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Gay Sesame Street actor Kevin Clash quits show

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  1. Rudehamster 20 Nov 2012, 7:11pm

    Having worked in child protection & with sex offenders, it annoys me when I see, what is obviously an attempt to grab a bit of fame.
    Kevin Clash was accused but the accuser admits to lying. Then another guy tries to get in on the action, now Clash has his career & reputation ruined by a couple of money-grabbing idiots who should themselves be arrested for wasting police time.
    The merest accusation of a sex offence, irrespective of the age of the accuser or the age of the crime, is enough to ensure the ruination of the accused, their job, income & family. Even if there is no substance or truth to the accusation.
    Nasty police ‘leaks’ to the media are usually pre-sentence & sometimes even pre-charge, but the public don’t care or see the injustice.
    None of this helps the real cases of sexual assault & the victims, but it does feed the media-led mob justice witchhunt.
    Clash has no reason to resign other than fear of public backlash to Sesame Street. They should refuse to accept it.

    1. And then you’ve Pink news that ignore blacl LGBT stories unless they are negative

    2. mickie_newton 21 Nov 2012, 12:19am

      Too too true…as they say..Mud sticks! No names should be revealed until they are proven beyond a doubt guilty. I can remember earlier in the year when there was talk of not revealing possible sex offender name and this woman came on saying that we should ALL know there names and that if they are innocent they have nothing to worry about. But there will always be those who’ll say ‘well there had to be something if the police suspected them of something and arrested/ questioned them!’

      It’s time they had as much protections as the apparent victims until they have absolute proof they are guilty!!

    3. I agree with you on this.

      All too often, for the accused, their life is ruined even if proven innocent. As far as I am concerned, everyone in these kinds of cases should receive anonymity until a case has been heard.

      If a guilty is verdict is reached, then names should be released if it is in the public interest. If someone is not guilty, their name should remain withheld but the name of the accuser should be revealed to show what a liar they are.

  2. This is the second story where PN have been accused of racism.
    Ridiculous and the editor Scott isn’t white so whats your point??

    1. He doesn’t have a point. He is a Dianne Abbott. He cries racism far to often and devalues the term, inadvertently causing real victims of racism to be ridiculed or ignored.

      1. Swap racism for homophobia and what do you sound like? It’s seems like gay people are not comfortable with the fact that there are racists among them. The dirty little secret

        1. You’re a complete lunatic. Yes there are racists amongst the gay community just as their are racists amongst all of society. Nobody’s been keeping that a secret. You however despicably devalue the term and make people who call out real racism seem as hysterical as yourself. You do absolutely no service to the ‘black community’.

          Also James you seem to assume that everyone here is white which is pretty bizarre. Maybe you think you’re the only black person with a keyboard because the white gay people stole them from everyone else…

        2. You seem to conveniently forget the article, only a few weeks ago where a black, straight NFL player (whose name escapes me) was deliriously happy that equal marriage had been given a yes vote in a few US states and was posted onto this site.

          Try researching some of the other articles on this site before you start playing the racist card.

  3. Thank you rudehamster for your insight and speaking out of your experiences. I feel it is very important to enlighten others of how there are actual cases of injustice caused by malicious minded people.

    I spoke similarly of your comments when the first accuser retracted his allegations against Kevin Cash.

    The intent of police leaks to media, fuel presumption of guilt in media. justice inspired witch hunts all to frequently aid the prosecutor.

    Until I witnessed a friend and public figure go through the ruination of his life because of false allegations 6 years ago, I had no knowledge of the damage possible. One youth paying two others $50 each to accuse him!
    why? he made the youth return money he tricked out of another youth.

    Fortunately during trial the youth bragged of his prank on face book! The only reason the truth surfaced saving an innocent person from a custodial sentence and sexual offender register. Remember word against word is not absolute proof of guilt!

  4. >Last week, the show’s bosses through their weight behind the 52-year-old.


    You should get a better copy editor.

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