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Liberia: Christians and Muslims unite to campaign against equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. The campaign “hopes to gather over a million signatures to ban gay and lesbian activities there”.
    Yeah, Liberia is a nation of roughly 3.5million people (over 40% of which are under 15 years of age). So to reach it’s goal, their campaign would need to get about half the nation’s adult population to put their names down for it.
    Probably just me, but I smell a foreign intervention here!

    1. Im sure Christian Institute would volunteer a few american names like they did with the C4M campaign.

  2. He called for Liberian Muslims and Christians to “stand together and tell the world that Liberia is a place of civilized people and will not allow same-sex marriage.”

    Do they not understand the contradiction? I practically burst out laughing from shock.

    1. Dangermouse 11 Nov 2012, 12:09pm

      Well I’m sure if they dont want our western notions of freedom, then they dont want our aid too !

  3. Christopher in Canada 11 Nov 2012, 4:14am

    So much for the name “Liberia”.

  4. christians and muslims together will save the civilized world… yep, yep..

    where’s the brown finger when you need ‘im ?

    yuk yuk

  5. Liberia- Land of liberty and equality. You couldn’t make it up.

  6. So sad , no holidays in Liberia then.

  7. “There are good things in America that we can copy,” he said, “we don’t have to copy the bad ones; let’s leave the bad ones with Americans.”

    Their idea of good and bad seem to be inverted. They think it’s good to copy bigotry and bad to allow equal rights. Maybe they could drag their eyes away from America and look at countries that DO have equal marriage and see just how civilised they are?

    And why America, eh? I suspect hate-filled US fundies spreading their poison through Africa.

    And homosexuality is NOT an American or Western invention. It’s nothing to do with “the influence of foreign powers”. EVERY country in the world contains LGBT people and has done since the year dot.

    1. So, so true, Iris…

  8. That There Other David 11 Nov 2012, 9:18am

    This would be comical if it weren’t so sad.

  9. Which from a Muslim perspective neatly illustrates the epithet: my enemy’s enemy is my friend…

    …but make no mistake, these Christian right wing bigots will spit you out for breakfast once they’re through with you. An unholy alliance if ever there was one!

  10. Anti-Christs uniting …. wota mistaka to maka. What they sow, so shall they reap.

  11. Banning same-sex marriage and criminalising it are quite different things.

    Liberia does not need legislation to ban same-sex marriage – it’s already banned i.e. not recognised.

    Instead, Liberian politicians want to criminalise same-sex marriage – an appalling restriction on freedom of speech and association.

    Depending on the wording of the law, it could mean SENDING TO JAIL:
    – Liberians who get married overseas
    – same-sex couples holding a symbolic marriage with no legal force
    – same-sex couples holding a commitment ceremony
    – anyone attending or officiating at a symbolic marriage or commitment ceremony
    – foreigners who are in a same-sex marriage and visit Liberia

    The only effect of this law will be to make it illegal to say “I love you and consider myself your spouse.” This signature-gathering effort is a vile effort to restrict the basic freedoms of Liberians and should terrify everyone.

    Any US anti-gay groups involved in this are undermining basic human rights.

  12. African Christians and Muslims are not normally known for mutual tolerance and cooperation. It seemingly requires hatred of a third party to achieve it.
    How like religion.

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2012, 12:46pm

      Yep… thats backward religion for ya!!

  13. Next year’s Nobel Prize will go to gays and lesbians all over the world for their positive influence in inter-faith dialogue.

    Want to stop Muslims from killing Christians? No worries, just mention the gays.

  14. Bet some of them will be glad when they can settle down and get back to blowing each other up? What a distraction this is for them, bloody gays!!

    1. That There Other David 11 Nov 2012, 11:47am

      It does beg the question:- Where’s our Nobel Peace Prize?

  15. Cardinal Capone 11 Nov 2012, 12:19pm

    The guy who set up an advocacy group for gays, and whose mother’s house got burned down certainly deserves a medal.

    These homophobic attitudes didn’t just appear in Africa of their own accord, I hope those responsible for protecting civil liberties across the globe look into who is responsible.

  16. “The Love Of Liberty” my arse

  17. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2012, 12:43pm

    “He called for Liberian Muslims and Christians to “stand together and tell the world that Liberia is a place of civilized people and will not allow same-sex marriage.””

    Er… that’s not a civilised society. That is religions, yet again, expressing how backward and nasty they are and wish to be… all in the name of Their ‘God’.

    Civilised societies accept who people are and unite, not divide to satisfy their own warped egos.

    Disgusting and yet more proof that the day religion is a thing read about in the history books along with it’s hatred of all things but themselves of course.

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2012, 12:44pm

      sorry meant to end “the better this world will be!!”

  18. At least something can stop those two war mongering ideologies from fighting between themselves. Maybe the issue of gay marriage will bring about world peace amonsgt all the religions – just so they can stop us from gaining marriage equality. How pathetic.

  19. The one thing faith can unite on, joint hatred. I think that says more about the faiths than the “cause” they want to fight don’t you?

  20. GingerlyColors 11 Nov 2012, 7:28pm

    The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. Liberia’s Christians and Muslims have found a common enemy in the form of LGBT people but once they end up with severe laws criminalizing LGBT behaviour they will start knocking nine bells out of each other. Just look at Nigeria!

  21. *razed

    The spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in Pinknews articles are very distracting.

    1. They’re not ideal I agree, but they surely don’t distract you all that much from news items such as serious as this, do they?

  22. Shirleaf should be stripped of her Nobel Pfize.

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