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US: Influx of donations aim to save LGBT youth rescue centre destroyed by Superstorm Sandy

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Reader comments

  1. Ciaran McHale 17 Nov 2012, 4:02pm

    Unfortunately, the article does not provide a link to the donation page. Luckily, it is easily found via a Google search:

  2. Unfortunately, it appears to only accept donations from within the US, there is no donation option for international LGBT citizens.

    1. Ciaran McHale 18 Nov 2012, 11:24am

      The donation page is unintuitive, but it is possible. The trick is to select your country (for example, “United Kingdom”) first. When you do that, the web page will automatically be updated to grey out the State/Province input box, and you will be able to enter a non-USA zip/postal code.

      1. As someone whom was homeless since age 16 for being trans.
        And even though I am 33 now the fear, and nightmares of my homelesness from age 16- 28 and in 2010, 2011.
        I on behalf of EVERY lgbtiqq. person thanks you for your help,
        I wish they had these centres when I was a youth.
        They are needed and important.

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