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US: Transgender woman sues after taser incident

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Reader comments

  1. If this happened as described, then it is a truly appalling incident, and I hope the officer concerned receives the most severe sanctions possible.

    I have always believed that Tasers should be banned. They cause extreme pain to the victim, officers who use them have a greater temptation to be trigger-happy as they are not generally lethal and they can concoct some cock-and-bull story as to why they used their weapon, and we do from time to time hear just how these weapons are being abused by police officers.

    I am absolutely disgusted and appalled whenever I read accounts of this kind about the alleged misuse of Tasers. Just imagine them in the hands of repressive regimes such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Uganda, to name but a few, being used against civil rights activists.

  2. Hanging around for an hour following an incident, arresting someone because they’ve had two beers, then never filing papers about them ‘drinking in public’, it all reeks of a bigot wanting to ruin someone’s day. I hope he loses his job.

  3. Sister Mary clarence 13 Nov 2012, 6:10pm

    What seems to be missing from this is the phrase ‘officer suspended pending investigation’.

  4. …this is truly outrageous and horrible. All persons who act in this way towards Gay, Lesbians, Transgenders ought to be thrown in jail…

  5. Robert Brown 13 Nov 2012, 7:58pm

    What an horrendous way to treat someone . . .

  6. There is actually vidoe out there backing up her story; the BLM will lose in court. In the past authorities got away with stuff like this because we didn’t report it, those days are over. We have found a voice as a community and crap like this will no longer be tolerated.

  7. is the groin where officers normally shoot people with tazers?

  8. Richard the Big Bunny 15 Nov 2012, 6:52pm

    Wow … will they bother to waste the court’s time defending themselves? They’d do well to settle. They tasered a calm person with her hands raised. The officer should be fired — because an offence like this speaks VOLUMES about his power & abuse issues — I think he’s a bit beyond sensitivity training & learning about the proper uses of force.

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