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Manchester: Defeat for gay Tory candidate

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder why the story isn’t “Gay Lib Dem candidate comes second in by-election, keeps deposit”… it’s about as news-worthy!

  2. Why not ‘gay Lib Dem second’? Or ‘gay candidates second and third?’

  3. Admit to a good belly laugh at the concept of a Tory (I don’t care if he is LGBT or not) losing his deposit.

    Then, the wider implications struck. 18%? Wow. That’s actually pretty sobering. Is it a sense of the irrelevance of party politics? A feeling of disenfranchisement? A lack of confidence in the political machine of the country? Or a giant F You All to politics in general.

    A turnout of 18% – LGBT or not – is a problem that needs to be addressed, or else the door is propped wide open for extremism.

    1. Manchester Central is one of Labour’s safest seats, and historically has poor turnout even in general elections. But you’re right, the low turnout for by-elections and PCC elections do risk homo/bi/transphobic candidates slipping through.

  4. HA HA!

  5. Well done to Matthew for standing and representing both LGBT rights and Conservative Party policies. So many of us should take a leaf out of his book and become more involved in local and national politics: it’s the only way to stop the wrong people getting into positions of power, and to make sure that out LGBT people (not the apologetically discreet careerist closet cases!) get into positions where we can make a difference.

    Matthew works hard to campaign for LGBT rights in the Conservative Party, and to provide information about Conservative policies to the LGBT community (when they are often presented in a very distorted form by the Left and Hard Left activists), and I wish him every success when he stands again in the future.

  6. Matthew, isn’t it time for you to admit you’re in the wrong party? I know you think it’s gallant, fine, and brave trying to turn back the Tory tide, but haven’t you seen, by now, that the Tory party is the party for bigots? This has been proved by the fact that despite you being so out and proud, you’ve not been able to get a decent number of Central Manchester voters to vote for YOU! Why? Because you’re alligned yourself with a party still dominated by bigots. Ditch them now, Matthew. You’ve tried hard enough.

  7. More a defeat for the Tory party than anything else, although I have to say that I am surprised he was beaten into third place by the Lib Dem candidate.

    1. That’s not surprising. Lib Dems came second in Manchester Central in every election from 1997 onwards, and were a close third to the Tories before that.

  8. “…Conservative Matthew Sephton third on 754 votes – five more votes than were achieved by UKIP’s Chris Cassidy.”
    I bet they wish they’d voted “Yes” in the AV referendum now. UKIP (Tory2.0) stealing about half their votes.

    1. And yet the Tories used SV (AV for people who can’t count to 3) for the Police Commissioner elections on the same day…

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Nov 2012, 12:21pm

    I think Sephton is an equal marriage supporter. Wait until the C4M gang of hatemongers get wind of that. They’ll use it to promote its opposition and as a warning to Tories who vote yes for equal marriage.

    1. Robert

      In a Labour stronghold like this one, many Conservatives would have voted strategically for the Lib Dem candidate, or not bothered to vote at all.

      C4M in its desperation will perhaps try to make capital out of anything, and perhaps will try to use what has happened for propaganda purposes. But who cares? C4M are on a hiding to nothing. Equal marriage is coming to the UK, and they can do nothing about it. And the more fuss they make, the more supporters for equal marriage they generate.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Nov 2012, 5:10pm

        Gazza, I hope you’re right. We musn’t lose sight of the fact that we will need a sufficient number of Tory votes in Parliament to guarantee safe passage. In a whipped vote for Labour and Liberal Democrats that amounts to about 310 or 11 I believe, assuming none abstain if that’s an option, but we would still need 24 or 25 Tories, hopefully a lot more to make it a reality.

        I think the C4M group’s increasingly more desperate rants may have something to do with the recent success in three American states by popular vote (something C4M has always demanded) and by France’s approval of a first draft. Now that Eire is making noise, I expect their desperation and spurious rhetoric to get a lot worse. I wonder what they will do after equal marriage passes? They won’t have anyone else to hate except themselves for being the bigoted jackasses that they are. A genuine Christian wouldn’t react that way since it’s not even remotely about religious marriage.

  10. Gay and a Tory! What a contradiction…

  11. Interesting. This is newsworthy, yet openly gay Labour candidate Olly Martins’ victory in Bedfordshire is not.

  12. Robert Brown 16 Nov 2012, 3:56pm

    Yeah I know . . .

    The fact that it was a VERY SAFE Labour seat meant that really they were going to win . . .

    The horrifying aspect is the very very very low turnout . . .

  13. Staircase2 16 Nov 2012, 6:46pm

    …it couldn’t happen to a nicer party…


  14. Never really understood the alliance of LGBT community members and the Tories – after all the Tories have been responsible for some of the worst abuses and attacks against our community in the past 30 yrs. So, am delighted that another Tory lost. I am gravely concerned that Tory benefit policies will continue to force LGBT community members who are sick, disabled or unemployed through no fault of their own, great hardship and distress. Some may lose their homes due to a Tory policy which demands that they pay, from April 2013, 14% from frozen benefits towards their rent – meaning some may have to pay as much as a quarter of a fixed income! Current Jobseekers Allowance, I believe, runs at £71.00 per week (£284 p month) – my neighbour, after paying utilities, TV licence, is left with £34.89 per month for food – 14% of his monthly rental comes to £56 per month. Which will mean a deficit of £21.11 every month. Leaving nothing for food.These are the issues that ought to be on our agenda.

  15. Many in the LGBT part of society seem to find the concept of a gay person being conservative either anathema or hard to comprehend.

    Generally, our politics split across two axes, a left – right economic axis and a libertarian – authoritarian social axis.

    I’m neither a politician nor an economist, but I assume that there’s no inherent linkage between left or right economically and being LGBT. If anything there could be a move to either edge as we, in the past, were shunned by “polite society”. Then we come to social policies. I don’t think that either party is inherently more or less liberal. Conservatives should recoil at the concept of the state intruding into our personal lives. Labour, generally wants a more homogeneous society.
    Personally, I’d like to see more LGBT people involved in society, on all sides of all arguments; with the proviso that I don’t find the comments along the lines (which there haven’t been many today) of quisling …..

    1. We need LGBT people of all political persuasions working within their parties to get them to be more LGBT friendly / accepting / etc, otherwise we’re dependent on the influence of the Liberals and the EU to ever get anywhere.

      In fairness to them, the change in the Tory party on this since they were last in power is huge – then we talked about rebels as being those Tories voting *for* an equal age of consent, now we talk about rebels voting *against* same-sex marriage

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