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New Zealand: Employment Authority to decide on ‘dirty homosexual’ slur

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Reader comments

  1. GingerlyColors 18 Nov 2012, 10:17am

    I just hope that New Zealand has similar employment protection laws to us here in the UK. Employers are happy to turn a blind eye to workplace harassment but when things come to a head the victim of the harassment is the one who gets it in the neck.

  2. If the article is true, I would have thought the person being malicious should have been sacked.

    Because she wasn’t just being malicious toward him she was dragging the clients into it and affecting their care. If this happened in a care home in UK this would be enough for instant dismissal.

    1. Agreed. She seemed to have been more focussed on spreading lies and misinformation about a colleague than doing her job and putting the interests of the clients first.

  3. This matter, from right the other side of the world, only makes clear the secret thoughts of all of those quiet homophobes here in the UK, in France, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand who believe that we are, simply, “dirty homosexuals”.

    We are dirty. That’s our problem, apparently.

    It’s a notion revealing what goes on in the homophobe’s mind. When they think “homosexual”, they focus only on a corrupt imagining of anal sex.

    They seem to think that every homosexual person is into anal sex, and that every homosexual person suffers from continously loose bowels.

    1. It’s a carryover from the puritanical relatively-recent past when anything to do with sex was considered dirty.

      What is so blindingly unfair is that so many people have the flexibility of mind today to cope with – nay, celebrate – pre-marital and extra-marital [hetero]sex (in a way unimaginable to their grandparents), yet homosexuality still remains some sort of upsetting taboo.

    2. GingerlyColors 19 Nov 2012, 7:03am

      You will always get someone who will ask why would you look at the mantelpiece when you are poking the fire. The truth is that we seek out relationships with people who we find attractive and of the right personality. I prefer male company and wish to live with another man although I do have female (platonic) friends. I do not like soap dodgers with personal hygiene problems. I like smart types who wear suits while some go for the leather look, others go for ‘bears’. To me sex is only part of a close relationship and I do not rush to jump straight into bed with the first man I see.

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