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France: ‘Mosque for gays’ with mixed prayer groups to be opened in Paris

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Reader comments

  1. Blimey, that’s a brave step. I can already see the angry protesters with burning torches outside.

  2. Hope at last for gay Muslims. I wish this development well.

  3. Perhaps this might help the Muslim world come into the 21st century? I hope that all goes well. It’s hard enough for gays and lesbians who come from Christian backgrounds, let alone from a Muslim background.

    1. in a way though, this does actually confirm that some Muslims feel frustrated with the conservative and intolerant views expressed in mosques towards women, marriage issues, or homophobic abuse.

  4. jamestoronto 22 Nov 2012, 4:40am

    Bold and brave move but it would not surprise me in the least to hear that the mosque has been torched or bombed by the fundamentalists. A sad commentary on our times.

    1. Looks like quite a few of us are thinking the same, it’s potentially going to make it too easy for someone at some time.

  5. Gay or Lesbian .. The same sex wedding is neither allowed in Christianity nor in Islam. Else, It is not allowed in any religion of the world. Being a human, we all are away from our principles.. A muslim is not close to Holy Qur’an, a christian is not close to bible and so on. If we go through the sacred books.. we will come to know that code of conduct doesn’t allow us. So, how can we proceed with something which is not accepted by God.

    Being a Researcher and keeping tiny knowledge of the world. Its so odd to even hear sexual love with same sex.

    Apologies, if I hurt anyone’s feeling.

    1. Hopefully, you will soon raise your laws and principles up to international standards, and be on the right side of history.

      Otherwise, your barbaric laws and principles will continue to condone extrajudicial executions of members of the LGBT community, and subjugate women.

      No offense intended.

    2. You didn’t hurt my feelings you simply showed me that you have none, a religiously programmed robot, you aren’t really alive, you are the living dead.

    3. That There Other David 22 Nov 2012, 10:15am

      These books you mention are written by human beings. In the case of the Bible it’s also been heavily edited by human beings since first being written.

      The prejudices of centuries are woven into those words, but what’s more important:- the central message of love and respect still relevant to today, or the minutiae regarding traditional laws from centuries past?

      However, in this case I’m glad that Mohammed is able to reconcile two things that are important to his life, and provide a place for others wanting the same. He has my respect for doing so, and I wish him all the best with it.

    4. “Else, It is not allowed in any religion of the world”

      Well that’s nonsense for a start. Wicca, and other neo-pagan faiths, allow it. But I guess your retort to that is that they are not a ‘religion’, thus protecting your belief that religions do not allow love in its many forms?

    5. You are a peddler of selective supernatural twaddle.
      I frankly don’t care if I hurt your feelings.

    6. Its so odd to even hear sexual love with same sex.

      At least you can admit you only have a tiny knowledge of the world. Please don’t mistake that for a virtue.

    7. jamestoronto 22 Nov 2012, 6:09pm

      I think you confuse “”tiny knowledge with “tiny brain”. Your research doesn’t seem to be opening many channels of actual thought on your part; you just let some 2000 year-old desert prophets do for you. So much easier than thinking for yourself. Enjoy the fifth century.

    8. Alhan is just being honest. There is no place in religion for gay people. Gay people need to just accept that and move on, leaving religion behind them. The mistake is in gay people thinking religion can accommodate them or they can accommodate religion.

      Religions state that they cannot be wrong because they are all the word of god. Either the religions are right or they are wrong. When we allow them to just move the goalposts to suit societies changing values we just accommodate their failings. We let them off the hook of admitting they were actually wrong.

      The popes said the world was flat for hundreds of years. The popes spoke directly to god so who got it wrong the popes or god? Why do we allow them to just change their mind? Why don’t we just say, sorry you were wrong so many times how can we believe any of it? We don’t believe you anymore.

      1. Buddhism doesn’t claim to be the word of god, I don’t think Buddhism even has a god. As for popes claiming the world to be flat, I find that highly doubtful – despite the popular myth that Columbus discovered the world was round, people knew the world was spherical since the time of the Ancient Greeks (as in 500, 600 years before Jesus and hence before popes), it wasn’t argued with and it wasn’t controversial.

  6. GingerlyColors 22 Nov 2012, 7:03am

    Although homosexuality is still routinely condemed in the Christian world, many grass-roots Christians and a number of priests have come out in support of the LGBT community. I hope that the Islamic world will one day become more enlightened and there are a few Muslims and Imans who accept gays as normal. While some Islamic countries seem to be regressing, particularly those which were affected by the so-called Arab Spring, others such as Indonesia and Turkey with their large populations offer more hope.

  7. “In normal mosques”

    I can catagorically say without a doubt that mosques, church’s synagogue’s and any other religiously affiliated buildings are FAR from normal

  8. VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ ON 22 Nov 2012, 11:49am

    Innalillahi wa innailayhi raji’un. Anyone that claims to be a muslim,Christian or Jew, and thinks that homosexuality is allowed is certainly not in the right path. The person does not read his scriptures. Homosexuality has led to the destruction of nations and generations in the past. The stories are in the Holy Qur’an,Bible, and the Torah!!! So please anyone thinking that this is enlightment it is Certainly not. Please my muslim brothers and sisters go and read the Qur’an about the people of Lut Suratul -HUD Chapter 11: Verse 82 onwards please the homosexuals that will read this should certainly knw that this is a very gigantic sin and I’m sorry to say you are not Muslims because you have clearly gone against Allah’s Orders. We are supposed to learn from our past please do not mislead others saying that Homosexuality is allowed in Islam because certainly its not. It will never be because our religion has been completed for us since the time of Rasulillah (S.A.W). This came to me as a great shock hearing about mosque for gays!!!! A’uzubillahi Minashaytanir Rajeem!! Because I never thougth that there was ever any Muslim who was A homosexual but then I was wrong. Please people correct your wrong doings repent for Allah is The All Knowing, The All Forgiving. REPENT!!!! For your sake and for the sake of the people in which you have mislead and you are still misleading!!! For verily their sins will be on your head!, the sins of the people they have mislead will also be on your head. ALSO PLEASE EVEN THOUGH HOMOSEXUALITY IS I quote ‘LEGAL’ IN SOME COUNTRIES IT IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE LEGAL IN ANY RELIGION IT IS PROHIBITED IT IS A TABOO!!!!! THANK YOU FOR REaDING MAY YOU ALL BE GUIDED.

    1. Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh and your inane (and insane) ramblings have provided me with much needed light relief today.

    2. Thank you. And may you be guided towards thinking for yourself. Fear not, it may yet happen.

      (BTW I love the ‘verily’. You know that’s lifted from the Tyndale/King James Bible, don’t you?)

    3. VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ ON 22 Nov 2012, 1:19pm

      1. Dave North 22 Nov 2012, 1:43pm

        After the previous incoherent religiously inflamed rambling I thumbed down these 3 dots just in case…..

    4. You have quoted three mutually exclusive and rival religions in defence of a prohibition that your own co-religionists didn’t give two hoots about until modern times and have spouted ludicrous lies about people getting it on with their own sex destroying previous societies. And your Prophet (upon whom be much needed peace from wackjobs like you) got married to a pre-pubescent girl.
      Oh, why do I bother. Just f++k off.

    5. LOL!!!

    6. That There Other David 22 Nov 2012, 4:17pm

      Well, the Easter Bunny says it’s all good, and as the Easter Bunny exists whilst Allah doesn’t I’m going to carry on as before.

      You have a nice day now :-)

    7. In that case you will be further dismayed to hear that this gay-friendly mosque will also welcome women on an equal footing (that means that your mother whom you believe is inferior to yourself would be seen as a human being).

      Moreover, at least 20 such mosques already exist in the USA as a direct result of the work and mission on Muslims for Progressive Values ( )

      It’s encouraging to see that Muslims who emigrate to the West are guided towards civility, enlightenment and respect of Universal Human Rights, isn’t it?

      1. ,,,work and mission *of* …


      Thank you for guiding me… guiding me away from your loony religion!

      “The stories are in the Holy Qur’an,Bible, and the Torah!!!”

      Yes… The stories are in the Holy Qur’an,Bible, and the Torah…

      but they are only, “STORIES”… not to be confused with reality!

      “Allah is The All Knowing, The All Forgiving”

      Yes… it appears that all gods are… “All Knowing” and “All Forgiving”

      It’s a shame that, their “Knowledge” and “Forgiveness” doesn’t extent to the LGBT community!

  9. Suddenly Last Bummer 22 Nov 2012, 12:37pm

    Gay and Muslim? Almost an oxymoron

    1. Only in modern times, and with a large dose of amnesia.

  10. James Savik 23 Nov 2012, 6:34pm

    Mosques for gays?

    Isn’t that like concentration camps for Jews?

    1. de Villiers 24 Nov 2012, 8:31pm

      You disgusting bigot. How dare you trivialise the rape, torture and murder of six million Jews and equate that with religious tolerance. Sick.

  11. the person who is planning to open this
    mosque should be ashamed a disgusted of himself, he says he is a muslim
    yet he is homosexual, if he is so passionate about islam why does he comit this sin, these days people
    are accepting homosexuality and they are shocked that when it comes to
    islam they do not like this act. well islam
    will never change for people like this man
    who supposes a gay mosque is going to work, its ludicrous! Allah Subhana wataAllah will give what is getting to
    this man
    because its
    completely disgusting and stupid, a sign
    of judgment day was that a gay
    will lead a jamaat, well that day is
    going to arrive because of this sickening man, its disgracefull. you are ridculing
    the gracefull
    path Allah Tallah has set for us and making it seem like anyone can
    change Islam
    and its guidance.

    1. Could you at least speak English, if you’re going to have a rant…
      so that everyone who visits this site can understand!

  12. Rick nation 27 Dec 2012, 8:50am

    What did Jibreel as do to the people of lut again ?

    1. Rick nation 27 Dec 2012, 8:51am

      What did Jibreel (as) do to the people of Lut (as) again?U

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