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Final Fantasy XIV game could soon include gay marriages

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Reader comments

  1. I hate all those antisocial computer games but I do applaud their inclusion of Gay characters and hopefully those fictional beings will soon enjoy the equality that we in the UK have been promised.

    1. Anti-social how? The majority of gamers are extremely sociable individuals, despite the image created by the popular media.

      The image of gamers as loners who rarely emerge into the outside world and avoid human contact is just as much a stereotype as the idea that all gay men are ‘screaming queens’ – and is just as negative. The majority of gamers are ordinary people who simply have gaming as a hobby – are there some who take it too far? Of course, just as in all things.

      As for the article, I hope that Square take the plunge and introduce marriage – not straight or gay, just marriage – but as with many things on line they will encounter a negative response, so I hope they have the corporate courage to make the leap, as Bioware and others have done.

      1. Spanner1960 21 Nov 2012, 2:47pm

        Have you played any of these?
        Blowing people’s heads off or hacking them to bits with a blade is hardly what I would call “sociable”.

        1. It’s quite obvious YOU have never played a final fantasy game spanner.

        2. The violence in the Final Fantasy games is on a par with cartoons like the Batman animated series. They depict complex, deeply moral stories that involve the player on an emotional level in the story being told and the characters plight.

          The fact that you use phrases like blowing people’s heads off or hacking them to bits only highlights the prejudices (and ignorance) you harbor towards games. Yes, some are extremely violent (the God of War series, the recent Fallout games) but these are aimed at adults and are no worse than the extremely violent movies that are commonplace today (I’m looking at you, Saw series).

          Indeed, many find the violent games to be beneficial as a form of stress release: I know personally when I’ve had a tough day, I go home and release all my pent up emotions at digital foes for an hour, meaning the day doesn’t affect my personality in a negative manner as all the stress that could lead to arguments with family and friends has been spent.

      2. Err I’m a gaming nerd and everyone says I’m a very social, friendly person. Yeah, I spend a lot of time playing video games, but I have lots of friends and I still love going out. The whole thing about gamers being “antisocial loners” is a stereotype.

        Anyway. Gay marriage in Final Fantasy? Huh. Seems legit. Was there any gay characters in the games? The only one I really played was FF7. Kinda avoid Final Fantasy because it’s like, 90% cutscenes. LOL

  2. billywingartenson 21 Nov 2012, 5:19am

    thjois will be good. Dobson of Focus on the family said that give me a child by the age of 7 and I’ll make him a xtian for life. He didnt say what kind of xtian .

    We need to reach all the youngsters, gay or not and insure that they are not taught evil and are taught that gays are good people just like most str8s.

    Background info:

    Foc on Family almost ended up on the SPLCenter hate group list but the younger dobson backed of a little on old mans propaganda.

    A gay youth – he’s 28 now – he recently told me that his mom fell under old Dobs hatefilled spell. The youth has been through multple rehabs for booze, drugs and twice tried to commit suicide. One time his parents were told he wouldnt survive but he did.

    Welcome to how the evangelicals protect life campaign is a effing lie when it comes to gay people. In my country they were the people who justified slavery as per the bible also.

  3. Is that Zack in the picture? NOT FAIR AT ALL, PN – you’re going to send the shippers into an explosion. :D

  4. It’s Square ENIX (Not equinox), and Zack Fair in the picture is from FFVII, not FFXIV, but otherwise fine.

    FFXIII does have a pair of magic crystal lesbians with Australian accents though, so it wouldn’t be the first time the series features gay couples.

    1. To be fair, the lesbian undertones in FFXIII are just that, undertones. The relationship between the two can be seen as friendship or more. Square Enix – wisely, imo – left that relationship undefined so that players could take from it that which enhanced the story most for themselves.

      For me, as much as I love same sex couples in games and other media, I like the idea that the characters in FFXIII were driven by the love of friendship, as my friends mean so much to me and I would place myself in harms way for a friend without a moments hesitation. So, that’s how I see it – but as I said, Square Enix wisely left it open that people could take from it that which resonates best with them, which makes it a *very* clever piece of storytelling.

  5. Honestly, was not gonna buy this after not liking final fantasy 13… now i may have to reconsider xx

  6. I wouldn’t celebrate just yet – all that happened here is someone asked the producer if same-sex marriage will be allowed, and he gave the most non-commital “don’t offend the gays, don’t offend the homophobes”-style answer possible.

    I guess it’s nice that they haven’t completely ruled it out, but to say “I can’t say whether or not it will be possible at this point in time” is completely disingenuous – of *course* it’s possible, marriage doesn’t exist at all in the game at this point, so there’s absolutely no technical reason they couldn’t go with equal marriage from the start. It’s just a matter of them having the desire (and the balls) to do so.

  7. EA never introduced same sex romace in Star Wars the Od Republic by the way; before release they claimed there were no gays in Star Wars then when that got bad PR they said it was an intended feature they didn’t have time to implement at launch. Pretty much a year later they’re still stringing gamers along and have yet to actually put it in to the game. Not a big deal I know just a little irritating to see them get credit for something they’ve promised but as yet not delivered. Paticularly as they don’t really treat customers who are interested in this feature patcularly well (confined to one thread on their forum and not given any actual info from developers).
    In honesty I don’t really expect to have inclusion in video games, it’s more the fact they pretty much lied about it rather than just saying they had no intention to include it.

  8. I have enjoyed Final Fantasy games for decades. But I wish achievements like these had come before the series had become so unplayable.

  9. I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to happen. It sounds a lot like PR speak. I don’t know why they’re so scared of offending a tiny but vocal minority of nutters when most people really won’t care.

    If the game is good then people will play regardless.

  10. There wasn’t any marriage in the current version of ffxiv. It is to be introduced in the next version.
    When the announcement about gay marriages was made there was a discussion and poll on the english language forum which showed ( If I remember the figure correctly) 80% support for same sex marriages ingame. The game has a large number of gay players and as one of them I have found the games community to be lightyears ahead of the world at large in terms of equality and respect.

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