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US: Gay ‘cure’ cult leader accused of arranging wife’s murder

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Reader comments

  1. “and the winner of the ‘no surprise there then’ award , goes to…..

    1. He can find himself a lovely boyfriend or twelve in prison.

  2. “The newspaper reports that members of the group, which is connected to the International House of Prayer, a virulently anti-gay organisation, claimed Mr Deaton, was against homosexuality because he struggled with being gay himself.

    “He struggled with it, but he overcame it,” an individual told the Star. “It was a victory.””

    I like how these nutters see going completely off the rails and founding a sadistic sex-cult like something out of “Eyes wide shut” as a moral victory, so long as you’re praying away the gay.
    The murder charge is still pending but it wouldn’t surprise me. Repression does strange things to desperate people…

  3. The Infamous Culex 21 Nov 2012, 4:13pm

    With luck, it should prevent Deacon from ever breeding.

  4. Twisted morals = twisted minds. Why not pray the hate away?

    1. Probably because prayer is a total waste of time…

  5. He “overcame” it. I can just imagine. This is the second story about deviant Gay Cure people in as many weeks. More to come, I fear.

  6. ...Paddyswurds 21 Nov 2012, 5:23pm

    ““He struggled with it, but he overcame it,” an individual told the Star. “It was a victory.””….yea right….

  7. this is what happens when fundamentalism is allowed to develop out of the darkest of births.
    I don’t think this man is gay now. I would imagine from my own experience of feverent devotion with little if any mature guidance to keep it in check he has probbably become an ober sexuality that we simple folk do not comprehend. All I can say is he is a monster.
    playing prophet will never work.
    repent, god will save you.

    1. God will save you? Why do you need imaginary people to save you? Can’t you save yourself?

  8. These “gay cure” groups really don’t cure gays. What they do is convince you that you’re no longer gay, but in reality the cured ones are usually Bi and when they marry a person of the opposite sex and then soon after, can’t supply the much needed sex. That’s when the Bi spouse sneaks out to a gay bar to find someone who can supply the sex.

    1. Do you suppose the straight partner who marries a supposedly ex-gay bisexual might sometimes waddle off to a singles bar for a bit of casual hetero-sex ever?

  9. jamestoronto 22 Nov 2012, 4:48am

    Yet another messed up cult led by yet another deluded religious nut and “cured” “ex-gay” to boot. If these people would just get on with their lives as nature intended instead of what some imaginary desert god “ordains” they would be a lot better off.

  10. It is depressing how unsurprising this story is. What a lot of tragically deluded people there are in the world.

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