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UK: Terrence Higgins Trust launches World AIDS Day campaign

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  1. Each year World AIDS Day seems to receive less & less coverage in the media in the UK & appears to be less important to many gay men, despite the fact that gay men were once at the forefront of fighting HIV.

    Whilst MSM are still at a high risk of contracting HIV, we are increasingly seeing new infections stradily rise in the general population – I think it is time that the gay community showed some leadership in tackling HIV & the stigma associated with the condition. WAD is the perfect opportunity to raise HIV awareness & to challenge stigma.

    All the main HIV charities are holding events on the run up to & including WAD, with National HIV testing week kicking off these initiatives.

    HIV treatment & care have changed beyond recognition in the last 30 yrs, but sadly stigma & discrimination remains a huge problem.

    Inmy opinion the final sentence in the press release made by THT is somewhat unguarded & will be criticised I am sure – perhaps more media training is required!

  2. GingerlyColors 13 Nov 2012, 7:23am

    It will be nice if we could have a list of high-street shop chains in support of World AIDS Day and sell red ribbons. Just about everywhere sold poppies for Remembrance Sunday (and of course we must not forget the sacrifice of our soldiers) and it would be great if red ribbons were widely available for a minimum donation of say £1 to the Terrance Higgins Trust. HIV/AIDS is not a problem confined to gay men, anybody can be affected either directly and indirectly and we must never become complacent when it comes to safe sex.

    1. It is the regional HIV charities suffering cutbacks that could really do with such support, Gingerly, but a great idea.

      And in response to my own post (below) in which I suggest we need to change tack, how about scrapping World Aids Day altogether in favour of…World Aids Week?!

    2. Last year Waterstones in Gower Street did a whole week of WAD events with help from many – NAT, GMFA, GHT etc ..

      1. This was a great event last year – my local HIV charity River House Trust were also involved.

  3. It is a shame we even need a World AIDS Day to remind the world that it is still with us for the other 364 days of the year.

    Sure, everyone slaps a token red ribbon on, like you do, but then come Dec 2 it’s off the radar again as more important concerns like Christmas parties take precedence.

    Maybe it’s time to change tack…

  4. Paul Halsall 13 Nov 2012, 10:48am

    “…a virus that can be easily controlled with medication…”

    While treatment has massively improved, and Thank God for that, this idea that the treatment is easy is a huge lie for many people. And it is a lie that makes it harder to deal with welfare system.

    Many of the medications have-side effects and not all these are clear. Some cause bone density loss; and fairly recently it has come out that Effirenz/Sustiva (one of the ingredients in Atripla) causes memory loss.

    Even with current treatments, young persons infected in their twenties will lose twenty years of life.

    And the stigma itself is soul-destroying, causing depression and isolation.

    1. I agree that such generalisations should stop being used so freely as they are inaccurate and disincentivise some to always engage in safer sex.

      HIV meds aren’t a one-size-fits-all panacea:- different people will react to different drugs in different ways.

  5. Yet again this thread has been completely overrun by an individual who constantly talks about “cover ups” & wants people to speak out – in other words should be all for freedom of speech & allowing other commentators to enage in good debate.

    Instead, what do we get? Constant clap trap from one selfish person masquerading as a champion for people living with HIV – what a load of bull$hit.

    Pink News really needs to act to prevent this form continuing as regular commentators will just move on elsewhere………….utterly shameful that one person is allowed to continue with a personal vendetta in this public manner!

    Get a grip PN!

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