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ConservativeHome editor: Cameron is on ‘right side of history but wrong side of core voters’ on equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. It would be great to watch the conservatives commit political suicide. We’d get gay marriage and also rid of them at the same time. Fantastic.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Nov 2012, 9:22am

      That’s nice isn’t it. Cameron is really sticking his neck out to take a huge step towards equality for the gay community and all you can bang on about is how fantastic it is that he is committing political suicide.

      I respect everyone choice in who they vote for. At the end of the day it is an entirely personal decision, based on personal opinions and circumstances, however your sole focus whatever the issue seems to be running the Conservatives into the ground even when they are doing something that is clearly for benefit.

      I know from previous postings you’ve made, you want the current equal marriage proposals to fail so that Labour can introduce them when back in power, but who does that actually benefit? It is detrimental to us but benefits your favoured political party. How or when did that ever become right?

      History is littered with examples of political parties putting their own interests about those of the people they serve I admit, but it really isn’t right they do.

      1. Perhaps Sister, you’d gain some useful insight when you consider who really is in charge of the political zeitgeist. Democracy is not only a fancy greek word.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Nov 2012, 12:32pm

      Don’t you realise that it is the Tory coalition government which is going to legislate for equal marriage and get it done, something you and many gay Labour and Liberal democrats will reap the benefit of. Where was Labour when CPs were introduced? I distinctly remember Tony Blair in tandem with StonewallUK bleating about not wanting to support equal marriage because it would upset the CoE. Be thankful when you will be able to marry your partner, no thanks to Labour who’ve only done an about turn on the issue to score political points in what is apparently a politically expedient issue at the same time. Give credit where credit is due, regardless of your differences with the Tory Party and I say that as Liberal Democrat.

      1. IF we get marriage equality in this parliament it will be purely by accident, and the victim will be the Tory party. And this is not the only accident in this term. Remember student fees? The victim of that one is still in a coma. If you are looking for political expediency look no further than the current no 10 dwellers, who spend their time blaming everything on everyone else but themselves.

    3. Don’t be too sure. If Scotland gets independence then most of Labour’s votes are gone. Your left wsith a choice between the tories and the lib dems.

      1. If Scotland gets independence it will be a bonus. Very few things could hurt more than being responsible for the split of the Union.

  2. Gay marriage has put the Tories on the right side of history. The failure of neoliberalism has put them on the wrong. How it plays out remains to be seen.

    1. It hasn’t put them on the right side of history yet.

      We are still waiting for it after all.

      If we have equal marriage by the next election then I agree.

      If we don’t then we can regard the Tories as the same toxic bigots they have always been.

    2. Their addiction to failed globalist neo-liberal economics with all its

      attendant consequences ie high unemployment and welfare dependency is what gives them the title of “the nasty party” NOT their attitudes towards gays or immigration (the public WANT them to be the ‘nasty party’ on that subject) so even if they do legalise gay marriage they will still be called ‘nasty’. Indeed, Ian Dumbo Smith is re-toxifying the Tory Party all by himself.

      1. IDS has spent a lot more time thinking about how to help the poorest in society than you ever will. If dogma prevents you from seeing that, more fool you.

  3. Perhaps if Dave emphasised the often claimed conservative regard for freedom of the individual under the law and the stabilising influence of marriage for society in general?

    Whatever political leanings anyone has credit should be given to Dave for sticking his neck out on this issue even though he is on the right side of history. But that is what leadership is about. Legalising SSM would have long term benefits for everyone, including the Conservative party.

  4. He appears insincere in principle. he should also make civil partnerships accessible to hetros too. The impression is that he plans cp’s will cease to be available

  5. Don’t tell us how great he is Tim, tell your core voters.

    Or are you just waiting for them to die of old age?

  6. Get marriage equality done quickly and most of the right wing tories would have gotten over it by the time the election is due.

    If the Tories bring in SSM then they would have got some support from LGBT people and a lot of support from those who are possibly Tory at heart but still remember how vicious, nasty , right wing and sleazy the Tory party used to be when they were last in power. Bringing in something like SSM may convince a lot of people that they may not be so bad. Cave in to the right wing extremists minority and they’re doomed.

  7. Given that many people support equal marriage, to me that says that he is listening to what the voters want and isn’t that better than having to prove yourself to the homophobes and bigots amongst the ranks?

  8. So tiresome hearing about the homophobes and their hysterical threats, get on with introducing marriage equality and give us all a rest from these vile anti-equality creeps.

  9. There is no further debate to be had on this issue.

    There was never any debate to be had.

    Cameron just needs to get on with it.

  10. He looks like he needs a good scrubb

    1. I think he’s rather hot!

      1. nasty

  11. ““A lot of people see David Cameron as a PR guy, people see him as someone who takes a position not necessarily because he believes it but because that’s what the opinion polls suggest that he should.”

    That’s a good thing. He’s carrying out the will of the public.

  12. So, what other party are those core Tory voters going to protest vote for?
    UKIP, BNP, – really?
    I don’t think so. If you’re a Tory voter, even one who gets terribly upset by gay people’s equality, you would still not want to vote for any other party whose values don’t correspond to your own on the major issues: the economy etc etc.
    There is just too much hysteria around.
    Let’s just get Equal Marriage done and established and the whole hubbub will die down. I just don’t understand what is taking them so long. Get on with it!

  13. They’d never vote for Conservatives? Conservatives aren’t that different from U.S. Democrats. Some support equality, some don’t. I would vote for candidates who do, over candidates who don’t. But then, in the U.S., there isn’t much else to choose from – Today’s Republicans are more bat guano than BNP.

  14. I know Tim Montgomerie is a Tory, and that I should detest him for that, but, oh, with his mouth open (as in the picture), or shut, I think he’s so . . . mmmmm . . . attractive.

  15. The best thing Cameron should do is just introduce the bloody thing! Say it’s nobody else’s business if two people wish to marry and their consenting adults of legal age who are not related to each other! I can’t say I care either way about gay marriage, but what harm will it do? None! So if it’s what some people want to do, bring it on. It’s no skin off my nose -my marriage won’t be affected by it.
    Honestly, the angry anti’s are just wasting their time.
    To most people, it’s like anti being people wanting to paint their front doors red. An irrelevancy to those who don’t want to have a gay marriage, but, at the same, time bring it on as it’s really no skin off ANYBODY else’s nose if they do bring it on. Just get on with it for Chrissakes!

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