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Hacktivists target Ugandan lawmakers over anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. John Briggs 13 Nov 2012, 9:33pm

    I love Anonymous, they’re lone crusaders in the fight for justice and equality.

  2. I’m finding it difficult to find these names and addresses (maybe just me). Why aren’t they published here?

      1. Thank you for that, Jamesh. I just wrote to all of them. Only takes a few minutes. Emails to these people will be much more valuable than comments here. Don’t just preach to the converted.

        1. Could you tell us what you wrote to give us some ideas?

          1. This will go well with black christians:
            Genesis 9:25-27: “Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers. He also said, ‘Blessed be the Lord, the God of Shem! May Canaan be the slave of Shem. May God extend the territory of Japheth; may Japeth live in the tents of Shem and may Canaan be his slave’. “

          2. I wrote:
            Please vote with humanity and compassion on any laws which threaten to undermine or endanger your Gay brothers and sisters. The world is watching you. Be on the right side of history. Cruelty and savagery will not be forgotten.

        2. I don’t think they will be able to use their email, due to email bombing. And if they do read your email, they will be gloating by the suffering they are able to cause.

          1. That’s a great excuse for doing nothing, Mooz. As I said, quoting the bible on this site is a bit redundant. We all know what it says about slavery.

  3. It’s great when Anonymous does this, please make their life a living hell.

    1. casparthegood 13 Nov 2012, 10:18pm

      Or at the very least spam them stupid(er)

  4. It’s a sad and disturbing indictment for Christianity, if a “Christmas Gift” to themselves involves the subjugation and oppression of an innocent group of people. I really can’t see the message of peace and love.

    1. Christianity was always about subjugation and oppression.

      Try reading that hateful book.

      Back to front,.

      Read it in the view and perspective of being an ignorant shepherd of sheep in a tatooine scenario.

      1. if you want to understand Christianity, don’t read the old testament. that’s stupid.
        read the NEW testament, and only read the parts directly related to Christ’s words.
        in other words, only the four gospels. (include the gnostic gospels if you will, but they are so incredibly symbolic and difficult to decrypt they aren’t much use to us).

        While idiot “christians” may quote continuously from the old testament to justify their hatred and pettiness, they are WRONG to do so,and for multiple reasons.

        first of which is that the passages they quote are erroneously translated.
        secondly, the passages are almost all taken entirely out of context.
        and most importantly, Christ himself said that the old testament was the old law, and that his followers should not heed it, for HE was the new testament and the NEW law.

        So if you’re going to throw hatred at “christians”, do so for the right reasons and at the RIGHT people. Don’t lump ALL Christians into the same bag as those nutcase fundies.

        1. Am I to assume that is the content of the mail you’ve sent to Ugandan lawmakers?

          1. no, I will be writing to my OWN government demanding that any and all financial aide to those countries be withheld until such a time as they can guarantee the safety, security, and well-being of all of their citizens, whether straight or gay.

      2. Yes, but Christmas – whether you believe it has much to do with Christianity or not – is supposed to be a time of goodwill to all men tralala, so the thought that legislative bigotry could be seen as a ‘present’ is particularly nasty.

  5. ...Paddyswurds 13 Nov 2012, 10:46pm

    Is there any way we can send each e.mail address a trojan or virus ? Has anyone got a link to a virus or Trojan we can ues…

    1. DJ Sheepiesheep 14 Nov 2012, 1:02am

      Or could someone suprglue the lock on the front door of the Ugandan High Commission in London.

      1. Better yet they could expel all Uganda High Commission staff and cut all aid. Governments around the world should take the same action immediately! any country with intentions to legislate human rights violations have no right to have High Commissions in civilized countries.

        Governments need to start being pro-active and not reactive… when the damage has already been done… this “Promised” legislation should be prevented from happening!

        1. I agree, but aid to these countries is a modern version of Catholic Indulgence. Where to go with all the guild we have?

  6. Good, Keep It Up. Thank You.

  7. Cardinal Capone 14 Nov 2012, 1:26am

    This article is mistaken, the death penalty has not been removed:

    “The second part of the statement, claiming that the death penalty has been shelved, is also a boldfaced lie. In May of 2011, the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee  recommended a sly change to the bill, removing the explicit language of “suffer(ing) death,” and replacing it with a reference to the penalties provided in an unrelated law which already exists. That law specifies the death penalty, which means that the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee recommended that the death penalty be retained through stealth. Bahati then went on to claim that the death penalty was removed even though it was still a part of the bill.” – Box Turtle Bulletin

  8. I hope they find and release his scandalous emails. Homophobes can be counted upon to cheat on their spouses, have sex with underage children, hire prostitutes and/or use drugs. I hope he is fried in the press.

  9. Meaghan Edwards 14 Nov 2012, 4:20am

    You go, Anonymous! Keep up the good fight.

  10. johnny33308 14 Nov 2012, 5:36am

    Anonymous is quite admirable in their obvious willingness to literally put themselves on the line in order to advance the causes of justice and equality. They have my undying admiration and gratitude. Each of them is a true hero, and I love them all. Their bravery is astonishing as they continue to fight for justice and equality for all people.

  11. GingerlyColors 14 Nov 2012, 6:29am

    Let’s spam the scum!

  12. This is why I love the internet.

  13. Sometimes you just really gotta love Anonymous.

  14. Have emailed them all. Don’t know if they’ll even read it but it’s also a way of saying thank you to Anonymous for fighting for equality

  15. Excellent article:
    “Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill, It’s Democratic And It’s Religious”

  16. Vigilantes are great when they are on your side.

    They aren’t always on your side though.

    This sort of vigilantism could so easily be carried out by an anti gay group. How do we feel about law breaking hackers then?

  17. Jock S. Trap 14 Nov 2012, 11:19am

    Good, though they are not just crimes against LGBT people but also crimes against humanity!

    Something they should Never get away with.

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