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US: Judge suspends gender reassignment order for trans woman prisoner, denies electrolysis

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Reader comments

  1. This is about a transsexual woman, not a transgender man pretending he is a woman. Genuine transsexuals, unlike transgenders are a subset of the cisgendered community, not the LGBT. Surgery is a Cisgender and Transsexual Community Matter, not a LGBT matter. Unlike the lie started on TS women since 2000, we are NOT transgendered nor queer, but a type of NORMAL woman with a birth defect. TGism is a choice, TSism is medical. A TG is a type of queer, a TS is a type of NORMAL person, except for their birth defect.

    Also, only sex-reassignment (surgery on the body) exists not “gender reassignment” (surgery on the soul and mind). People get their physical sex fixed to match their inborn gender (who they are).

    My gripe is why a queer paper is covering transsexual issues, when we are not LGBT, not TGs, and NEVER asked for you folks to care about us, “defend” us, speak for us, or protect us. We wan you all out of our way so we can have the luxury & privilege to fight alone.

  2. This is not a “trans”(gender) prisoner, but a transsexual. It is an insult to call a genuine TS a TG or anything that could be short for transgender. A trans or transgender is a man who immorally dresses or lives as a woman, keeps his penis for life, and lives a sexually filthy lifestyle. A transsexual is a cinsgendered woman born with the wrong body who will eventually fix it. After the surgery, they are not transgendered (never were) nor even a transsexual (just like someone is no longer a cancer patient after cancer surgery).

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