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France: Book claims far-right nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen had gay experiences

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Reader comments

  1. yuk, what a thought!

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, doesn’t research show that the worst homophobes are usually gays n denial..

    1. Paul from Brighton 16 Nov 2012, 9:32am

      I disagree with you that homophobes are usually gays in denial.

      Quite insulting to gay people, don’t you think?

      Why not put them in their rightful place – they are straights who like to play on the other side of the fence as their sexless marriages are about as boring as their own pathetic, narrow minded lives.

      1. Paul

        I have to agree with John. It’s not insulting to gay people. It’s what homophobia does to gay people when it is internalised, as was maintained by Weinberg in his book in the 1970s, “Society and the Healthy Homosexual.” We LGBT people are no better, and no worse, than heterosexual people. We are boringly normal. ;) But normal people can be turned into something very dangerous by self-hatred and sexual guilt: and fundamentalist religion is responsible for that.

        1. Paul from Brighton 16 Nov 2012, 9:59am

          By all means, agree with John.

          I’ll sit and here weep, quietly, lol!

          But I think that there are lots of straight men who engage in gay sex, which doesn’t make them gay.

          We have this self-depreciating way as gay people that anyone who insults us/offends us etc must somehow be gay.

          Why not see these people for what they are and stop including them in our numbers?

          For example, as soon as the old bigots raise their ugly heads with some silly, offensive statement or otherwise, there’s a rush from gay men particularly to label them as being closet gays, which I believe they are not.

          As for Weinberg, I haven’t read his work and don’t feel able to comment either way, but I would say that any research or conclusions that are made by someone in the 1970s when ‘homosexuality’ was often viewed as a mental illness, shouldn’t be taken as the holy grail.

          1. Paul

            I agree that homophobic behaviour doesn’t necessarily imply someone is a self-hating LGBT person who hasn’t come to terms with their sexuality. And I do think that a lot of hetero people are partly bisexual, and that a good number haven’t come to terms with that. A lot of negative behaviour stems from people projecting their own stuff onto other people. A lot also stems from fundamentalist religion, where people worryingly believe “God” is commanding them to believe certain things about homosexuality, and to oppose all LGBT rights, on pain of eternal condemnation. They are a barrel of laughs.

            As for Weinberg: please keep an open mind. He was one of the first pro-gay psychologists, and he coined the term “homophobia,” arguing that being gay wasn’t an illness. His book was very helpful to me in my youth, and has a great number of excellent insights.

          2. I agree with you, Paul. Even though a number of homophobes are clearly men who’re overcompensating to cover up feelings they’d rather not have (that idiot ‘pastor’ in Uganda who shows gay porn to his ‘flock’ comes to mind), it’s too simplistic to assume that all homophobes are repressed homosexuals, especially if you bring childhood religious indoctrination into the equation.

      2. Paul, it’s not insulting to gay people – it is what it is. There may be those straight-people-who-have-gay-sex that you talk about…but there also those who are gay but cover it up with homophobia.

        Hopefully, as time goes on, people won’t have to resort to this kind of denial.

  2. gasp … !

    1. I know! How unexpected. Homophobic bigot turns out to have same sex tendencies.Who’d have thought it?

  3. *PLEASE* let there be no intimate photos of this mind-boggling liaison.

    1. Those photos might be the closest to “ex-gay” therapy actually working. (shudders)

  4. The same rumor was made about the BNP thug and frontman, Nick Griffin.
    If true, then yes expose the fascists on their hypocrisy. However, if these rumors are just created to make them look bad, we don’t need false rumors for that task. They do a far better job of making themselves look bad than we could ever accomplish .

    1. I am a nationalist and former BNP supporter. I personally doubt whether Mr Griffin has any homosexual tendencies. I also don’t doubt the fact that the BNP has gay/bisexual supporters as ALL political parties in this country have. Ironically, the ‘mainstream’ party that appears to be the most ‘homophobic’ ie the Tories has probably more gays/bisexual members than the Lib Dems or the Labour Party has.

  5. “Mr Labarerre “fantasised” about him.”

    He must have been desperate.

  6. That There Other David 16 Nov 2012, 10:12am

    Wouldn’t it be funny if he and Nick Griffin had hooked up at some point?



    1. LOL (literally) – good one.

  7. de Villiers 16 Nov 2012, 12:47pm

    Je vais tomber dans les pommes. Ugh.

  8. “tender initiation into pleasure between men”

    Why do people write this sort of thing, especially about such a person? It’s lunchtime, are they trying to promote the Bulimia Diet or something?

  9. Christopher in Canada 16 Nov 2012, 1:45pm

    His face probably was a lot sexier in the early 70’s – as were a lot of ours!!! Just ask anyone over 50!!! And if you don’t think it will happen to you, JUST KEEP BREATHING and you’ll see!!

    1. He would have been just as ugly inside though.

  10. Mister Fister 16 Nov 2012, 3:52pm

    Don’t we have enough to put up with without being associated with rubbish like Le Pen? Please let this story be untrue.

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