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‘No intention to support same-sex marriage’ says UKIP

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Reader comments

  1. “There is, apart from a small but noisy minority within the gay community, no strong demand for this. Sorry, but you are wrong on this!

    Thank goodness this party are never likely to gain any real power.

    1. Let’s hope not. It seems it is the party largely for disgruntled Tories and readers of the Daily Telegraph who feel deprived of the Good Old Days and the England of yesterday where everyone knew their place.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Nov 2012, 4:58pm

      Absolutely right and the Strasbourg Court would never intervene to force any denomination to recognise or perform a same-sex marriage either. Why I wonder do these people get away with it and why doesn’t someone in authority, ideally in government, counter them once and for all? They seem to be getting far more coverage than those in support lately.

    3. GingerlyColors 18 Nov 2012, 12:47am

      I cannot see UKIP becoming the main party in the UK but they have now become a viable third party and the liklihood is that they will become part of a coalition government. If the Liberal Democrats managed to persuade the Conservatives to hold a referendum on voting reform (in which their proposal for the Alternative Vote was rejected by 2 to 1 by the electorate), no doubt UKIP will not be prepared to form part of a coalition government unless the party that wishes to court their support is prepared to have a referendum on EU membership. Should marriage equality be introduced during the term of this government I do not know if UKIP would continue it’s opposition to it.

    4. but there isn’t a strong demand for this.

  2. Ah..the old “there are more important things to worry about” argument.

    If that were a genuinely held belief, absolutely nothing would every get done because there is always something more important on the agenda. Clearly, though, it’s a disingenuous way of passing the cowardly buck.

    1. Even in the 1940’s, when the UK was fighting for survival, non-War matters were debated and carried through, e.g. sowing the seeds of the NHS and Welfare State, down to improving working conditions in the mines.
      Parliament isn’t about prioritising the most high-profile issues, or they would be debating the economy non-stop.
      There was time to bring in Police Commissioners, the most pointless legislation ever.

    2. Well considering civil partnerships affords the exact same rights as marriage, yeah there are more important things to worry about.

  3. Jock S. Trap 16 Nov 2012, 4:47pm

    Sink then!

    Makes me laugh how these people carry on about how marriage Equality and Equality in general isn’t important and not vital to the life and well-being of our nation coming from people who have all rights, take them for granted and happy to leave others as second class citizens.

    They think they are superior…. someone needs to remind them they are Just human beings like the rest of us.

  4. Right wing bigots appealing to right wing bigots unhappy their current right wing party isn’t right wing bigoted enough. Moving on…

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Nov 2012, 5:02pm

    UKIP…..I’m pointing fingers and laughing. You will NEVER be the legitimate goverment of the UK, not a hope of a chance, idiots.

  6. So, UKIP has decided to get into the gutter on this.

    I’m only surprised that (nationally) they’ve resisted the temptation for so long. The chance of winning over a few more disgruntled Tories was too juicy to resist.

    The irony is, this pollutes their brand at a moment when their stated ambition – getting out of Europe – looks more likely than ever. The next election could have been a breakthrough for them if they’d stuck to their old position of Europe, Europe and only Europe. They could have been a powerful force in a referendum on EU membership.

    As it is, I’m sure they’ll get a big electoral bump going this way – possibly even enough to pick up a seat or two – but in the medium term UKIP will have to choose between the far right and the single-issue centre, and may well break apart in the process. And if a referendum comes, people will associate a No vote with bigotry.

    This may be the beginning of the end for UKIP… Who said gay marriage has no practical benefits? ;)

    1. GingerlyColors 18 Nov 2012, 12:52am

      The problem is that UKIP does not want to be seen as a ‘one policy party’ and decided to introduce a whole range of policies to their manifesto to try and appeal to a broader range of voters although they have alienated much of the LGBT vote with their stance on gay marriage.

      1. As a former BNP supporter and nationalist, I recognise UKIP for what it is ie the EU-hating wing of the Tory Party in exile.
        I suspect the main reason UKIP has failed to make a real national breakthrough is that they are perceived to be a single-issue party and those who are more knowledgeable about politics realise their embrace of failed Thatcherite globalist/unrestrained free markets approach to our economy is not what Britain needs especially if we withdraw from the EU.

  7. Dave North 16 Nov 2012, 5:14pm

    ‘No intention to support same-sex marriage’ says UKIP”


    I have no intention of voting for you.

    1. No intention to support LEGISLATION for gay marriage in it’s current form. Because it would mean ignoring the rights of many in favour of a few.

  8. I will strive to contain my amazement.

  9. The ” ‘Tory’ Taliban”!!!!!

    1. which makes them the… Toryban?

  10. Pavlos Prince of Greece 16 Nov 2012, 5:27pm

    Breaking news: the Vatican is against same-sex marriage too!

  11. Apparently these losers didn’t lose as badly as the other losers.
    Makes you proud.

  12. There is one (quite big) thing to be said for UKIP.
    The Tories are scared sh*tless of them. OK, I’m a biased lefty. But it really is fun.

    1. Yes, between them they will let labour in again, so as a lefty you should be pleased with UKIP :-)

      1. The defeat of the Tories always pleases me more than the victory of Labour. We have never had a truly Social Democratic Party in this country.

      2. So even though the majority votes against Labour, the vote is too split, so Labour wins by default.

        Democracy, eh? How very uh, undemocratic.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Nov 2012, 12:49pm

      I wouldn’t think the bigots of C4M would be scared of them, bigotry loves company. Many religious extremists in the Tory party are quite prepared to let the government go down in flames over the issue of equal marriage. Some will side with the UKIP and vote for them, against their own interests in fact. The Anne Widdecombe/Colin Hart mentality is quite happy about that. Of course, staying home on election day as a protest or tantrum is only going to help Labour get back with a massive majority, sending the Tory party once again into political isolation for perhaps another 10 or 20 years. Serves them right. Equal marriage opponents may well get what they never wished for as a result of their self-destructing insanity.

  13. Ukip’s activity is taking votes away from the Conservatives, which will go to Labour and Lib Dem candidates.

    Many Tory MPs strongly support equal marriage, but Labour and Lib Dem candidates are even more likely to do so.

    Therefore any success of UKIP, which is apparently strongly opposed to equal marriage, is having the effect of bringing more MPs into Parliament who support equal marriage, and making it more likely to be enacted.

    In fact, that applies to all the policies they support. They are helping the political Left to get into office, and Ukip’s electoral success is making their policies all the more unlikely to be implemented.

    So much for purism.

    1. Their “electoral success ” is very limited given that we are mid term with a government that has taken some difficult decisions and with europe in financial turmoil. This is a time when they should be taking seats not crowing about a close third in a by election?

      1. Addendum-they came fourth, even though it was by five votes.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Nov 2012, 12:39pm

      Gazza, are you really sure many Tory MPs strongly support equal marriage? I’d like to think so. Since both Labour and Liberal Democrats will have a whipped vote which roughly translates into 311 votes (and that doesn’t include any abstentions, assuming that is allowed in a whipped vote), we will need at least 326 to get it through, which means we will need 25, ideally a whole lot more Tories on board. I can’t even name 25. If anyone knows otherwise, please let us know.

      1. Bobbleobble 17 Nov 2012, 1:03pm

        It’s less than 326 since 14 MPs (speaker and deputies, Sinn Fein and SNP) won’t vote. Check out the C4EM website for a list of MPs who have said they will vote in favour. Currently there are 75 Tories who have indicated they will vote in favour but the firmness of their support isn’t clear.

      2. GingerlyColors 18 Nov 2012, 12:55am

        But then that depends on how many actually turn up in the House Of Commons when the vote takes place. No doubt there will be rows of empty benches!

  14. UKIP would never have had my vote anyway. They want to shut down all ties to the strongest force pushing for LGBT rights in Britain.

  15. I voted for these in the past until the penny dropped and I realised that their idea of a golden age was somewhere in the fifties. I was around then and it wasn’t.

  16. ““This is therefore not vital to the life and well-being of our nation and, given the risks attendant upon it, should not be proceeded with.”

    Lots of things aren’t vital but we still allow them. And here we go again – “risks”!!! Ooh, the bl**dy risks that, just by being mentioned somehow become magically real. Imbeciles the lot of them. What risks? Tsunamis? The apocalypse? The destruction of the entire universe??

  17. David Skinner 16 Nov 2012, 10:42pm

    Unlike gays, we straights know that we are human and limited. We walk through doors and don’t try to go through walls. We don’t walk on thin ice and expect it to hold us up. Gays are free to go against the natural order but they are also free to pay the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences. God is always forgiving, some humans are forgiving but nature never, never, ever forgives.

    1. Take your “god” and stick him where the sun don’t shine.

      If that’s disrespectful. TOUGH.

    2. Perhaps then “straights” such as yourself could do better reading factual science journals, than the pink news or indeed the bible

    3. Still thinking about your gay ex-boss, David? Sweeeeeet…..

      1. LOL!

        That boss must have given him some kicking.

    4. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2012, 10:38am

      And unlike bigoted straight people… LGBT know we are all human and shouldn’t be limited by straight people with bigoted, paranoid, discriminated people in order to just satisfy over-inflated, superiority complexed egos!

    5. So Nature isn’t part of God’s creation? Well, I have to admit you’ve said something unpredictable for once.

      Good to know that God will forgive you. I’d stick with that thought if I were you, it’ll come in handy.

    6. “we straights know that we are human and limited.”

      Some being more limited than others it seems. Very limited.

    7. David, you are an idiot and you talk incoherent rubbish. I suppose that’s human.

    8. Gibberish

  18. Right, let me just state, I am a gay member and a supporter of UKIP. I also strongly back this policy, by law there is no differences between a civil partnership and a marriage. You can not force a church to marry to gay men or women if its against there religion. I don’t see it as some major issue and can I just ask how many people are actually a believer in god? I’d assume very low amount of you are. As UKIP have stated at the moment they don’t see this as a major issue there is a world crisis going on at the moment Spain are about to request a bailout and there is properly about to be a mass war in Israel, and all that you lot care about is yourselfs, just who the hell do you think you people are?

    1. People trying to defend ourselves. Also, shocking as it may seem, you can care about the situation in the middle east AND the european economy AND want equal treatment at the same time. It’s this little thing called multi-tasking, you might want to look into it some time…

    2. and this is a COMPLETELY different “Mikey”….

      I HATE when people steal someone else’s screen name and then post such utter garbage.

      1. Get yourself an avatar to minimise any confusion – there’s no copyright on screen names.

    3. Go back to reading Harriet Beecher Stowe sweetie, and leave the grown ups to talk.

    4. Jock S. Trap 17 Nov 2012, 10:40am

      Who is forcing the church to marriage gay men or women?

      Me thinks you read and believe too much in the Daily Mail. You do read the Daily Mail right?

    5. No one is forcing the church to marry anyone. Why am I saying this, you will have known that before you posted?

    6. @ Mikey “…by law there is no differences between a civil partnership and a marriage”.

      Please do your homework before trolling this site !

      Firstly, there are many differences between civil partnership and marriage. This video explains the differences very well:

      Secondly, it’s not proposed that churches will be forced to marry same sex couples. Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary and Equalities Minister, has said legal protections would be offered to prevent clerics from being sued for refusing to conduct homosexual marriages.

      Finally, even if the seats at the back of the bus cost the same, are just as comfortable and get to the same destination at the same time, it’s still not acceptable to be consigned to the back of the bus. It’s a matter of equality, simple as that !

    7. “I am a gay member and a supporter of UKIP.”

      Then you are, quit simply, a fool. Like a black person defending the KKK, or a turkey defending christmas dinner.

  19. The good thing with the British electoral system is that all the bigots who vote for UKIP will simply take votes from the Conservatives and that means more seats for Labor!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Nov 2012, 12:32pm

      Correct! Also, they have to be really deranged to not vote for the Tories because of equal marriage and they’re quite prepared to see it defeated only to be replaced by their worst nightmare, a Labour government which will probably have a mandate this time around. The opposition on the back benches could well lose their seats, so be it. They have no concept of pragmatism even though they may personally disagree with equal marriage. For the sake of their party and for retaining their seats, they should vote yes for equal marriage but they won’t because they want to appease some of their bigoted constituents. I often wonder if there were no opposition among the electorate, would those same MPs in opposition vote yes?

  20. Everyone in some way or another is in a minority.

    1. GingerlyColors 18 Nov 2012, 1:04am

      Women, Non-Whites, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Irish, LGBT and disabled people are all members of so called minority groups. To start with Women make up something like 50.5% of the UK population so they are in a slight majority. As for men, many are members of the other minorities I have listed above. Thus able-bodied, straight, white men make up only about 30% of the population and therefore are a minority so I totally agree with your comment. The Viz Comic’s Millie Tant would not entertain anybody unless she happens to be a black Irish single parent Muslim Lesbian in a wheelchair!

  21. “Illiberal step”? Whereas a targeted ban on marriage for a specific group is perfectly liberal… apparently. I wonder if they’re actually in favour of civil partnerships at all, “fully support” is such a flexible term nowadays, especially when one is nowhere near power and probably never will be.

    There is a general overall lack of support in the UK for UKIP, except in EU elections from 2004, albeit with abysmal turnouts, they have no MPs and their last gain in nationwide local elections was 2009 with plus seven, about 0.3% of the total contested. So why should we care what they have to say, they’re just parroting the “arguments” of the Christian Institute/Coalition for Marriage et al in any case, perhaps trying to say “This appears to have a lot of support, we agree with you” to attempt to piggyback on said supposed support.

  22. I thought they were ukip not bnp ?

  23. I’d say its more than a minority that wants full equality. even if it was though, we should be given it anyway.

  24. Hardly surprising that they don’t support same-sex marriage really as despite its name UKIP are not very independent or for that matter have very little to do with the UK. Nope. They take their orders directly from their tea party paymasters in the USA and their real goal is to have Britain run by the USA from a Republican administration based in Washington. What a bunch of quislings!

  25. David Skinner 17 Nov 2012, 12:36pm

    Clearly Pink News devotees, cannot bear to say, hear or see the truth. Driven onwards by cries of “There is so much more to do,” the poor creatures run with every increasing pace, gagged, deaf and blind towards the edge of cliff, no longer able to hear those warning them, or seeing the signs. It is too horrible to view.

    1. Came under Maine 17 Nov 2012, 12:58pm

      You poor thing then you must not be subjected to such horrible sights, best stay in the sewer where you belong.

    2. It’s ‘too horrible to view’ yet you keep coming back to post your driv … er, to give us the benefit of your insight: can you perhaps discern an inconsistency there?

      Then again, being able to recognise inconsistencies probably isn’t your strong point. Bless.

    3. David, do talk to someone. All that hatred will burn a hole inside you. Get over your gay ex-boss and stop your silly vendetta against gay people – for your own sake as much as ours.

    4. Look who it is, the resident schizophrenic taking a break from his meds to bore us all silly with his uneducated dribble.Try not to miss taking your meds tomorrow, David, yeah?

    5. Jock S. Trap 18 Nov 2012, 10:40am

      “Clearly Pink News devotees, cannot bear to say, hear or see the truth.”

      Ha!! This coming from someone who doesn’t believe in facts but assumptions, hearsay and ‘biblical’ dillusions! I think you can only have the right to make such comments when you can finally learn to think for yourself.

      Not that your a bitter individual or anything eh Mr Skinner?!!

  26. ...Paddyswurds 17 Nov 2012, 9:44pm

    It would seem that the homophobis UKIP intends on reaping some reward from the expected Bill on Marriage Equality being mooted by the Tories is in fact they ever do table such a motion. It will give those who say they wont vote for the Conservatives a home much as the Roman Catholic Cult provided for disaffected Anglicans when they made Women bishops acceptable in the Protestant Cult of England…..
    Spanner ..I said Cult twice in the same sentence . Is that OK with you?

  27. billforsyth 18 Nov 2012, 12:09am

    Thankfully this bizarre rightwing cult is even more of an irrelevance here in Scotland than their sister party the Tories.

  28. I find it interesting that the don’t support equality, What other forms of equality don’t they support. What is the real agenda here? The other interesting point is they hate the ECHR and want us to pull out of it. They want us to pull out of something we helped set up in 1956 long before the EEC was dream let alone a reality.

    Their isolationist agenda would be a disaster for the UK.

    Pulling out of the ECHR would prevent UK citizens fighting bad or abusive governance.

    Is this there a totalitarian dream here for the UKIP leadership?

    1. GingerlyColors 18 Nov 2012, 12:35am

      Pulling out of the ECHR will mean that we can deport poisonously homophobic Al Quaida sympathisers such as Abu Qatada. Why do we need the ECHR anyway? We decriminalised homosexuality in 1967 six years before we joined the EU and Norway and Iceland both enjoy marriage equality without the need for EU membership. I sooner have isolate this country from the EU rather than see it get dragged down when the Eurozone goes under. Just look at the rise of the Golden Dawn Party in Greece. We need to look at the bigger picture.

    2. Private Eye alleged some years ago that ex-BNP members, disillusioned with their party’s lack of progress in the polls, defected to UKIP, some taking senior positions.
      Nigel Farage had to apologize for taking BNP help and financial support to found UKIP

  29. The UKIP would be a magnet for many posters in here, if the BNP didn’t exist of course. The homophobic element in both parties is only a minor and unimportant detail in xenophobic and r@cist minds.

  30. Surprise, surprise. The number of gay people who support these morons and are deluded enough to think they aren’t homophobic is laughable. At least Dave, despite all his faults, has got into the 21st century on issues like this; UKIP are basically the Tories of the 1980s, or even the US Republicans. Theyre the Daily Fail’s wet dream anyway, so much so that I’m surprised the Fail hasn’t publicly endorsed them yet. I also love the ‘only people who support equal marriage are a small but noisy group of gays’. For starters the majority of gay people support equal marriage, and also there’s only a small but noisy bunch of bigots and religious mutters who oppose it. If truth be known, most people probably don’t care either way. I also love how this issue apparently isn’t a priority yet they’re being so vocal and wasting so much time and energy opposing it – doh! Also they don’t believe in the state getting involved in marriage, so why do UKIP support a tax cut for married people? #hypocrisy

  31. I can’t possibly take seriously a so-called “libertarian” party that wishes to elevate the constitutional role of the Church of England and monarchy, double the amount of prisons in the UK, drastically raise spending on national defence and enforce Australian style immigration controls. Not to mention a party with ‘independence’ in its name that only wishes to leave the EU to make the UK even more of a US lapdog. I don’t like the EU either, but not for anything close to UKIP’s reasons.

    Farage is such a sleazebag too. He embodies everything he pretends to hate in the political class. Affected and well rehearsed (but still stilted) in speech. needy and desperate when addressing the public. Note the overbearing way he extends both arms out to the audience as if to say “trust me”.

  32. “No intention to support UKIP”, majority of voters says.

  33. UKIP are behaving like “traditional” Tories.

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