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Tory MEP says EU aid must stop if Uganda passes anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting, and encouraging, that it’s a Tory MEP who is the first to make this very reasonable demand….

  2. She’s is the first one I hear about this. That is what’s worrying. It seems like nobody cares. What the hell is going on? You’d think the racists would ‘use’ this as an excuse to stop funding Uganda. But really nothing.

    I emailed the gender conference in the U.K. just recently, but all I got was a reply indicating what an outstanding person Rebecca Kadaga is.

    1. Racists are usually also anti-gay bigots (a more accurate term than homophobes) so are in a bit of a pickle about what to say.

  3. Petition can be signed here:

    It currently has 1,692,547 signatures.

    1. I’m tempted to make a tumblr, twitter, facebook, etc just to spread the word. I encourage everybody who has one of each to promote this petition – not enough people are aware.

  4. NorthernIrishGuest 19 Nov 2012, 11:55pm

    I agree completely. Why should they be using money to improve a country that many people on this board will never see safe enough to visit. This Tory MEP has her head firmly screwed on.

    Believe me, Uganda, that money could do a lot of good in other countries. Perhaps even in the UK.

  5. Instead of channeling the aid money into a country the persecutes innocent people, maybe the money should go towards funding asylum for those people to settle in EU countries. Of course I don’t want to see people who genuinely need the money go without but if Ugandan government’s priorities are so F’d up they’re using that money for barbaric purposes like enforcing laws like this maybe it could be put to better use elsewhere.

  6. Please remember that halting aid can actually make things WORSE for gay people on the ground. Anyone who wants to help needs to take the Ugandan perspective first and foremost: join SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda) on Facebook and take their lead. Thanks.

    1. Explain how it can make things WORSE. They have shown that their government is backward. But western countries and organisations tell them we don’t agree with you policies, but we respect you anyway. What kind of message is that? If they where that ideological, they would not have accepted that money anyway.

      Uganda perspective: Where did they learn that hatred from? White Christians.

      All money spend by them will not end up to people needing it the most. Only invest in people who are willing to do the right thing. Don’t hand out pity money. We’ve got decades of foreign aid money to prove this. It doesn’t work, it’ll make things worse.

    2. Perhaps the money can be given to Asylum charities to help these people escape persecution?

  7. She has a fantastic record when it comes to LGBT rights. She is leading the fight and is in talks to get the last place in Europe, North Cyprus, to decriminalise homosexuality. If only more MEPs had this dedication when it comes to LGBT rights.

  8. I doubt many people know about the history of Uganda, before spouting their nonsense.

    1. NorthernIrishGuest 20 Nov 2012, 8:11am

      And how will knowing history change the current fact? “We shouldn’t be too hard on Uganda, they might be persecuting LGBT people BUT…”

      There is no “but” and there is no excuse for their behavior. Don’t complicate a simple issue.

      1. Knowing history makes a World of difference. Those who don’t know the past are bound to repeat it. And repetitions we see time and again ad nauseam.

        1. DJ Sheepiesheep 20 Nov 2012, 11:26am

          Trite nonsense. World history is full of examples of the repression and persecution of LGBT folk. Many countries thankfully no longer do this. So who is it that is repeating the mistakes of history? Oh yes, Uganda with it’s special history of evil despots and racially based mass expulsions. What a wonderful place…….not!

          1. Special history of evil despots?
            There is no shortage of them in the UK.
            Some people just spout nonsense about anything African or foreign and think they can lecture them on anything, when their colonial practices are hugely responsible for the terrible mess left in their ex-colonial domains.

          2. NorthernIrishGuest 20 Nov 2012, 9:43pm

            There comes a point where these countries have to take responsibility for their own failings rather than continuing to blame their colonial past.

          3. Yes, and I’d say it’s up to them to take responsibility, and not the UK with its own lack of it that will make a difference. The UK could perhaps ask a neutral nation like Argentina, which is more developed in these matters, and ask them to lead by example and pass on the message, but that’s not going to happen, will it? Of course not. The UK is still embroiled in a colonial tug of war with Argentina …

        2. NorthernIrishGuest 20 Nov 2012, 2:37pm

          You are excusing people who want to keep backward practices IN practice. And for what? Because we don’t know the complete timeline of the country? Don’t talk rubbish.

          You don’t need a degree in History to know homophobia is wrong. Other countries have caught up, time for Uganda to as well.

          1. Yes, homophobia is wrong, and the Tory party is still domestically tolerating and promoting it to this very day. Uganda IS catching up and surely doesn’t need any lecture from its former colonial metropolis, especially from someone carrying the flag of a homophobic party.

          2. NorthernIrishGuest 20 Nov 2012, 4:55pm

            And so we get to the point of your silly opinion – that these people, totally unconnected to the evils of colonialism – should take responsibility for homophobia?

            The White Man did something bad several years ago which means the whole West has to pay for it. Well guess what? I disagree.

            They shouldn’t pay for what they didn’t do, nor will I indulge homophobic practices because you think it’s the West’s fault. It’s not.

            Other colonized countries have amended their outdated views, Uganda is no different. The legacy of colonialism is still alive and well, I know, but there can be no more excuses for indulging their evil ways. They have had plenty of time to modernize and guess what, they haven’t. The UK needs to stop wasting their money.

          3. Outdated views indeed. It seems you are still thinking Uganda is a British colony. Leaving aside British extortionate practices of threatening and bribing other nations, what do you do when Ugandan politicians ask you to change your ways of thinking and doing things? After you have answered that question, tell us if you expect Ugandans to follow what you ask them to do. If something is wrong here, it surely must be the filthy trying to bribe the dirty.

  9. GingerlyColors 20 Nov 2012, 7:08am

    Short of threatening to drop an ‘H’ bomb on them, I doubt very much that Uganda will drop their homophobic bill.

  10. GingerlyColors 20 Nov 2012, 7:11am

    I see they have a newspaper called the ‘Rolling Stone’ which is outing alleged gays. Come on Mick Jagger, sue them!

    1. It isn’t alone – most Ugandan media seems to do this, and then the gays get attacked, speared, etc as a result.

  11. Ms Yannakoudakis has a great record of equality maters. A pity some of her Westminster colleagues don’t share the same views.

  12. Thank you Marina for opposing the horrific pogrom, led by evangelical bigots against gays, which is now unfolding in Uganda.

  13. Couldn’t agree with her more! And a Tory too!

    All aid should be stopped to any country who encourages the persecution of any group of people, regardless of their sexuality.

  14. She is one of very few voices in a party that promotes division and despair, and is making itself increasingly voiceless, powerless and isolated where her opinions should count.

    1. de Villiers 20 Nov 2012, 9:53am

      Despair is reading your posts

  15. Ugandan LGBT activists have repeatedly said the worst thing Western campaigners can do is to call for aid to be cut.

    What a stupid, thoughtless, self-serving person she is.

    See this open letter from Ugandan LGBT Coalition last week –

  16. Excellent. Good for her! Funny how being hit in the pocket often makes people re-think their morality.

  17. The other side to the coin of aid is trade. How much money do Ugandan exports raise compared to aid? Maybe there is a case to push for sanctions, or at least a boycott of Ugandan products.

    This strategy was useful in the campaign against apartheid in south africa.

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