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UN calls for gay rights protection in Cameroon ahead of court appeals

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Reader comments

  1. Hey Mr. Obama and Mr. Cameron, it’s time to cut off their foreign aid. That will get their attention.

  2. This is an attempted holocaust.

  3. Thank God somebody is doing something to stop the murder of countless LGBT people in Africa. You know it is the sore anti-gay Christian losers in America who are pushing these uneducated blacks like slave drivers to do their dirty work. The anti-gay Christians are losing the war they have been fighting against gays in America, the Catholic church is spending millions of dollars to stop gay marriage. They too are losing. This is how they are fighting back, getting by getting kill the gays in Africa where they already kill each other gay or straight so the rich American can take over their lands. Think that is not true, google it Harvard a Catholic University has bought up land in African bigger than the size of France. Poor Africans get tricked again by the white Christian slave masters.

  4. Today in the city centre I saw a man wearing a sleeveless fur vest, I would say his general appearance was pretty effeminate (in the same way Shakespeare was pretty good at english). Have I failed in my civic duty by not asking if he likes Baileys and performing a citizens arrest should the answer have been yes?
    Awesome to see that African nations are still steadfastly focusing on the major issues in the continent.
    I wish someone could explain what terrible thing will happen if a man with frosted tips stops to enjoy a glass of fairly revolting tipple. If they’re worried about the wrath of God, I think Africa may have already had it….

  5. It is about time drinking Baileys was made a crime.

  6. GingerlyColors 17 Nov 2012, 11:21am

    Cameroon is another country I am beginning to run out of things to say about.

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