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Pro-equality adverts featuring Chelsea Clinton were ‘vetoed’ by NBC network

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Reader comments

  1. NBC should be ashamed! What are the chances that they would have happily shown an advert against equal marriage? Quite high I imagine

    1. But NBC did show adverts from both sides. These adverts here were not for going to be broadcast on television, just the Internet. They obviously nixed them because they didn’t want their ‘onscreen talent’ making public stands. It’s the nature of many television channels to want to appear neutral. I don’t think it’s a “disgrace” at all.

      1. David Myers 25 Nov 2012, 8:14am

        I disagree. It is a disgrace that NBC thinks it can censor the daughter of American President for expressing her opinion on an issue of human rights, especially since it was not on their network, nor any network – just the internet. For shame NBC!

  2. I imagine it was purely a matter of NBC wanting to avoid accusations of bias.

  3. We were lucky in Minnesota that the anti-equality side never really got stuck into the real homophobic ads. They did show one which was quickly panned as false by the local t.v. station which gave the pro-equality side ammunition to use in their ads.

    1. David Myers 25 Nov 2012, 8:21am

      There was tremendous “poetic justice” in the Minnesota election results. Not only did the attempt to amend the Minnesota constitution to prohibit any future legalization of gay marriage and to overcome vetoes by the Democratic governor of the Republican anti-gay marriage bill and the photo Voter ID law (both amendments failed in a hotly contested state- wide campaign by both sides), but this attempted end run around the governor’s vetoes not only failed, but it resulted in Minnesota having the highest voter turnout in the election . . . and . . . resulted in both houses of the Minnesota legislature being captured by Democrats! Maybe now the Minesota legislature will pass a law legalizing gay marriage and the Democratic governor can sign it! In any case the Minnesota election was very sweet!

  4. Jim Nashville Tn 23 Nov 2012, 4:07pm

    I think it has more to do with policy concerning on air newspersons
    instead a bias against equal marriage
    I dont want to hear the personal views
    of those reporting the news .. that is
    why I dont watch fox .. if she had a program that a talk show where you could voice or defense your views fine
    just my opinion .. good newspersons
    keep their views out of their stories
    and keep their views to themselves

    1. David Myers 25 Nov 2012, 8:23am

      They are not required to be censored on the internet, where their personal opinion should be their right as much as the next person.

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