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Video: Trailer of gay parenting series The Vessel

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Reader comments

  1. As a same sex parent I will tell you what it is like, the same as my sisters different sex family.

    Lots of arty types keep thinking it is more exciting than it is.

  2. this looks rubbish, however The New Normal an American show about the same topic is very funny.

  3. Bad acting – check.
    Ridiculously stereotypical camp men – check.
    Computer-synthesised music – check.

  4. Looks fun and funny. CW people make comedies about all sorts of “normal” things this just happens to explore something recent and topical.

  5. One Million Moms (A.K.A. One Mom) must be foaming at the mouth right now.

    1. Let us hope so!

  6. It has a charm to it. I wonder how many more shows will trend off the subject.

  7. I think this looks great! Bout time something like this is out

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