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Canada: Trans student banned from using male toilets

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Reader comments

  1. The kids at the school signed a petition to allow him to use the bathroom?

    Children aren’t all bullies

    1. That is sooo good to hear the students did that. Very nice.

      1. billywingartenson 21 Nov 2012, 6:02am

        He should also do what the student rioters did in Boston at Harvard back in the 60s re the disaster called the Vietnam war****

        They used desk draws of right wing profs.

        **** VN – mem refresher – VN was a colony of catholic france , which robbed it in a way that made the commies look like God.

        HO Chi Minh after Dien Bien Phu when the french got crushed, asked by letter at least 7 times to pres Eisenhower for help putting their country back together again.

        the only thing that happened was a million VN casualties – most civilians, and 58000 Aemricans dead.

        The smart thing to do was to let the commies take over as they ultimately did. VN hated the chinese for the many times China had invadeed over the centuries. It could have been a great window into the chinese commie world, as Yugoslavia was for us in Ea Europe for decades. Instead the war mongers and the fear of the commies led to another disaster.

  2. isa kocher 15 Nov 2012, 8:00pm

    god save us. have they no shame. stories like these make me siçk. i hate reading them. i hate having to use them. he’s not carrying an ebola virus. i want to attack these people and cut them with rusty pinking shears. i want to paint them with tar and feather them with feather boas. i want to make them pose for live st sebastain tableaus.

    1. isa kocher 15 Nov 2012, 8:02pm

      typo i hate having to read them: stories like this

      1. Dave North 15 Nov 2012, 9:13pm

        The “cuttings” and “attacks” were bad enough. But the feather |Boas. Too much…

  3. This reminds of comments Rosanne Bar made just recently. “if she has a penis, she is not allowed in.” “women do not want your penises forced in their faces or in our private bathrooms. respect that FACT.”

    Lost all respect I had for her. I hope she is refused to use any toilet anywhere. Same goes for those hateful school officials, just pick a reason. Like “’cause you’d scare our customers”.

  4. I’m good friends with James, the guy in this story.
    It makes me so proud of him hes gotten this to make it over to UK sites.
    It is sickening that they won’t allow him to use the washroom he identifies with.

    1. I hope James can continue to remain strong in the face of adversity. Good luck to him. :-)

  5. Christopher in Canada 16 Nov 2012, 3:26am

    Here’s a concept: washrooms for HUMANS. Gender is irrelevant. Any futuristic TV show has them. Locker rooms are only segregated to prevent pregnancy, NOT sex… look at any YMCA or other gym!

  6. He (or she) needs to be able to use either the men’s or the ladie’s room. The school does have the right to decide which of the two is appropriate, but they do need to him (or her) use one of them.

    1. As the article states, the person’s name is James and is transitioning, it is unclear whether he has completed the transition but should be allowed to use the male lavatories. And there was no need for you to put ‘her’ in brackets, is shows a lack of respect for him.

      1. Not trying to put words into anyone’s mouth, but I could have used the same wording to indicate the irrelevance of gender, without referring to his case. Some transgenders even want to be in the middle.

        Google ‘Antony Hegarty’. I love her voice and music.

        Tip for Pink News: do a special on Antony Hegerty on 20 November

        Nomi Ruiz and Antony:

          1. Mister Fister 16 Nov 2012, 4:04pm

            The CIA considered using recordings of Antony & The Johnsons as a form of torture at Guantanamo Bay but decided not to do so because even they have limits to what they will do to terrorist suspects.

      2. DevinJames 16 Nov 2012, 4:52pm

        Regardless of James’ body or appearance or step in gender transition he is male and should be allowed to use Male washrooms. If a person identifies as a specific gender that must be respected, not graded or judged by any scale. Thank-you for what you said D.McCabe, because using a pronoun in brackets that conflict with how a person identifies is degrading!

  7. Bring back Ally McBeal on TV – Unisex toilets, its the way forward. Also, love the remote flusher, (need to watch the show to get the meaning :) )

  8. Dear James,
    It gets better, but never perfect. When someone finds out about your past there will always be some ass that has to say or do something absolutely unkind and or hurtful. Be strong look beyond the present situation as you will have friends and others who will support you and I am one of them.

  9. We dudes don’t want to expose ourselves in front of random women. I accept womens right to privacy in the locker room. The same applies to men. Unisex locker rooms / toilets are a myth. Different genders have different requirements. Men can’t behave like men in the locker room if women are present and women don’t appreciate being starred by men if they share the same utilities. In certain settings you should be amongst your own gender. Thats not segregation. It’s taking into account the gender specific sensibilities.

    1. I know plenty of places with unisex toilets, they’re far from a myth. It isn’t and shouldn’t be an issue.

      Locker rooms are a different matter as people may get naked in there. That does pose a problem for trans people. I’m a trans woman in transition, and I simply avoid locker rooms because I am certainly not gonna flash my boobs in front of a bunch of guys even if I still have a penis. I’d be much more comfortable in a women’s locker room, but as I said, I avoid doing things that requires me to enter either.

      1. You don’t get to decide what shouldn’t be an issue.

        Different genders require different places. Full stop.

        Using a restroom is a very personal ritual. Guys standing at the urinal with their cocks out don’t want women around and I am sure women don’t want to witness that. If you’ve got a cock you’re invited to join but if you don’t have a cock get the hell out!

        1. “You don’t get to decide what shouldn’t be an issue.
          Different genders require different places. Full stop.”

          No, apparently only you do … “full stop” …

          It’s perfectly possible to have urinals in a booth you know. I know you haven’t been to an unisex bathroom because you think they’re a myth. So how do you know what works or not?

        2. Then there is this absurd statement:

          “If you’ve got a cock you’re invited to join but if you don’t have a cock get the hell out!”

          Why does it matter if a woman has a penis or a vagina as to what bathroom she should be allowed in? If you’re so afraid someone might look at your penis, maybe you should work for bathrooms based on sexual preference instead?

  10. Dont know why people get so upset about the whole toilet thing.

    Its just toilets, no one sees you naked regardless of what bits you have.

  11. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 18 Nov 2012, 4:11am

    The Canadian state of Ontario actually just 3 months ago passed a law banning discrimination against gender identity!

    Time to completly stop discrimination in 2012 – on the basis of HIV health status, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or relationship status!

  12. I live in Durham Region! I’m only on this site from researching LGBT rights in Canada. I can’t believe this story is on a UK site?! At least he managed to be accepted and use the male bathrooms. I’m glad I live in a country that was the first in the Americas to allow gay marriage. Good luck everyone else convincing your governments to do the same.

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