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X Factor: Union J star Jaymi Hensley comes out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. Good on him :)

    he seems like a like lovely guy, too.

  2. pink yet again your so far behind times, he admitted to this ages ago .. the definition of news it that .,… well Its new ‘good lord , what a shock’

    1. “admitted”?

      What crime are we talking about here?

    2. I think you mean “you’re” and not “your”.

  3. Does anyone else suspect this plucked-eyebrow wannabe is just chasing extra ratings cos it’s currently fashionable?

    *YAWN* Ho-hum!

    1. Well, yes, actually. I am slightly suspicious of how often a ‘finallist’ in this competition who would otherwise be heading for obscurity reveals his sexuality as a way into the tabloids. It is getting boring.

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 19 Nov 2012, 8:46am

      He mentioned on air last night that the band thought they were going out this week, and he didn’t want to be accused of hiding his sexuality when they were in the public eye, so he revealed it before they were kicked off.

      I’m possibly a little more charitable that you, so I’m going with his account on this occasion.

  4. Great that this is now no big deal.

  5. ...Paddyswurds 18 Nov 2012, 1:32pm

    Trust Pink News to look in the stable long long after the horse has bolted. Surely this is old old news. It was patently clear the first time this kid stepped on to the XFactor stage that he was as gay as any human could possibly be, Anyway does it really matter; his sexuality is no ones business other than his own…….

    1. ...Paddyswurds 19 Nov 2012, 12:04am

      Thirteen thumbs down for my comment says volumes more about the intelligence of some of the readers of this page, than my comment…..

      1. I am about to give you another thumbs down. There is lots of discussion on these pages about the importance and value of Gay people in the public eye coming out. I can’t be bothered to list the obvious reasons again. Suspecting someone is Gay because of their mannerisms etc is not the same as that person being brave enough to come out. It is especially admirable when young people who stand to lose a lot take the risk. The story was not that he was Gay. It was about his brave statement. As you feel someone’s sexuality is only their own business, perhaps you should acquaint yourself with the term ‘role model’.
        Some people come out. Get over it.

  6. It’s great that he’s come out, but it did make me laugh that he predicts his career will last 5 years. That’s not exactly aiming high…..

  7. you go Glenn Coco!

  8. Another twink then!? Boaring.

    1. Don’t know what male pigs have to do with it.

      1. Or indeed male badgers and raccoons.

    2. mickie_newton 18 Nov 2012, 9:35pm

      Nice comment! Sadly the internet is, as of yet, able to reflect my sarcasm when I type my comment here!

  9. Well done dude

  10. is it just me or does this smell a bit of vote chasing?

  11. Though I ve got to say asking Louis Walsh for advice in coming out is like asking King Herod about child care

    1. Louis is ok, He just seems to have left his sense of good taste behind in Dublin when he joined X Factor.

    2. mickie_newton 18 Nov 2012, 9:39pm

      Couldn’t agree more…I’d like to think Jaymi’s reasons are honourable ones…But I suspect Louis’ are far less so!

      Personally I’d have skipped him all together and done it anyway. Coming out hasn’t damaged other gay singers careers!

  12. Really, another X factor star is gay? Saying ‘that gay guy from x factor’ is kind of like saying ‘the chinese man from china’
    Tongue in cheek :P

  13. Do you know, here in Spain (the outside world) we THOUGHT we thought we felt a pole shift as the planet lurched at this news about, what’s-his-name on some obscure programme says he gay. Well done PN for keeping a finger on the pulse. Meanwhile, in Uganda….

    1. Meeanwhile in UK only 1% is brave to come out.

  14. i think this is great! good for him! and wonderful story about the 14 year old boy, as someone who has also been that scared 14 year old i’m glad that there’s someone out there with someone to look up to!

  15. Justusboyz 18 Nov 2012, 2:52pm

    haha that will keep them in another week bout time louis took his own advice…but seriously though congrats Jay bless ya

  16. Suddenly Last Bummer 18 Nov 2012, 4:32pm

    *shrugs*. Louis is usually encouraging his boys to keep schtum as it may have adverse effects on the girlie vote. As we all knew Jaymi has been pretty openly gay from the get go I can only assume Louis is trying to get a pink vote to keep these One Direction wannabes in for another week.

    1. mickie_newton 18 Nov 2012, 9:42pm

      Must apologise I meant to click the tick!! Grr and can’t take it back…but yeh I agree. I think Louis’ reasons for giving the thumbs up are for votes and nothing more!

  17. l would think the real shocker would be to find out a member of a boyband was actually straight.

    1. Yes, because of course three-quarters of them are living a lie just because you can’t imagine a naff singer can be straight. (What a low opinion of homosexuality you must have.)

  18. mickie_newton 18 Nov 2012, 9:33pm

    Good on Jaymi!!

    But not impressed with Louis Walsh’s comment “So he said it fits the formula quite well!” since when does being gay “fit” someones formula! Never liked that idiot!

  19. “fits the formula”…

    kinda sums up the x factor

  20. ...Paddyswurds 19 Nov 2012, 12:06am

    So many thumbs down for my comment says volumes more about the intelligence of some of the readers of this page, than my comment…..

  21. ...Paddyswurds 19 Nov 2012, 12:19am

    Pink News should take note that the thumbs model they are using just isn’t working. It’s not the Thumbs down that annoys me and most contributers but the hiding of the comments, This is the only comments page on the web that I know of that uses such a stupid model. I am sure that PN has by now noticed that most of the good commentators have left since this model started and they should be aware that this and the ease with which the thumbs thing can manipulated is the reason they have fled. All one has to do to vote multiple times on a thread is restart ones Broadband Router as many times as one wants, thus getting a new address each time…. All we are left with now is a few airheads and trolls…FIX IT PINK NEWS. !!!

    1. I think the 13 thumbs down came because this kid freely and of his own choice, decided to reveal he was gay… (In response to a tweet from an 14 year old looking for someone gay he could relate to).. Is that such a BAD thing?

      Of course his sexuality is nobody’s business but his own… We KNOW that.. But keeping quiet whilst you are in a position to help others? Not good.

    2. Airheads and trolls? Which one are you, Paddy?

      1. ...Paddyswurds 19 Nov 2012, 12:48pm


    3. Actually you only have to clear your cookies.

  22. GingerlyColors 19 Nov 2012, 6:46am

    Well done Jaymi! My ideal X Factor final will be Union J, Rylan Clark and Chris Maloney. I speculate that Chris could be batting for our team – last week he sang an Elton John song and he wore 1940’s period military (which is so gay) when he did ‘Died In Your Arms’ by the Cutting Crew. Another song he did was Air Supply’s ‘All Out Of Love’, which has also been covered by a certain guy who wears 1940’s military in one of his TV shows -just click here and you’ll know what I mean!
    I would be nice to have a level playing field at the X Factor.

  23. Well done on him coming out although if he grew up in Luton (as I suspect he did) and he came out at 14 the he would have received a lot of negativity.

    I grew up in Luton and to say it is not a particularly gay friendly town would be an understatement.

  24. All the thumbs down for people who aren’t impressed by this news is is a bit silly. The thumbs down ought to be strictly for trolls and objectionable idiots. This is a trivial story about a trivial person whose name we won’t even remember by next year’s X Factor contest. We ought to have the right to be unimpressed by him and his ‘revelations’.

    And I should like to repeat my long held suspicion that a lot of minor celebs ‘reveal’ that they are gay/bi/lesbian just to look more interesting and get a bit more publicity than they deserve. It has nothing to do with being brave coming out in public.

    1. Now lets get on with WAY more important things.

  25. It is good to see Jaymi being able to come out like that. Well done Jaymie. I wish more people were able to do that!

  26. shannon havern 26 Nov 2012, 12:05pm

    well done jaymi u should be really proud of ur self and i hope u r happy in the future and you get what u want in life

  27. shannon havern 26 Nov 2012, 12:10pm

    there is no need to be rude this boy has just come out and some people would not be able to cope with that and i think u should have some respect.

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