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Nigeria anti-gay law within striking distance of approval

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Reader comments

  1. Jason Feather 13 Nov 2012, 7:03pm

    American right wing evangelical Christians have a lot of money to throw around in uganda promoting their hatred of gay people. Homophobia is a Western import to Africa:

    1. It may be a western import but it has found a very receptive audience – that is the responsibility of those countries.

    2. Jock S. Trap 14 Nov 2012, 11:40am

      “Homophobia is a Western import to Africa:”

      I see, so these people can’t think for themselves, then?

      Of course money also talks…

  2. This is christian evangelicalism in play, miring poverty-stricken and corrupt nations deeper into bigotry.

    When christianity is forced to the background, we have the Enlightenment. When it is allowed to flourish and rule, we have the Dark Ages.

    I know which one I want to live in. Those who choose the latter can suffer in their cesspits of backwards, under-developed, ignorant theocratic nonsense.

  3. Once again the evils of religion. Such people are primitive savages.

  4. Disgusting religious freakery. Africa will never become a civilized place while is has sold its soul to religion.

  5. Do people who live in countries like Nigeria and Uganda never compare themselves with countries where SSM is already legal and then not wonder where they might be going wrong?

    Progress takes many forms and includes, scientific progress, educational progress and of course social progress. Do they not question where the good old “traditional values” are taking them?

  6. Robert Brown 13 Nov 2012, 7:44pm

    URGH . . .

    Still a lot of work to do unfortunately . . .


    and will only get worse with the new Church of England appointment . . .

    Such a shame.

  7. Religion is not the only thing to blame. African countries have a macho culture. Always have. What a toilet.

  8. nigeria, that global capital of plastic pentacostal churches with franchises all over uk and america, pushing aggressive evangelical agenda that allows church ministers to get mega rich mainly by over doing each of other on gay bashing.

  9. 2012 and still countrys behaving as though they`re in the dark ages ffs!!feel really sorry for gays in nigeria and uganda!!

  10. casparthegood 13 Nov 2012, 9:29pm

    If Nigeria is truly such a god-fearing land then why do so many well known internet scams seem to originate and proliferate there. Or, is appearing god-fearing just another way to seperate gullible Americans from their cash?

  11. Oh no!! Quick! Close the curtains! Hide all the normals away from this abomination! Oh no! The gays will threaten humankind. The gays will destroy the world!

    1. brownfingeredfiddler 14 Nov 2012, 11:32am

      If everyone was gay, mankind would cease to exist in 10 years.

      1. If??? What’s your point? If everyone was male the world would cease to exist. You’re such a dumb dumb.

      2. Staircase2 14 Nov 2012, 5:14pm

        You bloody dildo

      3. Staircase2 14 Nov 2012, 5:16pm

        Of course they wouldnt, you bloody dildo…

        They’d just have KIDS.

        I find it competes incomprehensible how the right-wingers would on the one hand wrongly claim that being gay means people can’t have kids and in the other put up barriers to gay parents having kids in the first place…

        The bloody idiots…

  12. Given that the African nations have contributed zilch to the sum of human kind on this ball of rock we call our home, I would like to apologise to them for the past god ridden colonialism that our ancestors bestowed on them.

    Here we have the result.

    Uneducated idiots, relying on foreign religions.

    But please cough up charity cash. There despotic leader needs a new jet.

  13. homo filth and disease 13 Nov 2012, 10:09pm

    Did you know that homosexual males are 50 times more likely to be carrying the HIV virus than hetero males?
    Studies also find a disturbing link between paedophilia and homosexuality.

    1. yaaaaaaaaaaawn

    2. Lieberdavid 14 Nov 2012, 12:23am

      What is morality but prejudice?

      1. Yes. Prejudce against filthy practices that have no beneit to society but just create disease that kills even innocent babies in the womb. Some prejudice is righteous you know!

        1. Mister Fister 14 Nov 2012, 4:41pm

          Please explain how gay men who are unfortunate enough to be HIV+ can be responsible for the death of ‘babies in the womb’. Sir or Madam, you are an idiot.

          1. .br.own..fing.ered..fidd.ler.,., 14 Nov 2012, 11:12pm

            Many gay men have sex with women also, some as prostituts, some as husbandswhoo hide their true deviance from their wives etc etc. If you believe that gay men never have sex with women, you are deluded.

    3. Keith Farrell 14 Nov 2012, 1:41pm

      it is not only the gay people who carry this virus, its all the straight and bi people who think they can sleep around and “feel it ibn their blood” if someone has this virus, how stupid.Yes gay people can also be sick but just leave us to live our lives.
      Funny how 99% of the peado’s have been normal straight men who seem to enjoy young girls and boys for sex. Gay men like gay men, we are not into having sex with children. So get your facts rights

  14. Like Uganda this post-colonial country is flexing its muscles in the only way it knows how – to bully a minority that it perceives has begun to free itself from the shackles of moral prejudice. Unfortunately for them it shows that far from growing up from the yoke of colonialism these countries have shown that they still haven’t shed the baleful influence of their colonial past. They are sadly not being true to Africa or African values, as they mistakenly think, but are still subservient to “white” values of the 19th-century; spite has infantilised them and when they blame homosexuals they are really saying they still blame their colonisers. Time to get over it.

  15. Cardinal Capone 14 Nov 2012, 1:37am

    Nigeria is already so far beyond the pale in so many ways this doesn’t shock me as much as it should.

  16. GingerlyColors 14 Nov 2012, 6:42am

    It seems that we cannot deport homophobic terror suspect, Abu Qatada back to Jordan yet the government was quite happy to send Olamiekan Ayelokun back to Nigeria. There is no reason why David Cameron cannot put Qatada on the first plane back to Annan and say to hell with the interfering ECHR and give his house to a worthy case like Olamiekan Ayelokun. Promises are being broken faster than plates in a Greek restaurant by this government.

  17. Jock S. Trap 14 Nov 2012, 11:39am


    Clearly another country that doesn’t need British aid hand outs!

  18. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Nov 2012, 2:16pm

    The Christian Taliban really annoy me!

    I bet in about 5 years time from now a few or a lot of far-right Nigerian and Ugandan politicians will be caught in a public toilet with their pants down with another man doing “suck though th Glory holes my son”!

    Why are the Christian Taliban so obsessed with outlawing gay sex to blantenly cover up adultery military scandals, trust funds on oil to influence gas prices back home in the Australia and the US and corruption on a wide scale on aid money, when at the same time in their churches the very same people control and influence the Nigerian Parliament while abusing alter boys as young as 10 under their white frocks are well-known kiddy fiddlers or pedophiles and are on the worldwide interpol most wanted list!

    See, I am not afraid to say the whole truth on what really goes on in the world!

  19. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Nov 2012, 2:19pm

    Trade sanctions and suspending all aid money to both Nigeria and Uganda should do the trick!

  20. Staircase2 14 Nov 2012, 5:19pm

    Nigeria is dirt poor, corrupt as hell and values the lives of others as of no importance whatsoever

    Shocking country; mired in Western influence; conned into giving away much of its oil wealth by Western Global Corporations building on the corrupt legacy of missionary zeal and western commercial exploitation.

    These conditions invariably ALWAYS create the level of scapegoating of various minority groups that we see in Nigeria and indeed in Uganda.

    It’s the same right wing knee-jerk blame behaviour which was created in pre war Germany and is now on the rise in Greece, as well as present in various Eastern European countries.

    The same is happening in the UK right now, albeit in populist attitudes towards the disabled and the poor in receipt of state benefits.

    Poverty, austerity and a corrupt media and political class always create an upsurge in right-wing sentiment and abuse.

  21. .br.own..fing.ered..fidd.ler.,., 14 Nov 2012, 11:08pm

    “I bet in about 5 years time from now a few or a lot of far-right Nigerian and Ugandan politicians will be caught in a public toilet with their pants down with another man doing “suck though th Glory holes my son”!”

    My reply…
    Yes, many in the homosexual community claim to be Christian whilst undertaking ‘toilet adventures’.. Why do they bother and why do these homosexual Christians have to infest public toilets with disgusting criminal practices?

  22. The Uganda law has been repulsed twice, in part because it legalises murder.

    There is still time to add your name to the petition at

    Nigeria is another case – equally revolting, but they do have oil and that seems to speak louder than morality

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