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Over a million party in Rio for gay pride

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Reader comments

  1. It’s strange because although you can’t argue with the figures, I lived in N/E Brazil (Recife) for just over 2 years and found it to be very accepting of LGBT people.

    Even young people congregating in groups at night would all mix very well, gay with straight etc… Maybe it’s mainly a Rio/Sao Paulo thing?

    Great to see the Parade in Rio doing so well though.

  2. GingerlyColors 20 Nov 2012, 7:05am

    The Brazilians love a good carnival and over the next few years the eyes of the world will be on Brazil as they will be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the next Olympic and Paralympic Games two years after. Brazil is set to become the next economic miracle but as the article states, the country still suffers from a high number of homophobic murders. Brazil is a vast country and while Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo are no doubt LGBT friendly, attitudes towards LGBT people no doubt vary like they do in Europe and the USA and there are probably places where it is dangerous to be an out gay man. Nevertheless Brazil is making progress and at least one region now allows marriage equality and hopefully soon Brazil will allow gay marriage throughout.

  3. Help repeal DOMA! We need 25,000 signatures by Dec. 7th! Sign the petition! Already signed the petition? Get the word out!

  4. Does anyone know why Rio de Janeiro was unable to obtain marriage equality while 10 other states, including SAO Paulo did?

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