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US: Catholic Church denies teenager confirmation until he publicly denounces gay equality

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Reader comments

  1. Dave North 16 Nov 2012, 3:45pm

    This must be one of the sickest things I’ve ever read.

    That “cult” is truly vile.

    1. Mumbo Jumbo 16 Nov 2012, 7:43pm

      At least they didn’t rape him. We should welcome this as progress.

      1. billywingartenson 17 Nov 2012, 1:15am

        but in 2009 th3e german pope UNexcommuncated a holocaust denier Bishop Williamson.

        Read the book by Sam Harris – The end of faith

        its a compendium of all the horror stories of the catholic and extremist xtians as well as the Muslim beliefs.

        The sooner right wing relgious groups are destroyed, the better.

    2. Why. No one is forcing him to belong to it. He has to choose one or the other.

      1. True, but until he is out from under the control of his parents, his choices are diminished.

  2. Didn’t they once burn someone at the stake for suggesting that the earth orbited the sun?

    1. Paul Halsall 16 Nov 2012, 7:28pm

      No, they didn’t.

      They did put Galileo under house arrest for claiming this, though.

      1. They burned Giordano Bruno for claiming that the sun was a star and that there could be other worlds with life on them. He was burned for “heresy”

        1. The Catholics also stuck an iron spike through Bruno’s tongue before burning him….

    2. billywingartenson 17 Nov 2012, 1:17am

      tens of thousands for various things, mostly anything that was considered heresy.

      Some college ran a study that said that except for the vatican and its nut case descendants, we would have had our current level of technology and medical advances by 1600.

    3. No, you might be thinking of Giordano Bruno (the cosmologist who proposed the Sun was essentially a star and that there wasn’t one world, but many worlds) who was burned at the stake for heresy.

    4. The church in all its different flavours, has burned, hanged, beheaded, tortured, maimed, drawn-and-quartered, and otherwise made to suffer. It has yet, to distinguish itself from any other religion. The main difference between cult and religion is size. Once it exceeds a certain size, the cult leader can no longer have first call on all the young girls and younger women to share his bed even if they are married. Doesn’t matter whether the leader is named Jesus, Mohammed, David Koresh, or Joseph Smith. It’s always a way to provide cover for the leader to screw girls (or boys) of whatever age because “God” granted him that power. There are always people gullible enough and mentally fragile enough to fall for such crap.

  3. Why oh why do you still want to be part of that church?

    I’m glad that I was given the option when I was younger of not doing my confirmation.

    Stand by your principles Lennon and don’t let them take away who you are so that it suits them!

  4. It’s getting silly now.

  5. Dan Filson 16 Nov 2012, 4:07pm

    Copernicus was not burned, nor Galileo. This case shows why the Catholic Church deservedly is losing supporters. If you deny confirmation and presumably communion to a youth in he ealy teens, you shoud not be surpsed if he abandons his faith. The Catholic Church should look agin at the meaning of the word ‘catholic’, and ‘Christian’ while they are at it.

    1. But Giordano Bruno was, and to this day they haven’t still condemned their action, saying that although it was a “sad episode” the Inquisitors “had the desire to serve freedom and promote the common good and did everything possible to save his life”. Really disgusting.

    2. I’ve long had the impression that Ratzinger would much rather have an ideologically pure church no matter how anemically tiny it shrinks, instead of a more socially relevant church that actually respects and cares about the concerns of its adherents. It’s about authoritarianism vs. compassion.

  6. Ahh, nice to see them supporting the freedom of speech they so often crow about not being given themselves

  7. Lennon, you are clearly a bright, thoughtful person. Why not tell them to stuff it?

  8. As with the kid that was refused his Eagle Scout badge, I feel very bad for this young man.

    But parents need to realise that these organisations are not kidding about the anti-gay stuff.

    They don’t have some agree-to-disagree policy. They don’t think gays are all right as long as we don’t bang on about it. Both the US Boy Scouts and the global Catholic Church are resolutely opposed to gay people, and if you don’t agree with the things they believe you can get kicked out.

    If you don’t like it, join a church that doesn’t hate gay people – or, better still, one that allows its members to have their own opinions and doesn’t make absolute obedience a condition of membership.

    But don’t bring your kids into an organisation that has been absolutely clear that supporting gay marriage is forbidden for members (as several bishops in the US have clearly stated) unless you either want your children to be anti-gay or you want them to be liars.

    1. The problem is anyone never expected to be gay supporter, being gay or open minded to things that can be either agree or disagree, the Church’s preference is to have everyone agree on the same page. People just never don’t know until they reach to the point where they want to agree or disagree.

    2. He doesn’t need to join another church or any other religion. One can live a perfectly normal, satisfying life without giving in to superstition.

  9. Espouse their repressive creed or stay out of the club.
    Such a dilemma. I mean really.

  10. What does the church have to do with a civil issue?

    1. billywingartenson 17 Nov 2012, 1:20am

      greed for power and turning the world into theocracy it was which gave rise to the mass murders / torture of the “holy” Inquisition etc

      BTW AH and his whole gang – Him–ler, Goebbels, Mengele, Eichman were all caths.

    2. Why do theocrats always involve themselves in civil issues? Because they don’t respect secular life.

  11. Different countries need to start taxing these churches out of existence.

  12. From the prespective of the Western Church, this boy and his family are being denied the sanctifying grace of two sacraments for belief held in good conscience. I am no expert on Roman canon law, but I would go as far to call the actions of the Parish priest and his Bishop heresy. Christ wept.

    1. Oh, come now. Christ wept? Sacraments? If two people choose to get married, they should. It might be a convention to declare they are together, but there is no need for gods or fairies to be involved.

      Trust me, I was involved for too long in that cesspool until that wonderfully liberating moment when I admitted to myself it was all make-believe, and I didn’t have to play any more. It was every bit as liberating as coming out as gay. I must admit that I have had less aggravation from people knowing I am gay than knowing that I am not superstitious. When I tell them I do not believe, it makes the three times as determined to save my “soul”.

  13. Silly and stupid my way or the highway reaction of theocratic preachers!

    Of more concern to me…”What was the priest doing on this young boys face book page in the first place? How many other young boys face book pages has he been on? Where is the stink about that?

    1. Yes, I thought that sounded creepy.

      1. Yep! time for Lennon Cihak to be a guest on Ellen to talk about the situation… wanna bet that would light a few fireworks. Makes you wonder how the bishop and the diocese would respond to that?

        Further, I am surprised the parents were more upset about the refusal to confirm than the revelation the priest was exploring a minors face book page.

  14. More proof that the Catholic Church is really desperate. Are they even hearing what themselves say ? “Denounce equality” ?

  15. And what do the Catholic church in Uganda have to say about the forthcoming ‘kill the gays’ bill that is due to be passed as a ‘Christmas gift’?

    Compare and contrast…..

    1. billywingartenson 17 Nov 2012, 1:37am

      welcome top the true meaning of saving life by the church – killing people

      Another catholic maniac and his pals – all cath – AH, Mengele, Eichmann, Goebbels and Him-mler did the same to gays in europe during WWII. I did find a website that said that about 45000 were murdered from 1938 to 1943. No data on 44 and 45

      We could have averted WWII if we blew up the reichstag in the late 30s

      The priority now is the Vatican of mass murder who still want to do the same re gays.

    2. Thanks for that link – what I found most interesting about the article was that it reported that the Catholic Church, lead by the Vatican, had previously been vociferous in opposing the Ugandan legislation, but then changed its stance..

  16. Disgusting behaviour. Perhaps Lennon should reminded them about the separation of church and state in the US and asked why they’re getting involved in secular matters. Or maybe he could find all the vile bits in the bible and ask them why they’re not abiding by them? Or where Jesus said that equality must be denounced?

    Seriously, the more rabid these religions get, the more they’re destroying themselves by alienating people. Stupid aswell as nasty.

  17. Looking on the brights side they are doing him a favour.

    Being a member of the catholic cuilt (or indeed any religion) is a recipe for disaster – they believe in some sky-fairy as a deity.

    It may be hurtful now, but in the long run he is far better off without religion in his life.

  18. I sincerely hope the kid tells them to stick their Confirmation where the Sun don’t shine!!!!!!!

    1. billywingartenson 17 Nov 2012, 1:25am

      thats what thousands if not tens of thousands of priests have been doing to kiddies with their junk for god only knows how long

      Not sure if Brits realize that “junk” is a reference to male sex organs here in the USA

  19. It’s time to end both the tax-exempt status that the Catholic Church enjoys, as well as the recognition of the Vatican as a sovereign nation.

    1. Occupy The Vatican!

  20. What was a priest doing looking at teenage boys facebook pages? Hasn’t he got sermons to write?

  21. This from the gayest religion on the planet.

  22. Christopher in Canada 16 Nov 2012, 6:17pm

    Did not Jesus say “Suffer the little children to come unto me”? And something about being child-like to get into heaven?

    Back to Darwin and the Discovery Channel.

  23. I was brought up on a Catholic school (in the Netherlands) and I refused Confirmation along with a girl from Ireland. The pressure and hatred me and my family got after refusing only ‘confirmed’ I was doing the right thing. Hope the same realisation will come to this family and others.

    1. “The pressure and hatred me…”

      A sacrament is invalid unless it is sought through one’s own free will. So, it would have been very strange to pressurise anyone into being administred a sacrament.

  24. Why doesn’t someone ask that priest and that bishop to divulge the number of children who were molested by local priests in the last year? All this communion stuff merely changes the only relevant conversation, which is the damage the Catholic Church does to children.

    1. Hmm you sound like someone from the BBC – pot calling the kettle black

  25. Catholic Church: Sore losers if nothing else

  26. you ngot all my support lennon be strong and fight your way through you are a great boy. good luck, carry on

  27. douglas in canada 16 Nov 2012, 7:20pm

    I wonder if they assess their members in terms of their opinion of divorce, too. If divorced people are also refused the same things, and treated the same, at least the church could be called “consistent” with its own teaching. But I doubt it.

    This means that the church is targetting, pointing fingers at “sinners” in the hope that the rest of the world will momentarily forget all the atrocities that the church itself has committed.

  28. Alan Austin 16 Nov 2012, 9:12pm

    On the positive side, the move is definitely on across the Judeo-Christian world towards welcoming same-sex couples into membership and leadership.
    An update on progress is available here:
    True, it will be a long time before the Catholic church shifts.
    Fortunately, there are other Christian churches.

  29. Oscar Wilde was welcomed with open arms – there’s hope for all folks ! Marriage has always been between one man and one woman – so-called ‘equal marriage’ either between brother and sister, man & man, or 3 men and two women is a return to barbarism.Time the confused lad read his Catechism and sees his error.

    1. Always been between one man and one woman?? Time you read your bible then… You’ll find incest in there aswell as polygamy. Yes, those good old biblical values. Far better them than equality, eh? Always nice to have some group to victimise, isn’t it? Women, black people, LGBT people – and now a child that has realised that equal marriage is about justice and fairness, and has dared to stand up against dogma.

      1. ‘equal marriage’ – what a distorted Orwellian term ! Marriage is never equal because it involves two people – one man & one woman, who are complimentary to each other,unitive,procreative and based on Natural Law.Same sex ‘marriage’ is an oxymoron because it is not unitive(physically impossible),it is sterile and because it is intrinsically disordered and unnatural .
        Justice and fairness ? – so two brothers can get ‘married’,a 5yr old can get ‘married’ to a 56yr old, or two men can get ‘married’ ?- and if you disagree you are sibling-phobic,ageist, or a ‘homophobe’ or a bigot…keep religion/dogma out,get back to Dark Ages, dinosaurs – you are against ‘equality’ etc

        1. Why the obsession with incest amongst anti-gay people?? Incest is ‘promoted’ just the same by straight marriage. In fact as most incest is heterosexual maybe it’d be safer to ban straight marriage, eh, in case it encourages a brother and sister to marry?

          So ‘sterile’ marriages are bad? I’ll tell my infertile straight friend that then, and a dear old relative who re-married in his 70s after the death of his wife. What a lovely man you are…

          You haven’t proved anything about same sex marriage. All you’ve said is that it’s unnatural. No, it’s not. And the same arguments were used against interracial marriage – unnatural, think of the children etc etc.

          If YOU want to marry your sister, you go ahead and start a campaign. This is about equal access to civil marriage for LGBT people.

          Incest is illegal, underage sex and marriage is illegal. Same sex marriage is as irrelevant to those things as straight marriage is.

          1. “This is about equal access to civil marriage for LGBT people”
            There’s nothing under the Sun to stop someone who labels themselves ‘LGBT’ to marry – husband being the male, wife being the female.Under the law civil partnerships have the same legal benefits as civil marriage – the same.
            Sterile couples have full marriage because it is unitive,male and female together as do interacial couples (it’s vile that those who campaign for distorting marriage compare themselves to the black civil power struggle when so many lost their lives !).
            If same sex ‘marriage’ is allowed incest will be next.Already in Brazil a civil partnership has been granted to a three-some .No such thing as ‘straight’ marriage – only MARRIAGE.Don’t distort something which is recognised in every culture and religion.In the whole history of mankind there has never been a same-sex ‘marriage’ .
            This campaign to distort marriage has nothing to do with ‘equality’ and everything to do with making indecent behaviour ‘normal’.

          2. Bobbleobble 17 Nov 2012, 12:42pm

            Ray, it’s interesting that one minute marriage has to be unitive and procreative but when it’s pointed out to you that heterosexuals who can’t procreate can marry suddenly only the unitive part is important. There’s nothing that prevents a gay couple from being unitive by the way since unitive means only capable of uniting and a gay couple is just as capable of uniting as a straight couple.

            I would assume you would agree that marriage is about a lot more than simply getting legal rights. No one I know who married did so because they wanted inheritance tax exemption for example. And yet for some reason gay couples are supposed to be content with these legal rights but not the whole point of uniting a relationship in the first place.

            Oh and you’re wrong about the whole of human history. For the past 10 years gay people have been able to marry in some jurisdictions. However, incest has yet to follow in any of those jurisdictions. As for Brazil, they don’t have gay marriage as such so

          3. Bobbleobble 17 Nov 2012, 12:45pm

            it’s impossible for you to link gay marriage and this development in Brazil.

            And referring to homosexuality as indecent behaviour certainly qualifies you as a homophobe even if your attitude to gay marraige doesn’t. Dragging in incest and polygamy is desperation however.

          4. Ray, no CPs do NOT have exactly the same rights (pensions being one area that’s different). And if CPs are exactly the same why should be have a different name for them? Civil marriage is a legal contract – nothing religious or connected to religion – so why do LGBT people have to call their civil unions something different? The answer: prejudice. By all means, reserve religious marriage for people that religion approves of, but CIVIL marriage is nothing to do with any religion.

            Your comment about gay people being able to marry someone of the opposite sex is facile. By definition, we don’t want to. How would you feel if the situation was reversed and you weren’t allowed to marry the woman you loved, and when you quite rightly said that that was unjust and unequal, some gay man told you “Oh no, it’s not. You’re as free to marry a man as I am”? Being equal doesn’t mean everyone has to be the same.

        2. Spanner1960 18 Nov 2012, 4:29pm

          Marriage is never equal because it involves two people – one man & one woman, and if she doesn’t do what the bloody hell I tell her I’ll beat her within an inch of her life…

          Isn’t that what you wanted to say?

    2. I wonder what an obvious homophobe is doing posting here at all? Are you one of the Vatican’s secret squirrel brigade. You know they patrol forums and social media spreading the word of HATE!

      1. Romophobia is rife on here – so much for ‘diversity’ !

        1. Too right. I’m extremely romophobic. Anything to do with that anti-Christ, child-raping cult makes me heave. Ugh!

        2. I like Rome as a place, I just think the pope is a dick.

        3. But you’re not providing diversity, Ray. You’re not offering another point of view, just misinformation (eg same sex marriage will lead to incest) and insults. Sadly, it’s all stuff we’ve heard before. Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true, so stuff like ‘Marriage has always been between one man and one woman” just makes people sigh because it’s patently incorrect.

          You personally don’t like the idea of same sex marriage – and that’s the real truth of it, isn’t it? All this incest, procreation, etc etc is just trying to find justification for your own prejudices (and I use that word in a neutral sense).

          SSM wouldn’t harm you at all, any more than opposite sex marriage harms me. But the difference is I’m not trying to prevent opposite sex marriage just because I don’t want to have one…

    3. “Time the confused lad read his Catechism and sees his error”

      That sentence is a contradiction in itself. There is no reason in dogma, like there is no reason in you.

    4. I agree with you Ray. No one forced this guy to be Catholic. You cant join an organisation and religion and starting dictating how you want it to operate. Catholicism has always been against depraved ideas such as gay marriage. I suggest this guy read his catechism properly. This young guy comes across as a publicity seeker to me.

  30. When will the Catholic Church learn to keep it’s nose out of politics?

    1. This is nothing to do with ‘politics’? By the way, it is impossible for any human being to keep their ‘noses out of politics’. The Church is nothing but its members, and its members are also members of society.

  31. Confirmation is the sacrament which is sought by those who have reached a certain maturity and who wish to ‘all’ that the Catholic Church teaches and believes. The Church does not accept ‘gay marriage’, so why would he seek Confirmation? To be confirmed, the young man would need to accept ‘all’ the teachings of the Church, including the fact that the Church teaches that marriage is reserved to a man and a woman. If he cannot accept this, then surely he cannot expect to be confirmed. There are plenty of other religions and philosophies if he cannot accept, or chooses not to accept, the teachings of the Church. It’s like someone wanting to be a soldier but not wanting to flight, or wanting to be in an orchestra but not wanting to play any musical instrument.

    1. Bobbleobble 17 Nov 2012, 12:50pm

      You think the church runs through a check list with everyone who wishes to get confirmed to make sure they agree and comply with everything the church teaches? Get real. This is about the church taking revenge because the people in the state of Minnesota didn’t do as they were told so they choose to take their ire out on a kid. Despicable.

      1. You don’t know that. The fact is, the kid made his views public about gay marriage and the priest and bishop would be committing a grave sin by allowing someone who didn’t believe in teachings of Christ’s Church be confirmed. This happens all the time in Catholic Church, just not over gay marriage. Candidates seeking confirmation are told by their priests to not get confirmed if they are not ready, doing it for cultural reasons (i.e. to please mum or dad), they are living in serious, or they dont assent to the teachings of the church. The fact is this, this is only news because the gay lobby want to use these incidents to spread their perverse agenda under the misnomer of ‘hate’. They of course know know once they drop their silly ‘hate’ name calling, all their silly arguments will fall like a pack of cards.

  32. A lucky escape methinks. Time for him to find something more rational and compassionate to believe in?

  33. friday jones 17 Nov 2012, 12:14am

    Wouldn’t an all-powerful God have figured out a way to fix His mistakes that somehow happened despite His infallibility that didn’t involve crucifixion? Like, maybe, waving His wand or whateverthehell?

  34. G.NotCatholic 17 Nov 2012, 3:10am

    I think this is downright BS. I grew up in the Roman Catholic church and it’s crap like THIS that I’m no longer a part of that religious belief.

    They need to stop this “we have our own laws”stuff and just get over it and let him have his rites just like anyone else.

  35. the catholic church is a twisted cult the sooner its gone the better for humanity i have always been against this perverted church

  36. Wim from Holland 17 Nov 2012, 5:59am

    It is all so clear.The eleventh commandment says : thou shall reject gay equality, isn’t it.

  37. This is a new low.

  38. the roman catholic idiocy is still marching, sadly.
    my support goes to lennon he´s a true christian!!


  39. Paul from Brighton 17 Nov 2012, 9:12am

    Speaking as a recovering Catholic, I’d say this young lad is going to have a very close escape.

    Trust me, Lennon – you don’t want to get confirmed into the ranks of the Catholic Faithful and become another number that the Pope and his henchmen use to beat other people with –

    Live your life instead free of the guilt and shame the Catholic church teachings like to endure on others to remove any form of self-worth, self-belief or hope of self-improvement.

    Believe in God, if that’s your wish, but remember if Jesus was to come back to the world today – he’d find no room for him a number of Christian B&Bs – no seat for him on a Bus driven by a Christian and Jesus put the prostitute, the thief and those on the margins of society before the holy men and rulers.

    You know something, Lennon – that God you’re making a lucky escape.

    An elderly Catholic Priest once told me that those who were furthest from the Catholic Church, were closest to God.

  40. Lennon should be excommunicated at once! His decent behaviour shows he’s out of line with everything the Vatican stands for, as is shown by the way he and his family are blackmailed.

    There are churches that don’t strong-arm people who don’t toe the line and don’t mind gays, so why hang on to these bigots?

  41. I think Homer said it best when he got refused by his local masonic lodge “Marge, they won’t let me in their stupid club for jerks”!

  42. Don’t compromise your beliefs for anyone, kid. Stand up for freedom and stand up for the constitution. And if the church wants to give you a hard time, leave. You don’t need them. Religion is a blight on society and we have put up with its barbarism, false promises, and demands to suspend rational thinking for far too long.

  43. Lucky escape, Lennon!

  44. Freedom of Speech…..dickheads…I did all those silly catholic rituals…it’s all nonsense lad…just get on with your life and love who you want….it’s just all so laughable!

  45. The Roman Catholic Church is the working of evil in the world.

  46. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Nov 2012, 1:25pm

    Just another form of bullying into submission. The roman cult has a long, ongoing tradition of that. Look what happened to that poor Indian woman in Ireland who died because of complications from a pregnancy. Doctors were forbidden to terminate the pregnancy to save her life even though some say it may not have helped. The roman cult should be charged with crimes against humanity and banished altogether from the face of the earth.Pure evil incarnate.

  47. Sister Unity 17 Nov 2012, 5:53pm

    Get me in touch with him. LENNON, I’m a nun; I WILL CONFIRM YOU!

  48. The Catholic Cult not only is a hate group but they are the richest Christian church in the world and they give millions of dollars to stop gay marriage by giving it to other anti-gay hate groups to destroy gays. The Catholics have stated that they are at war with gays. This is the end for the Catholic cult as they are killing themselves with their own hate against people they were suppose to help and love. The Catholic cults have failed. It was bad enough for the Catholic cults to rape and abuse children but now to not help and assist their own people who want freedom shows that they have lost their minds and lost their way. The Catholic cult is no longer the Christian religious leaders in the world, they are a sad bunch of haters and child molesters who hide behind their lies and threats and hate and fear mongering.

    1. Peddle that bigoted crap somewhere else where the readers are sufficiently stupid.

    2. Thats a great tract

  49. There is no end of hate within religion.

  50. This comes from 3 John 9 to 11 (KJV)

    9 I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, (Roman Catholic Church) who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not.
    10 Wherefore, if I come, I will remember his deeds which he doeth, prating against us with malicious words: and not content therewith, neither doth he himself receive the brethren, and forbiddeth them that would, and casteth them out of the church.
    11 Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.

    The Roman Catholic ‘Church: is a business nothing more nor less and a very successful business at that. Anyone who wishes to use the business must put up with the consequences, and this applies to all businesses. There is no love in business.

    I feel very sorry and sad for this young man but I hope and pray that he decides to change his church to one that is accepting, kind, loving and one that really follows the teachings of Christ

  51. Larry Rogers 18 Nov 2012, 7:05am

    Time for him to follow Martin Luther who nailed 95 Thesis to denounce what the church was doing WRONG. Lennon, I know a lot of Lutheran Churches who would be proud to have you as a Member, including Redeemer at 1800 Glenwood Ave N in Minneapolis, Minnesota

    1. Oh, dear. Out of the frying pan……
      Or, he could just realise that the Lutheran faith is just a slightly different version of the same silly fairy story beloved by the terminally superstitious.

  52. Religion: How sick can it get! and yet we allow it to run some of our educational establishments!!!!!!

  53. Rev. Edwin Yates 18 Nov 2012, 5:40pm

    ITsend my prayers and energy to this you man, his family AND the local Bishop of that Diocese. This is merely evidence that the Catholic Church in America is not about Faith but about Oppression.

    1. Dave North 19 Nov 2012, 8:28pm

      World wide that sick cult is about control. Nothing more..

    2. The entire bloody thing is about control and money, not just the church in America nor is it just the Catholic Church. All religions are about control and subjugation of the weak-of-mind. We act aghast at Muslim suicide bombers and the tortures

  54. It’s all done out of love…………………. Love of old men for frocks and power.

  55. I tried to be a good Catholic, despite being gay and not shy about it. I did the whole married bit with two babies with whom I fell in love from the moment I held each of them. That aside, I was one of the lectors in my parish in Atlanta, Georgia, and more than that, I was the chief trainers for new lectors (project, enunciate, don’t rush). Several years ago, shortly after the molestation cover-up by the bishops really began to explode, I was reading the lesson from the Old Testament. I was standing there doing my best Lawrence Olivier impression, when I had an epiphany. “This is bloody ridiculous gibberish. There isn’t a complete sentence in this entire reading, but even so, I don’t believe a word of this rubbish.” I called the church office on Monday and resigned with immediate effect. When the Monsignor asked me why, I replied “Father, I know God is not real; therefore, the church has no real authority.” That was that. No regrets.

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