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Madonna acquitted of breaking Russian anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. Two small victories.
    I hope Russia soon starts to have more.

  2. Of course they did that, they knew no one outside that dreadful place would tolerate such rubbish.

  3. I love how they tried to charge her an absolutely extortionate, grossly disproportionate amount in the millions because she supported LGBT people, and then they won 0.

    This is a larger victory than it may appear.

  4. ‘Despite a court summons, Madonna did not attend the hearing, which attracted intense media attention in Russia.’

    I particularly love this. Sends a powerful image about how petty and worthless the enforcers are; it showed directly that they don’t have the power to bully and intimidate in the way that they thought they did.

    1. I also loved this. I liked to think she was washing her hair that day and literally forgot about it….as Boney M growled….”OH…THOSE RUSSIANS”…

  5. We must remember that we had similar legislation as recently as the Thatcher era. “Promotion of Homosexuality”.

  6. She must be terribly relieved!!

    1. Since she didn’t bother to turn up, I doubt she cared. And I have all the more respect for her as a result.

      1. Not quick to spot irony, eh Matt? Knew there’d be one. Lol

        1. It hit me as soon as I’d posted the reply. Derp. Long day was long, I guess. Usually I’m good with this.

  7. In stitches hahaha

    Oh, Madonna, thank you :D

  8. GingerlyColors 23 Nov 2012, 5:35am

    I wonder if Madonna’s case managed to influence Moscow’s lawmakers into vetoing their anti-gay law. It may be two small victories but giant oak trees grow from small acorns.

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