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Bath: Bouncer accused of making homophobic slur

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Reader comments

  1. The managers response seems fair ie the bouncer should get the sack if the investigation shows this is true. If he doesn’t or if the investigation looks unfair – I’m sure the students’ unions in Bath will pick this up. They are very good at organising boycotts!

  2. CC Blooms (gay) bar in Edinburgh had a bouncer that was a member of the BNP. He said it didnt affect his job. When the management found out they sacked him. Clubs and pubs get these bouncers and don’t know their backgrounds. Most (not all) are bullies.

    1. So what happened to freedom of association?
      The bouncer was sacked purely because he was a member of the BNP? Yet you don’t state he had done anything wrong in his work.
      Under the law you cannot be found guilty because of who you associate with. That is a basic freedom.

      1. Very true Paul, only last week there was a report of a bus driver who was dismissed from his job for being a member of the BNP. When he took the case to court, it ruled in his favour and he won quite a large settlement.

      2. “So what happened to freedom of association?”

        Nothing. He can still be a member of the BNP.

        Biggots (by supporting the BNP) do not make good bouncers. When your personal life affects, the life and business of your employer, working relations get strained. He is not guilty, he is just not quallified for this kind of work. Many Jobs require your openess about certain aspects of your personal life. This is one of them.

        1. a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance’

          That’s the definition of bigot and the guard in question was simply doing a job.
          I’d find it hard to understand which party was the bigot in the situation as written on here.
          The BNP is a legal organisation; should we discriminate in employment against people who belong to the Conservative or Labour party?
          There may of course be more to the matter. How for instance would anyone know which political party he/she belonged to.

  3. Belushi’s is quite a large chain and I do believe that the manager will do what is required to investigate these claims.

    I also suspect that the security would be a sub-contract company who will also need to launch their own investigation.

  4. He said “this is not a homosexual bar”. That is a fact. No bers are actually homosexual since the equaities act and before.
    Homosexuals see homophobia everywhere. They want to be victims.

  5. There is an element of truth in that Gazza but I love to see heteros squirm. We must remember, there are far more of them than us!

  6. ..why does anyone think that using homosexual abusive slurs is so offensive? Are we supposed to feel inferior because of being Gay? People tend to hurl abuse of that kind simply because they think that being gay is so shameful. This doorman ought to be slung in jail for being not just hostile but for having a bad sense of education.

    1. What did he say that was hostile an not factual? Please explain.
      Yours D.McCabe
      (member of the national sc@t community)

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