bible, so it should be all the gay people who should be deported to another planet.

  4. Make your feelings known to Leeds Council and The Lottery people and they’ll most likely have their funding pulled or at least not renewed.

  5. Paul from Brighton 23 Nov 2012, 3:49pm

    She committed a Public Order Offence – certainly under S5 of the Public Order Act 1984.

    Compare her actions to others –

    Take for example the young fool who showed a picture of himself burning a poppy on his facebook page – he gets arrested at home, and detained.

    On the other hand, a radio presenter incites hatred on the basis of one’s sexuality and she gets what, exactly?

    Emm, a fine, which will be paid for via the lottery/public funding this lot gets.

    Absolutely sickening.

    Maddening. My keyboard is on fire…

    1. I am not being funny – but has this actually been reported to the police? They cannot act on incitement to violence unless they receive a report (is my understanding anyway…..)

      1. Paul from Brighton 24 Nov 2012, 9:55am

        It doesn’t need to be reported to the police.

        Ofcom investigated and government inter agency policy is such that where there is evidence of a criminal offence, the agency investigating should automatically pass the allegation on to the police who also should investigate.

        I would imagine as this is a religious thing, this wasn’t done.

        Far better to protect the sensitive nature of Muslims in the UK that LGBT people.

        Incidentally, there is no legal requirement/necessity for anyone to come forward as a victim for a Public Order Offence, the law has been written so as to allow that a ‘person of reasonable standing and fitness’ be either offended/harassed/alarmed/distressed.

        So – no actual victim needed, just a reasonable likelihood.

        In reality, if the offence is against someone’s religion, race, colour there will be an automatic police investigation.

        But when it comes to queers, take the back seat, my friend. Or better still, do as the authorities would prefer you to do, and walk.

    2. It looks like criminal incitement to violence to me. I hope the police investigate.

  6. They should have revoked the license. If a radio station said that africans, asians, jews, muslims, or even people with ginger hair should be ‘torture, punished, beaten and mentally tortured’, they would not be on air.

  7. Came under Maine 23 Nov 2012, 3:56pm

    Were the telephones bursting at the station with her audience calling in to complain about her exhortations to commit crimes against innocent LGBT individuals? No I think not. The funding should be cut immediately and the broadcast licence cancelled. However we know Leeds Council has within it many who agree with the criminality of the views expressed by that station. The Lottery Fund will do nothing for fear of backlash from the militant muslims.

  8. Someone should preach violence against these backwood sub humans – Enough is Enough people!

    1. Paul from Brighton 23 Nov 2012, 4:42pm

      But they won’t.

      Just look at how many people die everytime someone pens as much as a cartoon about muslims.

      I’ve said this before, you’ll never hear the likes of Cardinal O Brien or his pal Joesph Ratzinger (aka Pope) or Archbishop Devine or Lord Carey criticising the Muslim faith, yet this band of collective hypocrites feel duty bound to step in the way of civil equality.

  9. I would LOVE to round up all the backward hate-mongerers who spew bile based on ancient nonsense and pile them into a big barge and let it drop anchor in the mid-Atlantic. How any educated person in a modern Western country could have views like this baffles and scares me.

  10. Haven’t individuals been imprisoned for making racist Tweets? This is an actual broadcaster, advocating death & torture. But all the radio station gets is a fine. Yet more preferential treatment for the religion of ‘peace & tolerance’.

  11. If there are two Asian persons among you, what do you have to do? Torture them; punish them; beat them and give them mental torture.”
    yeah….now if THAT was broadcast it would be a different story

  12. Why is she not charge with incitement to hatred?

    Makes me sick that we are abused in this way

    1. The only organisation that protests about the two-tier justice system in this country is the EDL. But loads of snobbish gay people are delighted when the pro-jihad UAF protests against EDL. And currently the EDL leader is being held on trumped-up charges, whilst muslims found guilty of terrorism are walking our streets.

      In 2010, Panorama showed that 5000 muslim kids in Britain were being taught to kill gay people. No-one was prosecuted for that. Documentaries have shown that this kind of hatred is going on in mosques across the country, on islamic websites, and in islamic bookstores. Only those men in Derby handing out leaflets saying we should be killed were prosecuted.

  13. Yet another example of the pernicious effect of fundamentalist religion, and the stupidity of those not pressing for a radio station where this happens to have its licence revoked and its funding stopped.

    As for the licence not being revoked, and the funding from Leeds City Council and the National Lottery, this seems like yet another example of liberalism being given a bad name.

    It is not “liberalism” to support any institution, minority fundamentalist religious or otherwise, that advocates intolerance, hatred and violence towards LGBT people. It is sheer stupidity.

  14. So homosexuals can call people bigots and no action is taken (yet), but when homosexuals are called evil (which they are) the political correct law comes into force.

    1. Do you not see the difference between expressing a point of view, and inciting violence?

      I respect your right to call me evil, if you so wish – though I believe that to do so is itself evil. But if you want to incite people to torture me, beat me, punish me, or give me mental torture, then you should get a visit from the police. There’s a difference, you see.

    2. No, Matthew, she was reportedly advocating torture for LGBT people – THAT was what she’s being criticised for, and rightly so. She was inciting violence.

      You’d not be so touchy about everything gay if you spoke to someone and stopped beating yourself up with all that NARTH therapy. I genuinely feel sorry for you. Don’t take your anger and frustration out on us, speak to someone and learn to accept yourself.

    3. HI Matthew, If you read a fuller extract of what she said you will find that she has a pop at “normal” non muslim people like you as well. That’s assuming you are non muslim of course?

    4. Matthew, you’re rather stupid, aren’t you?

    5. Have you actually bothered to read the article? NOTHING has been done to a woman who called for violence against gay people.
      You are a deluded idiot and proof eloquent of the pernicious effects of barmy religion.

  15. Get the Muslim bitch out of the country to some primitive Muslim country such as Saudi Arabia. People are called bigots because they are bigots, and, of course, many of them, like Matthew, are Satanic.

  16. Anyone know what email address we should write to at Leeds council? I want to complain about public money being used to fund organisations which promote discrimination and encourage torture of a group based on their sexual orientation?

  17. Use this link to complain to Leeds City Council:

    I’d also suggest writing to your MP about this. You can find their contact details here:

    1. Done

  18. The station receives funding from Leeds City Council and the National Lottery.

    I was waiting for this sentence all the way through the article. What a surprise.

    Any public money should be stopped immediately or she should be sacked.

  19. Another example of evil neanderthals hiding behind their pathetic doctrines to spread hatred. She should certainly be arrested. I will write to my MP for sure. Thanks for the address of Leeds City Council, Dave.
    And come on Muslims, let’s hear loud protests from your “tolerant” majority we are always hearing about!!

  20. James Savik 23 Nov 2012, 6:28pm

    In the US we have whole networks of radio stations that lie about gay people 24/7.

    It’s no real surprise that religious fundamentalists blather on about gay people and use hate speech.

    The real surprise is often in their own closet.

    OK, OK! So I’m a dirty, dirty boy Father Murphey. I’m just not up to it today.

    1. I doubt they get public money though?

  21. Wouldn’t she be happier running around the streets of some corrupt cess pit while shrieking and burning flags?

  22. has she been fired?if not why not?

  23. I have the slight suspicion the country British people will grow old will be different and for the worse. Well, enjoy while you can. Islam is there to stay. And grow. And demand. And preach. And persecute. Well, we all know what happen in Muslim countries, isn’t it?

  24. This vile creature should be taken off the air and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  25. This vile creature should be removed from the airwaves and prosecuted to the full extent of the law as others who have made similar comments…oh wait they weren’t muslim extremists

  26. There are quite a few people out there in the public eye who make very hateful comments about gay people, and they’re not only Muslims. Dancehall and reggae music acts from the Caribbean are known for having very anti-gay lyrics.

    Pop singer Rihanna is a fan of singers like Beenie Man who have been accused of inciting violent hatred towards gay people.

  27. £4,000. Is that supposed to be a deterrent or encouragement?

    1. It’s our £4000 in the first place. Public money which has been squandered on this scandal.

  28. Europe was the epitome of civilization and science and civility –for the last several centuries. But with your burgeoning Islamic population, Europe is destined for huge leaps backwards into primitiveness. From the UK, to France, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. It is only a matter of a couple of generations before these attitudes become prevalent in western Europe… and a few more generations on, and the Imams will be calling the shots… Sorry to say, it’s inevitable. While there are a lot of problems in the US, I am glad that I live here.

  29. GingerlyColors 24 Nov 2012, 6:52am

    Revoke their broadcasting licence and stop their National Lottery funding.

  30. It seems ironic that this individual does not see (or refuses to see) that the same discrimination and incitement to hate that she applies to the LGBT community originates from the same-narrow minded and self-righteous interpretation of her religion that misogynists use against her gender to marginalize them particularly within her own religious community.

    If the government recognizes the power of speech by according it as a people’s right, perhaps with the proliferation of hate speech, the government should also undertake to further define the responsibilities of free speech to curtail its abuse.

  31. Fines??
    Why the hell hasn’t this disgusting individual been arrested for incitement?
    ‘Cultural sensitivities’, I’ll bet. Whose culture? Whose sensitivities? Not lbgt ones, you can be pretty sure?

  32. Another Hannah 24 Nov 2012, 5:24pm

    Taxpayer subsidy of hate speech!

  33. Has anyone made a police complaint yet?

  34. We at Fever FM would like to sincerely apologize to the Gay community and to everyone else who have found this news disturbing. This was a one off incident which will never be repeated and one person out of 64 volunteers does not represent our Community station.

    The Management Committee was very shocked, confused and embarrassed that such lectures were broadcast on our station, for this goes against all that we stand for. It really sadden me to read the comments and how quick the readers were to judge Fever FM and suggest our community radio license be revoked, without knowing our view or our stand on this issue.

    Fever FM hopes everyone accepts our apologies and understands that no permission was given or any permission sought. The lady in question has not since 2011, been involved with Fever FM

    1. It seems while she was saying such vile things the broadcast was allowed to continue so maybe your technicians agree with her

    2. You should have a serious think about your radio stations response to this
      Out of all of your listeners only 2 complained!
      Now how many listeners do you have and why did only 2 complain? (what does this say about your listeners?)
      You should now spend the next 6 months producing lectures about how Muslims should inter marry and how there are no issues with this at all, despite the known restriction Islam places on such marriages but you should make it clear these restrictions are out-dated and no longer relevant. You should get your local imams on the radio simply saying she was wrong regardless of what Islam says.

      Your station should also spend time promoting the muslim LGBT community and give them a voice on your station for a while and spend so time promoting LGBT causes within the muslim community.

      But I suspect all we will get is this mealy mouthed apology.

  35. I am heterosexual and I find these comments completely disgusting. The matter ought to be referred to the police and she should at the very least she should be forced to go on a year long re-education course on how to respect other people and how to live in the 21st century. Her and her ilk are utter scum!

  36. Did anyone else notice the Guardian, usually very pro-gay, is so pro-Islam it has not even reported on this?

  37. Evil is letting the Catholic Church and it’s priest rape and abuse children for hundreds of years and not stopping it even now they are still raping children and then hiding the priest.

  38. Why no police complaint?

  39. Nelson Bennett 28 Nov 2012, 6:34am

    In most civilized countries, this would be considered a hate crime and Nasir would be charged with a criminal offence. She’s lucky she lives in the UK where Muslim homophobia, Jew hatred and other forms of hatred towards non-Muslims is tolerated. Thank God my great grandparents got the hell out of Britain and came to Canada. How did Britain ever reach such a sorry state?

  40. James McDonald 2 Dec 2012, 12:29am


    I am thinking of arranging a peaceful protest against this station and for ofcom to revoke the licence as this is clearly not on I think we need to unite.

    What do you think is it a good idea?

  41. Deborah Sheila smith 3 Dec 2012, 12:01am

    In such a diverse society like ours today it’s disgusting that a ‘supposed’ community radio is allowed to say such blasphemous comments. How can offcom and other organisations provide funding for supporting this? Fever fm? The only fever I get is anger and repulsion that the funding is still ongoing as is the radio! Both the funding and the licensing should be revoked ASAP! Not a very good impression as a community radio.. Not very community like!!!

  42. This is no community radio. What a joke. The license should be stoped and the funding to its time for this to be serious. Its homophobic why is this radio allowed to CONTINUE broadcasting ?

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