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Uganda: British producer of gay play due in court

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Reader comments

  1. Good luck to the poor guy. I must admit it’s not a risk I would have taken.

    1. Dangermouse 22 Nov 2012, 1:49am

      Well he did say everyone who saw it didnt think it was political or promoting homosexuality. So it was a comedy about a gay man getting murdered…………Should we be defending that ?

  2. Nor me- I wouldnt go anywhere near the place-let alone live there!

  3. Well, if they sentence him it will surely cause an international outcry and that should dent the Ugandans a bit, unless they’re so thick-skinner and arrogant that they simply don’t care what outsiders think.

    1. The worry is that they might dig their heels in and become even more intransigent precisely because of the international outcry, just to assert themselves. Let’s hope not, because 2 years in a Ugandan jail will be torture for Cecil.

  4. What a nasty regime, trying to control access to information like that. If Ugnadans had seen the play they might have learnt something about LGBT people – and, of course, that’s excatly what the government there does NOT want. It doesn’t want anything to interfere with its own propaganda about LGBT people.

    I hope the case against Mr Cecil is thrown out. It’s outrageous that he might be sent to jail for two years for merely staging a play. How weal and insecure the Ugnadan government must be to feel threatened by that.

    1. Sorry – Should be “How weak….”

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