Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle’s PR team have sparked widespread amusement on Twitter by inviting fans to an ‘anal bum party’.

She and her team used #susanalbumparty as the hashtag for her album party, intending it to be read as ‘Susan album party’ on her official profile. Her album is called ‘Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage’.

The slip up has led to much hilarity on Twitter where the hashtag is trending. reader Wolfgang Schmitt ‏(@Golden_Gaytime) tweeted: “Totally en route to #susanalbumparty …#NewGayNight, right?”

Ed Harris ‏(@Ed__Harris) tweeted: “Just been invited to #susanalbumparty. Do you bring your ownlube? Or is it provided?”

Andy Parsons ‏(@andypars) tweeted: “Some anal bum fun with SusanBoyle is not something I would like to consider…”

Comedian David Schneider ‏(@davidschneider) tweeted: “Susan Boyle might want a word with her social media team -#susanalbumparty doesn’t read well as a hashtag”