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Vatican steps up anti-gay media efforts, compares being gay to polygamy

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 14 Nov 2012, 10:28pm

    They must have got bored of counting their money, staring at their priceless Renaissance art, and having minions servicing their every whim again…

    I note that they also mention their views on abortion. One poor Hindu couple in Galway found out recently what the Vatican’s teaching leads to.

    There is nothing Christian or moral about the Vatican.

  2. This organisation and its actions are so far beneath contempt, so universally (and rightly)loathed that any comment I might add would be superfluous.

  3. James Savik 14 Nov 2012, 10:32pm

    You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
    Matthew &:5

  4. “Monogamous marriage between a man and woman is an achievement of civilization”

    So why do you resist it yourself then, you hypocrite? Practise what you preach!

    1. In passing, can I just say I hope the good little priest has been misquoted, since for a press officer to say anything as tautological as ‘monogamous marriage’ is pretty damn’ shoddy – ‘monogamy’ is all he needs, since it already means ‘married to one person at a time’.

    2. If he got married then the wife would find out about his passion for interfering with children!

  5. Looks like its an all out effort-throughout the world-to smear gay people. Is it really any different to crystal naucht? Only difference – they are using their media friends to spread the lies and popaganda against us. Its a Catholic Conspiracy all right.

  6. Garry Cassell 14 Nov 2012, 10:37pm

    Why do ordinary people give money to this outdated, biggoted, hateful, anti-God organization…their is nothing christian about these people..not even anything that comes close to loving or caring..they are filled with hate, spite and pure malice for everyone who does not indulge in their desire to be all-knowing and full of answers that all should be foolish enough to follow, while they get rich and live in splendar while at the same time too lazy to care for themselves…mainly just molest young boys..and everyone is suppose to turn a blind eye to their evil ways…just invoke the name of God and all is OK…No this church is the DEVIL..

  7. There’s nothing at all wrong with a woman marrying a wedge of cheese in my book!! I mean, as long as both parties are in love and have both chosen to be with each other….none of this ‘arranged’ nonsense!! We don’t very want wedges of cheese being forced to marry against their will now do we!

  8. someone needs to read his bible more, polygamy was the norm in biblical times.

    1. The Old Testament even states Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon were all polygamists and God never spoke against them…
      I hate these comparisons against homosexuality and polygamy, the only thing in common with these concepts is the sharing of love between 2 or more people, what’s so fricking bad about that?

  9. I love the way this individual (incidentally PN, aren’t Catholic priests usually referred to as ‘Fr’ rather than ‘Rev’?) brings in polyandry – I bet the thought of a woman having more than one husband sends them into a tailspin, in a way that plain old common-or-garden polygamy (by which they mean what is strictly known as polygyny) doesn’t!

    It’d be funny if it wasn’t so toxic.

  10. ...Paddyswurds 14 Nov 2012, 10:55pm

    So now the detestable Roman Cult thinks a wedge of cheese can fall in love and marry a woman. If it can why can’t it marry a man if it wants to? Is Ms Williams being sexist one wonders……

    1. No, she’s on our side – read the article.

      1. ...Paddyswurds 14 Nov 2012, 11:33pm

        Sorry, I was going by the as usually badly written synopsis that appeared on my facebook page… Where does pink News find the idiots who write up the copy ….? I also think Ms Williams analogy was ill advised and very clumsy.

  11. I don’t understand, polygamy is more than two people, ssm is two people.

    I think the Vatican is clutching at straws here. These things can’t be compared?!

    1. Midnighter 15 Nov 2012, 9:27am

      Of course they sound desperate. You shouldn’t expect genuine logic and reasoning in the drivel of an organisation of bigots desperate to justify their existence. False analogies and conflation are some of their standard tricks – now that the world’s population is increasingly educated and capable of thinking for itself, their medieval theatrics are shown for the threadbare cloth they always were.

  12. “Monogamous marriage between a man and woman is an achievement of civilization,”

    So! “Priest must be celibate” “Nuns are married to the church and god”

    What was it Mrs. Brown said to the priest in a recent episode… Hm! oh yes… “if you can’t walk the walk don’t talk S**te!

    If the pope feels that marriage is an accomplishment of civilization… the catholic church has yet to become accomplished in what it speaks!

    If you have issues with polygamy go try to convert them… but don’t compare… when there is nothing TOO COMPARE!

    1. Well now you mention it, if nuns must be married to God, surely that makes god the ultimate polygamist! Just think how many nuns there are out there… and that’s before we get to arguments about them marrying an inanimate object like say a church!

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 Nov 2012, 12:04pm

      ” “Priest must be celibate””

      Yeah except of course when it comes to the vunerable!

  13. “If two men can pledge their love in a legally recognized union, who’s to stop a woman from marrying a wedge of cheese, right?
    It’s hard not to be really offended by that. But then why would we expect members of that strange cult to have any sensitivity. Being in a loving relationship is not the same as phucking alter boys, Your Holiness.

    1. The woman who wrote that was mockingly reducing the idea to the absurd – read what she wrote immediately after.

      1. Thanks. I stand corrected.

  14. How exactly do you achieve a polygamous couple?

    1. schizophrenia?

  15. When will the government put on its big-boy pants and demand the Vatican ambassador come in and explain why the leader of a foreign nation is attempting to affect internal policy regarding equal rights?

    The Poop and the Vatican’t aren’t getting involved in righting a wrong! They are actively promoting the perpetuation of that wrong.

    And it’s about TIME that government had a sit down with their representatives and told them what’s what.

  16. If cheese is now a legitimate sexual partner I assume priests avoid the mature stuff.

    “Hide the Babybel! The clergy are coming!”

    1. Hilarious!

  17. Banning gay marriage might
    lead to celibacy and we don’t need any more of that…do we?

  18. ...Paddyswurds 14 Nov 2012, 11:26pm

    One thing we can all look forward to is that these old dinosaurs are all dying out….

    1. Unfortunately that is not so! despite the accomplishments in civilization and advances in modern sciences….it appears that despite their celibacy these old dinosaurs keep reproducing! It seems like an endless lineage just waiting their turn!

      1. Celibate priests can’t reproduce, so they have to recruit. I think that’s how the logic goes anyway,

        1. ...Paddyswurds 15 Nov 2012, 1:24pm

          …and the recruitment is going rather badly. 50 years ago there would have been as many as 2000 or more young men entering the seminary in Maynooth in Ireland; this year saw a total of three and one left within a week…. It isn’t faring much better for the Roman Cult elsewhere either….. South America and Africa both report a fall of 50% in recruitment. So the writing is certainly on the wall for these cults. Time will see an end of this evil and good riddance!

        2. I was being cynical given the situation… but if put in a better context perhaps “replicate” would have been a more apt choice of words if it pacifies your doubts about my knowledge of biology. I do hope that as Paddyswurds say these dinosaurs do die out… that said there is still great contemptible prejudices bred in to the aging contenders of this long lineage to be pope

  19. Maybe he realises that for us one same sex partner is like 2 opposites.

  20. They’re still on the Slippery Slope Fallacy?
    That was so 3 months ago!
    When their own campaign has outpaced them, then you truly know they are living in the past.

  21. Like I care what this pedophile pimp has to say about anything.

  22. friday jones 15 Nov 2012, 12:33am

    Just remember folks, the Vatican protects and nurtures child-rapers, and therefore has zero moral authority in the modern world, where raping children is now actively frowned upon.

  23. I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and fight for gay rights then you are wrong to do so by religious groups. We are law abiding citizens of the earth and have a right to stand up and fight for equality and disagree with any anti-gay motives by any group.

    1. Very sensible and adult. We should be, and indeed are, models of proud integrity. Bigotry is a disease that kills.

      1. Its my own adapted version of one of my favorite Hillary Clinton quotes. :D

  24. When the Vatican condemns the MANY male Catholic politicians in mainland Europe who maintain both a wife and a “mistress”, and threatens them with excommunication unless they change their ways, I will start to listen to what the Vatican has to say about polygamy.

    On another matter is it not time that the UK government derecognises the Vatican pseudo-state, which is no more valid than other, equally bizarre, purported “micronations” such as Sealand, Seborga, the Conch Republic, the Republic of New Afrika, and the United Kingdom of Atlantis?

  25. Pavlos Prince of Greece 15 Nov 2012, 1:32am

    ‘polygamy and, of course, not to discriminate, polyandry’. Congratulations, dear Vatican, you try not more discriminate women. Good beginning and progress indeed, 64 years after Human Rights Declaration . But many things still waiting…

    1. and they even got that wrong. Polygamy INCLUDES polyandry. They erroneously believe polygyny and polygamy are synonymous. oops.

  26. hate is like a shadow—it has no real substance of its own, it is simply a lack of light * love in order to cause a shadow to disappear, you must shine* light* love on it >>> jesus came not to angrily strip away our gay love but to affectionately strip away your gay hate ,so we might become truly free >>> if you feel the need to love someone >>> love them >>>

  27. Old is New i am not writing a new commandment, it is an old one you have always had, right from the beginning. This commandment – to love one another – is the same message you heard before. Yet it is also new. (1 John 2:7-8 NLT)

    (This is not evil, but it is just so stupid I just had to post it.)

  28. The church has been watching too much TV… need to understand that polygamy is NOT “sister wives” and “big love”. UT, AZ, TX and other states “turn a blind eye” to true polygamy where children (girls as young as 12) are married off to much older men and then live off of welfare, food stamps and Medicaid (known as “bleeding the beast”)… as discussed in new book “plygs”, a fact based journalistic view at the REAL world of polygamy … Warren Jeffs, the leader of this group (serving a life sentence for child rape) has recently ordered that only 15 men in the group can procreate with ANY of the women of their choice within the group… it is a SAD, SICK way to live. this group in UT / AZ / TX are nothing but pedophiles and welfare cheats…
    BUT the law makers in those states will not let an ADULT, TAX PAYING, gay couple marry …. go figure….

    1. “REAL polygamy”!? Your argument is akin to arguing that because some gay men molest children that REAL gay men are pedophiles. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with more than two people who love each other freely creating a family unit together. Institutionalised patriarchal polygyny where the man is the master of the household and his wives have no say in how many other women he marries is not an example of this. Children being forced to marry is also not an example of this. All of the supposed dangers associated with polygamy are dealt with as long as each individual’s human rights are protected. If three consenting adults want to have a relationship together (whether 1 man with 2 women, 2 men with 1 woman or 3 of the same gender – or MORE) there is no harm. This is where the arguments against polygamy fall down. A child can’t give consent. A horse can’t give consent. A slice of cheese certainly can’t give consent. It’s not difficult and the only way it is relevant…

    2. … to the same sex marriage debate is that if people only engaged their brains for half a moment they would see how invalid their objections are.

  29. 6) David’s Punishment – Polygamy, Rape, Baby Killing, and God’s “Forgiveness” (2 Samuel 12:11-14 NAB)
    Thus says the Lord: ‘I will bring evil upon you out of your own house. I will take your wives [plural] while you live to see it, and will give them to your neighbor. He shall lie with your wives in broad daylight. You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.’
    Then David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.” Nathan answered David: “The Lord on his part has forgiven your sin: you shall not die. But since you have utterly spurned the Lord by this deed, the child born to you must surely die.” [The child dies seven days later.]
    This has got to be one of the sickest quotes of the Bible. God himself brings the completely innocent rape victims to the rapist. What kind of pathetic loser would do something so evil? And then he kills a child! This is sick, really sick!

  30. Chrissy Egg 15 Nov 2012, 4:16am

    They sit there surrounded by wealth whilst half the nation starve . They preach no sex before marriage – whilst half their clerics are abusing children .
    The Muslims believe in their religion (misguided as it is ) enough to die for it – personally , I wouldnt give you tuppence for the catholic mob .The only thing they’re good for is making Exorcist movies .

  31. what a clearly deluded old trout the catholic church has abused children over the years no one will let it go benedict fight all you want the church is dying off

  32. My answer is:


    As long as they love each other and there is no domestic abuse going on, it doesn’t make any difference to me if two men marry or if three men marry.

  33. An organisation that is becoming increasingly loathed and viewed with contempt by the day.

  34. What a stupid argument: comparing gay people to a wedge of cheese. It’s amazing what people will come up with when they realise that their power is failing. Hopefully people will see through these pathetic efforts and get rid of the catholic church.

  35. Well they can go and take a running jump as far as I am concerned. They are not, in my view a Christian group, just a money making cult using religion as they always have. To oppress and control people.

  36. That lot continue to disgust me!

    They preach love and understanding and yet they would not know it if it sat on their faces and wriggled.

    Polyandry, this is a new word to me!

    As for abortion, a woman loses her life in Ireland due to blood poisoning because it is a Catholic country. They are so twisted and dangerous it makes my blood boil.

    1. This sounds like the result of a session of arcane logic chopping indulged in by a group of naive Roman seminarians over a cappuccino.

  37. If they’re going for slippery slope arguments, then the slope starts with straight marriage.

  38. What’s wrong with polygamy anyway? It’s bizarre that we live in a world of multi-billion dollar arms sales, and all that entails, yet all this guy can find to focus his hate upon is people in love.

  39. “Monogamous marriage between a man and woman is an achievement of civilization”

    I thought their argument was that marriage was god given and therefore shouldn’t be altered by man. Now they are saying it’s an achievement of civilization – in which case it must be OK for man to develop and improve it.

    You can’t have it both ways (Oh I forgot, it’s the Catholics we’re taliking about so logic doesn’t come into it.)

    1. the frustrating thing is that if you said that back to him, he would have no trouble creating a response as to how these two mutually exclusive claims can coexist if you only have faith. It’s the church of clapping your hands over your ears and saying “LALALALALALALALALALALA”

  40. Over the years human society has been screwed by –
    Religious toleration
    Abolishing slavery
    Extending the elective franchise, especially to women
    Replacing magic with science
    Trades Unions
    Property rights for women
    Outlawing discrimination against minorities
    It’s amazing there are any of us left. And all the parts of the world unencumbered with this sort of mischief are so much happier and better off.

  41. Looks like the corrupt old villain Ratzinger has gone and had himself a TOWIE style spray tan.
    So I guess that means Ratzo won’t be marrying his beautiful personal assistant Gorgeous George then?

  42. What a fool! Apart from the fact that the bible is full of polygamy, there’s no reason whatsoever that SSM would lead to polygamy as centuries of opposite sex marriage hasn’t, has it?

    But don’t let facts and logic deter you from your bigotry, eh?

  43. “who’s to stop a woman from marrying a wedge of cheese, right? ”

    It’s Edam and Eve not Adam and Eve, Marriage is between one cheese and one woman, always was always will be.

  44. The OT is chock full of polygamous guys, so Benny’s god must have been ok with it. Not the best of arguments there, but they don’t have any, of course.

  45. Crumble crumble crumble the big bad church is falling down! They have nothing left in them but bitterness and resentment spouting laughable and sad verbalisations such as mating with a lump of cheese! Oh dear! Whatever next!

  46. Jock S. Trap 15 Nov 2012, 12:01pm

    Oh the man is such a bore and clutching at rather old straws don’t ya think?!

    It is worrying that he heads so many in the world but he has to accept that marriage was re-defined BY religion in the first place. It serves no purpose to be so bigoted esp when marriage is in decline in many country and esp the fact the world hasn’t caved in on itself regardless of countries that now accept marriage equally.

    Let’s face it, all this is really about is control and we know what people do when they fear loosing it, don’t we, they bitch, they discriminated and it they still fail, they turn to violence and war… but hey, thats just religion for you.

  47. Nick Davis 15 Nov 2012, 1:19pm

    Despite all of this hate and vitriol being spewed out over the media at us by right-wing religious fanatics (Christians, Catholics, Muslims and Jews), I’m actually starting to feel sorry for them.
    Their hate filled minds must be a truly terrifying place to live and to have their hypocritical life view challenged by love and compassion from the people they hate, must be a very scary thing.
    We cannot, however, tar entire religions by the actions of a rabid minority.
    I suggest anyone who has been on the receiving end of their bigotry to show them true love and understanding. They are infected with a sad disease and should be treated as having such.

    1. what a completely ineffective (and vague) approach to dealing with idiots. Ever experienced a “loving” catholic trying to “save” you from eternal torment by telling you how sinful you are? the best strategy is to call out idiots and bigots and haters and demand they justify their beliefs. people are starting to realise what a crock of BS it all is. They just need to be reminded often enough that their is an alternative to swallowing religious tripe.

  48. OK these people just bore me now. How can anyone who preaches love and understanding launch an all out war on people they don’t agree with. I thought GOD was the only one who could judge or is the Vatican above GOD now???

  49. douglas in canada 15 Nov 2012, 2:16pm

    “Monogamous marriage between a man and woman is an achievement of civilisation,”

    An achievement, by its very nature, is something that didn’t always exist, therefore, it is something that is not inherently natural. It is discovered, explored, acquired, achieved. It is a result of evolution.

    This is in direct contradiction to their statements that marriage between a man and woman is “natural.” So now, if they say that “hetero marriage is natural,” we can reply with “No, it isn’t. Vatican says ‘it’s an achievement.'”

    Then again, stupid and oppressive were never good at logic.

  50. SO WHY is that records in the archives of the Vatican and of the Cathedral of St John Lateran [The Pope’s Cathedral as Bishop of Rome] attest to the early Christian Church having a rite for same-sex marriage???? Answer that Benedict!!!!

  51. Tom Cotner 15 Nov 2012, 3:03pm

    Why on earth would anyone pay any attention at all to an organization who wishes to execute all queers in Africa?
    Perhaps they ought to start within their own gates!!!

  52. darkmoonman 15 Nov 2012, 4:22pm

    More poop from the Pope.

  53. Looks like the Vatican has stumbled on a good idea for a even more inclusive society, the polygamists and the much forgotten polyandrists must have felt totally isolated and victimised,we must thank the good folk of the Vatican for highlighting this oversight and rectify it asap!!

  54. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Nov 2012, 6:55pm

    Wait until this evil monster gets wind of Uruguay approving an equal marriage bill this week to be voted on at a later date.

    Just who are these people demanding polygamy he speaks of? Where has it happened?. I’ve not read of one occurring in the eleven countries where equal marriage is legal. The man is a psychopathic liar and fraud. Does this idiot really believe any civilised western country is going to ratify polygamy. He’s delusional.

    I note he doesn’t mention hetero polygamous marriages permiited in some Islamic societies, not a word, up to four wives at a time. I wonder why he’s so silent?

  55. “Polygamy” is a gender-neutral term. You mean “polygyny and polyandry”

  56. Cardinal Capone 15 Nov 2012, 11:45pm

    He uses polygamy as a straw man to shock people, but readily allies with polygamous countries and religions to try and whip up opposition. What a hypocrite.

  57. If a single true God does exist then creating a race of selfish, sinful, ignorant, arrogant, egotistical, money hungry and sex obsessed beings for the sole purpose of worshiping him would have to be the stupidest thing he’s ever done….

  58. MEA MAXIMA CULPA SILENCE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD Trailer , TIFF Festival 2012: via @youtube

  59. Try paying taxes pope, maybe then you may comment on how the public want to live their lives…
    Don’t want to? Don’t have to? Then STFU!!! And all the other hating, tax dodging religious organisations

  60. It doesn’t help matters when courts defend the rights of ‘the religious’ to say on ‘Facebook’ that gay marriage is an ‘equality too far’. Religious belief must NEVER be allowed to become a licence to incite hatred. If we are not very careful, it will.

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