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French president hints at concessions over same-sex marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. There should be no concessions at all. If Mayors don’t want to marry LGBT then they should consider their position. They are there to carry out civil duties not religious ones.

  2. Here we go… Bet Cameron’s watching this develop avidly.

  3. non, Président Hollande pourquoi les citoyens LGBT dans votre pays soient pénalisés parce qu’ils vivent dans une région où le maire est un homophobe

    1. La devise de la République doit changer à “liberté, égalité hilarité”…

      1. MDR!!!!

        (the french version of “LOL”… Mort de Rire)

  4. Pavlos Prince of Greece 21 Nov 2012, 4:32pm

    What next? Full adoption, yes? And what means ‘op-out’ – the French mayors have already now the right, ‘delegate’ the obligation/right to marry couple to deputy mayors. Who will marry, if nobody in ‘la merie’ wish to do this? Marianne? Same-sex marriage bill is just at the beginning of approving, and Mr. Hollande make already gifts to Catholic Church and political opposition. One week ago he has say, that he is in favor of same-sex marriage and ‘adoption under certain conditions’, bet has added: ‘this law could not became law of divisions’ (it means: I am ready, to do even more corrections). Same-sex marriage as political targets? Dangerous for Mr. Hollande and catastrophic for gay rights.

  5. Nick Davis 21 Nov 2012, 4:45pm

    Surprised that a politician lies during the election and then backpedels. DC has alot in common with his “socialist” counterpart.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Nov 2012, 4:48pm

    Well, since Hollande has capitulated to the bigot mayors, he ought to impose a salaryreduction for every gay couple they refuse to marry. Imagine an employer (the government in this instance) being told by an employee that he or she won’t do their job completely because of religious beliefs. In the real world, they’d be sacked. Mayors are not elected by the Roman Catholic church in France nor are they paid by hierarchy, therefore they are subject to civil laws.

    1. “Religious beliefs” are not given an opinion in France. They are proud to live in a secular republic….

      But like everything in France, it is good in theory but practice ?

  7. A very difficult situation. I’m sure Hollande wants to avoid the hysteria of a mass mutiny by the mayors, who wield a lot of power on a local level. Appeasing them feels wrong but what are the consequences of bluntly pushing through without support?

  8. What the hell is he doing !!!??? Cant he see that the more he gives in the more the bigots will ask ???

  9. Where dAVID – he’d be along by now screaming about evil Tories if David Cameron had done this. Assume he’ll be consistent with politicians on the left.

  10. why should the mayors conduct marriage ceremonies anyway? if a mayor is not happy im sure someone else could conduct the service such as an other type of offical.

    1. Does that mean if a mayor does not want to marry a mixed race couple he should also be supported by the law?

      1. That There Other David 21 Nov 2012, 7:02pm

        Or an atheist couple?

    2. I guess what i really meant was i didnt know mayors in France conducted marriage ceremonies anyway.

      1. I believe only a civil marriage, officiated by a mayor, is legal in France – a church wedding is a choice that has no legal standing (if you want a church wedding you have to have two separate ceremonies).

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Nov 2012, 6:53pm

    I suspect David Cameron will also take the same approach although I don’t agree with it. No employer should have to put up with an insolent employee who fails to do his or her job properly. Allowing registrars to opt out is enabling bigotry and sending the wrong message that religion and religious beliefs are free to discriminate as much as they want, but reserved only for them. They’re getting more rights than the rest of us and it shouln’t be allowed, no exceptions. Registrars are paid by the taxpayers and are supposed to serve the public regardless of sexual orientation. Those who can’t, should find alternate employment. Religion should not be allowed to interfere in an employer’s work environment, it has absolutely no place.

  12. And an opt out for gay people having to pay elected officials not doing their jobs properly.

  13. He must make no concessions to these bigots. People who willfully flout their employment contract should be shown the door. Vice la laicite francais!

    1. Sorry – the French should of course be –
      ‘Vive la laicité francaise’!
      (Haven’t spoken it for years and my grammar and spelling are off).

  14. I was really hoping France would get there before Britain would :(

  15. It will be interesing to see how the UK deal with this issue. We can anticipate more registrars being difficult than there were with CPs.

    I wonder what they do in Holland and other places.

  16. And what about those racist mayors who want to refuse to marry mixed race couples and those Catholic ones who want to refuse to marry divorcees? What a risible idea!

  17. I’m a celebrity get me outta

  18. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 21 Nov 2012, 10:00pm

    Well it looks like the French Socialist Government might not allow equality in adoption and marriage after all!


    I am sick and tired of politicians lying to the people. He knew the French people about 60 percent support equality in marriage and ran with it!

    Then you have 70 000 protesters demanding marriage stay between opposite sex couples, then he back-peddles.

    Is in it interesting that the anti-gay marriage protesters waited until the bill was introduced then protested – when it was last year after winning the elections he said he will introduce a law on equality on adoption and marriage – there was no comment or protests (except for the Catholic Church of course). Or are the French really are like frogs and need water to calm there nerves!?

    There should be a religious exemption conscience clause on the change to marriage laws only! This is CIVIL marriage and Mayors have NO right to dictate who can marry!

  19. Come on Hollande grow a backbone and stand up to these bigots as they deserve no quarter whatsoever. I thought you were supposed to be in the tradition of the French political left, not that of the Vichy collabo’s!

  20. Don’t give in to the conservative religious bullies!

  21. Pavlos Prince of Greece 22 Nov 2012, 1:53am

    Latest news from France: Mr. Hollande has today evening 40 min. conversation in his office with two leading gay activists in France, Mr. Nicholas Gougain and Mr. Mathieu Nocent. After meeting they has inform the media in the intern court of Palais de Elysee, that this speech of Mr. President was ‘gaffe’ and nothing more, ‘op-out’ for homophobic mayors is not including in the new same-sex marriage bill, nothing has change, and current legal rules of civil marriage ceremony in France will be not changed in the future: gay and straight couples will be marry in each commune by local mayor or deputy mayor, as it is now.

  22. Coward. This makes me so mad.

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