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Ex-footballer: Gay rumours ‘hurt’ my career

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Reader comments

  1. What a comment to make- “Nothing against gay people-people are free to be what they want”

    So untrue Ian- weARE what we ARE- not what we WANT to be.

    What an ignorant and homophobic attitude to have.

    And why rake it up now? He’s retired and living in America. Who cares?

    1. Perhaps he has a book coming out? (unintended pun, sorry)

  2. Has he got any evidence to back up his assertion or is this just a general whinge that he is throwing in our direction because he didn’t make it as far as he wanted?

  3. Helen Wilson 12 Nov 2012, 9:21pm

    Ian Bishop was just a crap footballer thats why he never played for the full England team. He is delusional to think it had anything to do with any rumours!!!

    I guess in his old age he is looking at his career through rose tinted glasses.

  4. He was never that good. Loads of ‘straight’ footballers have had homophobic abuse and made it into the England team.

  5. “…false rumours about him being in a relationship ..”

    Maybe it was only a one night stand.

  6. I’m sorry for this man that his career didn’t pan out the way he’d hoped. But it would have been a good deal more dignified, not to say manly, if he’d not sought to blame apparently unfounded rumours for his lack of success.

  7. That is the whole point of gay rumors, to hurt somebody and their jobs. That is why the CIA use it all the time around the world to get people to fight each other, if you get your enemies to fight each other that saves the CIA so they don’t have to fight. That is called the art of war. Today they fight a psychological war to destroy their enemies by spreading gay rumors or what ever rumor works to destroy their target person or group. Something to think about since they also do this to Americans who are minorities in America they do not like for some real or imagined reason.

    1. Note, they also cover their tracks so when you see somebody ask “do you have proof” they know that they covered their tracks well enough that no one can prove what evil they are doing. However truth always comes out sooner or later and it is just a matter of time before it does, sadly a lot of the time the truth comes out too late. But there are people who know and it is possible they will leak the truth or snap and give out secret information that will expose the mad men behind the evil they do, using others who can be used do to their dirty works. Some body should tell the fools who do their dirty work they should ask for a lot more money because they have millions they could be paid but a lot do it for slave wages not knowing they could make a lot more money for their dirty work.

    2. That There Other David 13 Nov 2012, 12:09pm

      They can spread as many gay rumours about me as they wish. It’s only those who live in hiding that give any leverage.

      So….Gays Of The World, the message is clear. Just be yourselves :-)

  8. If you don’t make the A team, perhaps it meant that you were just not good enough for it, think about that and stop making excuses! Fool!

  9. who is he ?….exactly no one knows him…

  10. I’d have a lot more sympathy for these wrongly “accused” footballers if they had the balls to come out against homophobia. Not even the supposedly gay-friendly David Beckham has done that. Pathetic really.

  11. I note the self-pity in this man’s whining. But he didn’t express one word of regret for the hurt millions of gay people who suffer at the hands of homophobes daily.

    1. Holy smoke, you lot, get off the guy’s back. Or is the most fruitful way to eliminate homophobia, John, to take the language used by people trying to express their not-homophobia, subject it to your withering, holier-than-thou scrutiny, decide that it doesn’t match your rigorous linguistic standards and therefore conclude that they ARE in fact homophobic. Way to go. Turn friends into enemies. Round of applause, John.

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