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Florida: Gay Republican commits suicide blaming Obama victory

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Reader comments

  1. What can you say to article like this?

    My sympathy goes out to his partner and family but even so, it was an extreme thing to do.

  2. Paul in Brighton 15 Nov 2012, 10:48am

    Terribly sad and it goes to show how many, worldwide are living on the edge.

  3. What a waste of life. he could hgave made a difference but ran away

  4. My sympathies. You just wait though- the republicans and conservatives will leap on this to say that this shows how even those that are gay hate Obama and how he is killing small businesses such as this man’s tanning business, causing them to commit suicide, and the liberals and democrats will say that this shows how the conservative news and discourse about the democrats is so hyperbolic and vitriolic it drove a man to his death. And in the middle of it a poor man’s death will be forgotten and used for political point scoring. Poor man. No one should be driven to suicide whatever the reasons. Rest in peace.

    1. Driven? Wouldnt you say that suicide, or murder is just nature cleaning itself if the weak?! Just sayin. No violins here mate.

  5. Honestly, I blame the pattern of political debate and propaganda in the states.
    It seems like everyone takes part in the muck-flinging of “if they win the world as we know it will burn down!” usually with a nice big scoop of lies, slander and blame.
    This may be the first case of a suicide that mentions a politician in the suicide note, but it’s probably not the only one where politics have been a part of that last shove over the edge.
    If politics were approached in a rational, intelligent, calm and controlled manner, and campaigns were built on honesty and truth, complete with verifiable facts, maybe this man would be alive, and who knows how many more.

    I mean, aren’t we supposed to be adults?
    Kindergarten kids don’t even get away with this much bs or malice, not even by a long shot.

  6. Peter Michaels 15 Nov 2012, 11:54am

    just too bonkers !

  7. Good.

    1. That’s uncalled for.

  8. This guy’s tanning salon had recently closed. It may have been hit by the 10% excise tax, enacted under Obama’s Affordable Care Act.
    Lots of people in the world are facing hardship at the moment. Romney’s arrangements would have made things a Hell of a lot worse for a great many people.
    Nobody kills themselves because of an election result unless they are totally demented.

    1. A tanning salon in Key West doesn’t sound like a great business plan to me.

    2. It is my understanding that no taxes to support the ACA have been implemented as yet.

  9. That There Other David 15 Nov 2012, 12:45pm

    Another example of just how crazy Americans have become about their politics, and it seems to be getting worse rather than better. Does anyone recall people committing suicide when Bush gor re-elected, or Clinton? Is the partisan message being peddled now so severe that people are willing to take their own lives when they don’t get their own way?

  10. Christopher in Canada 15 Nov 2012, 12:53pm

    Meanwhile, tanning beds are proven to cause more cancer. In Key West, all you’d need to do for a tan is to GO OUTSIDE. He should have run an ice cream parlour. Not hitting on all cylinders…

    1. Greater exposure to sunlight causes more cancer too of course. The best thing is not to damage your skin with a tan at all…

      1. Tanning beds also cause cancer. Apparently, if you must have that “golden glow”, a spray “tan” is the safest way to go. On the other hand, do you really want all those chemicals absorbed into your skin? You’re right — NO tan is the BEST tan!

  11. ...Paddyswurds 15 Nov 2012, 1:15pm

    Who in their right mind opens a tanning salon in Florida. It is just a guaranteed way of losing ones money. Talk about selling ice in Alaska or sand in Saudi Arabia. I mean just how stupid do you have to be. One also suspects gross racism in this man’s hatred of one of the best Presidents America ever had the good fortune to elect. Can you just imagine the disaster if a Republican had been elected. The Bush presidency and its illegal wars and lax control of the financial sector is wholly to blame for the mess the States is in and it would have been a lot worse but for the heroic efforts of Obama……

    1. It’s more than a little unfair to accuse a recent suicide victim of being a potential racist for simply disliking President Obama, is it not ? For one, this article fails to even mention the ethnicity of the deceased. Many people, from many different positions on the political spectrum, dislike or even detest Obama and his administration, for a multitude of reasons. Yes, some on the right do oppose him for racist or ideological grounds, but there are also those on the left who despise his increased suppression of civil liberties and his militarism (drone attacks, bombing Libya, increasing defense budget etc.)… It would be nice if people didn’t jump to such hasty conclusions on such little data.

  12. My heart goes out to him and his family. I feel that this is the effect that the fearmongering of our politicians is having. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have advertised not with tactics of hope, or change, or good, but with tactics of fear. The election wasn’t a chance for things to get better, it was a chance for things to get absolutely terrifying if your candidate didn’t win. It had a lot of students I know writing applications to McGill and Uni Toronto alongside their other colleges in case America completely fell apart.

    Politicians are meaner than a pack of junior high girls. Maybe if they weren’t, this wouldn’t have happened.

  13. Pat. Kerrison 15 Nov 2012, 2:24pm

    One less idiot the planet has to drual over.
    If anyone wants to bop ’emselves off because a loss, go for the Bubbley, and, salute stupidity.

    1. Gene in L.A. 15 Nov 2012, 9:59pm


  14. Tom Cotner 15 Nov 2012, 3:01pm

    While I have extreme sympathy for his partner and his family, I would be the first to say he was bat-s*** crazy.
    Anyone who puts party before his own life deserves neither.

  15. Jim Nashville Tn 15 Nov 2012, 3:12pm

    RIP and my deepest sympathy to his partner, family and friends

  16. Staircase2 15 Nov 2012, 3:27pm

    Due to the nature of the incident the comments should have remained closed

    Why did Pink News allow comments on such a delicate issue giving the nature of the problems already existing on their unmoderated comments board?

    What people might say in the pub or in the kitchen is not necessarily appropriate for a globally read forum…

    Close it down Pink News

    1. Spanner1960 15 Nov 2012, 11:37pm

      Because it is a news column, not a book of condolences.

  17. When the German National Socialists invaded various countries or communist regimes took over in others, I could understand certain people committing suicide, but this is definitely not balanced. Surely no-one in their right mind kills themself just because of a Democrat success?

    1. Paul Brownsey 15 Nov 2012, 5:25pm

      Some of the anti-Obama propaganda in the USA came close to depicting him as the agent of communist-style totalitarian.

      1. Maybe, but surely anyone who actually believed that could reasonably be considered several sandwiches short of a picnic? Or at the very least, woefully ignorant of history?

  18. Kerry Hollowell 15 Nov 2012, 4:19pm

    This is very sad but the guy must have been suffering some kind of stress or mental unstability issue. Lots of people suffer the loss of a job or business and pick themselves up and start again. This poor guy obviously was not in the right frame of mind to take that view

    1. Gene in L.A. 15 Nov 2012, 10:01pm

      His partner should have seen something.

  19. As someone who has mental health issues I would say that there was underlying issues and Obama’s re-election probably had very little to do with it.

  20. We are all depressed
    He could have waited to turn the page. Now over half the states are trying to withdraw from ObomaNATION USA . Sad that he chose suicide as an option. Sympathy to the family and friends .
    Maybe , maybe not it is better to be homicidal then suicidal . I don’t get it, cause they tried to assassinate Hitler. Reagan did a lot less and theytried to kill him too. Whatever.

    1. That There Other David 15 Nov 2012, 7:29pm

      You watch far too much Fox News if you believe that. Obama’s USA is weathering this crisis far better than most of the other Western economies.

      And let’s not forget who caused this crisis in the first place. The wheeler dealers on Wall Street who wanted you all to vote one of their number into the White House.

      As a nation you’ve had a very lucky escape. Yeah, things are far from perfect, but they could have been a LOT worse.

  21. Tough he probally couldn’t deal with the idea that a black man could be smarter than him

  22. Pink News should have known better than to activate the Comments feature on a story such as this. Other than offering condolences, there’s not much that can be sensibly said without knowing the individual concerned.

    It’s also debatable whether it’s even a very relevant news item to cover: in this sad story, the gay aspect seems rather peripheral.

    1. the gay aspect in this story is important. i mean gay and republican, very disturbing indeed

  23. More of this story @ usa

  24. Michael Duggan 15 Nov 2012, 8:35pm

    One less dumb Republican voter Hillary Clinton has to worry about….!

    1. That There Other David 15 Nov 2012, 9:09pm

      This guy was a human being first and foremost. Try and remember that eh?

      1. David Myers 16 Nov 2012, 9:55am

        Perhaps deluded by Fox New Cool-Aid and perhaps a self-hating gay man, but you are right – he was a human being and we do need to remember it.

  25. Suicide is a bad business solution. No sympathy there. I feel for his partner that will now probably have to sort out all the mess. Good luck.

  26. One less the racist

  27. I know that’s not a sensible thing to say, but good riddance. Obama is fighting to make the United States a better place for LGBT people and then a gay man kills himself for whatever reason it was (which of course wasn’t a mere presidential election) and tries to blame exactly the only person who would make the country a better place for him and his partner.

  28. Robert White 16 Nov 2012, 2:25am

    Republican plus gay equals self hate.

    Self hate plus didn’t win equals death.

    Yep, that’s about how messed up being a perochial (spelling?) backwards country gets, and it gets close to that way every day somewhere.

    Kinda not-news really.

    Someone else in the states.

  29. Poor guy, but did he SERIOUSLY think Romney would help his business or his rights as a gay man?

  30. A gay Republican? I’d say he had more than enough trouble trying to balance his ideology between being gay and being Republican.

  31. Anyone who commits suicide is emotionally disturbed and mentally dysfunctioning. What they are thinking is inevitably distorted. In this case the distortion is obviously quite extreme and I am sure as most of you showed in your comments that he has fixated on Obama for completely extraneous reasons. His suicide is the product of disturbance, and is not objectively tied to the president.

  32. Another Negrophobe bites the dust.
    Some people just can’t face up to the reality of black power.

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