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ITV disciplines This Morning after paedophile incident

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Reader comments

  1. Only reprimanded? As much as I like Phillip Schofield he should not have attempted to hand anything to the PM. He (Philip Schofield) should have gone to the police if he had anything solid. It was pure gutter tabloid journalism, and really not even journalism!

  2. Paul from Brighton 15 Nov 2012, 12:34pm

    Schofield should be fired. He’s another bigot stirring up anti-gay feeling by intimating that we’re all paedos.

    Don’t forget this was the same botox-faced clown that sued a media outlet that suggestion that he and Jason Donovan were having an affair.

    At the time, he made it very clear that the media should only work and report on facts, not potentially damaging unfounded accusations.

    So what he does he go and do?

    1. GingerlyColors 15 Nov 2012, 1:18pm

      I posted a comment here but is disappeared so I am replying to yours instead. This Morning will do well to sack Phillip Schofield and replace him with John Barrowman who had sometimes presented the show. Just watch the ratings go up with Mr. Barrowman as I for one will be watching!

    2. Do I detect a hint of Bias…’botoxed clown’?? And if Mr Schofield wasn’t having an affair with Mr Donovan…wasn’t it within his rights to sue those who said he was?? I hardly think that doing so qualifies him as a bigot! Having watched the clip I can’t see anywhere where Schofield insinuates that any of the names on the list were Gay or even says the word Gay! Yes what he did was ill advised but its not a hanging offence. Surely the real issue here is the names on the list? Don’t shoot the messenger. Perspective.

      1. I agree – Schofield would certainly have reacted in exactly the same way if it were suggested he was having an affair with a woman. He has a marriage to protect.
        Footballers take out superinjunctions to hide affairs with women, after all.

    3. Spanner1960 15 Nov 2012, 4:49pm

      Schofield was merely the mouthpiece.
      It is the editors and producers of the show that masterminded this tacky exercise, and it is they who should be sacked.

  3. Ban the show, bring back TV-am, and Roland Rat… send Schofield back to the Broom Cupboard.

  4. I have to say that although Philip Schofield did wrong by handing the PM a list… The point he was making was that within three minutes, he had managed to obtain a list of names from the internet… Perhaps these internet rumor mongers now need to consider their positions before sharing gossip and libel on the net.. Far too many people think they are safe sitting behind their little screens at home.

    That said, he could have made the point without writing down the details and handing them over to the PM.. (who then went on to mention the dangers of a ‘gay witch-hunt’ ) I also accept that this was a mistake and not meant to suggest any links between gays and pedo’s…

  5. It’s a difficult subject, but I also have to question the validity of (some) of these ‘historic’ allegations. How on earth can anyone prove one way or another? Of course, when complaints were made at the time, and no further action was taken by the police, then with hindsight, we need to ask why and what went wrong?

    But how ‘safe’ can any prosecutions be now for these ‘historic’ offenses? How on earth do you PROVE that you weren’t at such and such place, doing such and such thing TEN YEARS AGO? I would think that most of us would have a hard time proving innocence given that sort of allegation?

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