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Poll: US support for equal marriage on the rise, except in southern states

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Reader comments

  1. James Savik 16 Nov 2012, 1:01am

    In 2003 there was a constitutional amendment on the ballot in Mississippi defining marriage as between 1 man and one woman.

    Less than 10% voted against it.

    1. Came under Maine 16 Nov 2012, 2:24am

      Most of them think it means a brother and his sister or first cousins, the South is brain fried with Jesus and creationisim. Praise Jesus and pass the cornbread.

  2. GingerlyColors 16 Nov 2012, 7:15am

    The article states that Southeastern states such as North Carolina are generally more liberal because of their increasingly diverse populations but we must not forget that it was in North Carolina that a recent referendum voted in favour of an amendment to the State’s constitution banning not only same sex marriage but other forms of recognition of gay relationships.

  3. My thoughts:
    Aboma changed: African Americans changed.
    South America changed: Latino’s changed.
    Now we need a republican president that will change his mind while in office or we have to wait until 2085 before those red necks will change.

  4. Tom Cotner 16 Nov 2012, 3:15pm

    Slowly, but slowly, the ship of state turns around. But turn, it shall. Patience rewards all.

  5. Sam Maloney 16 Nov 2012, 6:49pm

    Inter-racial marriage wasn’t legal in the Confederate states until 1967, when the Supreme Court struck down all laws on ‘miscegenation’– a fancy word for race mixing.

    This demonstrates that marriage really IS an issue for the courts and a federal matter.

  6. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 18 Nov 2012, 3:29am

    Actually both Alabama and South Carolina did not abolish the ban on interracial marriage in the state Constitution until the year, wait for it – 1998 in South Carolina and 2000in Alabama!

    On polls done in 2011 Mississippi Republicans still in the stone age!

    An April 2011 poll of Mississippi Republican primary voters asked “Do you think interracial marriage should be legal or illegal?”. The responses were “Legal” 40%, “Illegal” 46%, and “Not Sure” 14%.

    Look at the coloured map closely on the website – sound familiar?

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