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I’m a Celebrity’s Limahl blames ‘gay vote’ for eviction

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Reader comments

  1. He said that in a jokey, tongue-in-cheek way. He wasn’t “blaming” anyone. I think the headline is unfair.

  2. What a silly statement. Anybody *else* can now stay because they have more support from their gay fans, as well as their heterosexual ones. It seems like Lamahl is trying to imply that we are defined by our sexuality, or maybe just that we should be compartmentalized together. I really hate this line of thought.

    1. If, as the person above said, it was intended in a tongue-in-cheek way, which was NOT obvious from the article, I withdraw this statement. What poor journalism to make implicative articles like this.

  3. His gay fans?

    Does he have those?

    Does he have any fans?

    His last hit was 30 years ago.

    1. He probably does’nt, looks like you would have to a cabbage like the towie lot or kim kardashian to have mass appeal today.

  4. Another Hannah 23 Nov 2012, 12:53pm

    Its a terrible same that he was voted out as he seemed very nice. I can’t afford to ring in to vote on things of little consequence as life as an LGBT person means that despite being well qualified and working hard my only income is govt. benefit. Nadine Dorries is ‘orrible, but looking at the other contestants they are of the rather staid Conservative variety, bar a couple, and I wonder if this made his time harder.

    1. “life as an LGBT person means that despite being well qualified and working hard my only income is govt. benefit”

      Now, now. Don’t get carried away.

      Why does being an LGBT person prevent you from earning an income?

      1. Another Hannah 23 Nov 2012, 6:03pm

        Amazing! LGBT, Transsexual, and yes had and seen a great deal of the nasty stuff, including from you two now who made a value judgement withour knowing the facts. You presumably don’t dispute the fact that there is such hatred towards transsexuals that there have been murders? So presumably from this you presume that preudice goes from extreme at one with murder and then straight down to nothing for every other task! Are you really that simple minded ignorant and bigoted. And I didn’t list all the stuff, there is some more of which the most major is a poorly carried out emergency NHS operation for a strangulated hernia. I’m not going to destroy my privacy to any greater extent to disprove your small mindedness.

        1. Are you disappointed to find out that other LGBT people don’t have a magic psychic connection to yourself. You directly linked being LGBT to claiming benefits. How is anyone supposed to know you have had an operation or have asthma?

    2. Stop blaming others and pull yourself together!! If you want to work then do it. Being gay has nothing to do with you not getting a job.

      1. Another Hannah 23 Nov 2012, 6:05pm

        Pig ignorance and bigotry. See above, where did I say Gay? LGBT is just Gay then is it? Privacy doesn’t matter and other health issues like Asthma, emergency hernia op count for nothing! Bigotry.

        1. You clearly have extreme mental health & socialisation issues and that is doubtless why no one will employ you. Nothing to do with LGBT.

      2. Another Hannah 23 Nov 2012, 6:07pm

        One other thing. I have supported Gay amrriage because I think it’s right. Given the nasty little support for my kind of LGBTs you are I sort of feel glad you’re being side lined. Has no effect on me. So stuff that.

        1. Oh right so there are no gay, lesbian or bisexual people amongst “your kind of LGBTs”?

          You’re not doing anyone a favour by supporting marriage equality.

          “Given the nasty little support for my kind of LGBTs you are I sort of feel glad you’re being side lined”

          You come across as a bitter little troll.

    3. I think the reaction is your own fault. Re-read what you stated. You mentioned nothing about being ill and therefore unable to work.

      1. Another Hannah 23 Nov 2012, 6:30pm

        No it’s your fault. You umped to a conclusion. I don’t need to reveal evey in and out and ruin my privacy everytime I want to say somehing. You need to learn not to judge, and certainly not when you don’t actually know somebody!

        1. i think your lack of cohesive thinking and agressive attitude might have more to do with your lack of employment rather than your trans status, and maybe your inability to write in understandable sentances too?

        2. Hannah, it might be time to calm down, now. This is mostly misunderstanding. Although I would be inclined to believe that prejudice against Trans people is a bar to employment. In these days just about anything is used as a way to whittle down applicants rather than judging everyone fairly on their merits and give the job to the best qualified person. Age, race, sexual orientation etc. You’re not the only one given the thin end of that wedge, Hannah.

  5. I caught this on TV (wouldn’t normally watch it, but amazing what can seem entertaining when you’re delirious with the flu! :D)

    The article is misleading. He was definitely just kidding.

  6. barriejohn 23 Nov 2012, 1:26pm

    I’ve never heard of him! Looks as if he was joking though, so the headline’s not really fair!!

    1. barriejohn 23 Nov 2012, 1:52pm

      “Limahl jokingly blames lack of gay support for his eviction”

  7. “What happened to the gay vote?!” Erm…. Have you SEEN David Haye?!

    1. barriejohn 23 Nov 2012, 1:49pm

      Hahahahaha – yes!!!

    2. barriejohn 23 Nov 2012, 1:50pm

      “Seen David Haye’s ass”, you mean!

    3. Yes, and not all gays are cock hungry holed sluts.

      1. Spanner1960 24 Nov 2012, 5:28pm

        Just most of them.

  8. Maybe, just maybe, people thought that you were dull?

  9. Gay, straight, bi or trans has nothing to do with it. He was a crap contestant who could suck the energy out of a car battery. Back to obscurity Limahl !!!!

  10. I thought Limahl was gay. He isn’t?

    1. I thought he was a boyfriend of Paul Gambaccini back in the Kajagoogoo days but don’t quote me on that. Limahl had the funniest hairdo apart from that guy in Flock of Seagulls which was way funnier.

      1. Spanner1960 24 Nov 2012, 5:29pm

        He was. I knew him back then and he was a egocentric prick then, and he still is now.

  11. To be honest, I suspect even Dorries had a bigger gay vote than Limahl. Very strange man.

  12. Nadine norries obviously has no interest in her constituents opinions like she like she proclaims concerning her bigotry of lgbt, otherwise she would be representing them , rather than trying to become a reality star. I’m waiting to see her in Towie next.

    1. what the heck is towie? Am I missing a cultural reference?

      1. Spanner1960 24 Nov 2012, 5:30pm

        “The Only Way is Essex”
        A popular television programme, by all accounts.

  13. More like Kajabooboo. And a never ending borie.

  14. Suddenly Last Bummer 23 Nov 2012, 9:57pm

    Unless he’s giving bl0wj0bs for votes I ain’t interested and he really needs to sort out that hair.

  15. Um I would have voted for you Limahl. I love Kajagoogoo and Limahl! And I don’t care who knows it!

    1. Hi guys, I often post links to PinkNews stories on my Facebook/Twitter and am a big fan of the site. When I asked Ant & Dec on my exit “where was the gay vote” it was because I’d had so many conversations with the various celebs about my 18 year relationship with my fantastic partner Steve. I had also mentioned some great gay song composers after certain songs had been sung in camp BUT it turns out none of this were broadcast either !! I thought this might have earned me a few gay votes ;-( Nevermind, I had a great time/experience and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Big kisses from Oz ;-) Limahl (and Steve) xx

      1. Limahl drop me a line would love to chat to you Lloyd copper facebook

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