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US: Equal marriage opponents in Washington admit defeat

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Reader comments

  1. “But while we are disappointed, we are not defeated”

    So shouldn’t the headline be “US: Equal marriage opponents in Washington Don’t admit defeat”?

    1. In Washington they are now absolutely defeated.

    2. Yeah, sounds pretty much like defeat to me!

    3. Yeah, I thought that.

  2. September Meadows 9 Nov 2012, 2:35am

    YES! :D
    I live and voted in Yakima, Washington, USA (a conservative backwater town) and am thrilled this passed by any margin!
    I never plan on marrying again but love the option to marry either gender since I am bisexual :)

  3. GingerlyColors 9 Nov 2012, 6:44am

    You are right, Isaac, the headline is contradictory. Preserve Marriage Washington SHOULD do the honourable thing and accept that people’s attitudes are changing (for the better) and they can do well not to waste money and embarrass themselves by dragging the whole thing through the courts.

    1. That There Other David 9 Nov 2012, 8:22am

      Fundies NEVER admit when they’re wrong. Even when this law has been in place 20 years and same-sex families have been living in the state without the sky falling they will still state that marriage equality is inherently evil etc.

      They’re conditioned by dogma. Best we leave them to wallow in their hatred and move the world on without them, which is exactly what just happened in three US states.

  4. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 9 Nov 2012, 8:04am

    Finally things are going OUR way, the right and equal way!

    Referendum 74 in WA state passes by 52%!
    The same in Maine where it passed by 53%.
    In Maryland the vote was very close but still passed by 51%!

    The anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendment of Minnesota FAILED by 52% another piece of good news!

    That will teach those bigoted and hateful Catholic kiddy fiddlers in a frock called priests a lesson!

    The House of Representatives in Colorado state is now changed from Republican controlled to Democrat controlled and the Colorado Senate is still Democrat controlled – so that means the Civil Union Bill should pass next year!

    Suck on this you stupid bigots!

    You bigots lost and just accept us for who we are. Same sex couples have a RIGHT to marry the person they love in the same way a woman has a right to an abortion or worship anyone you so choose freely!

    I am a 26 year old gay man, an activist, and an atheist who supports a womans right to choose as well!

    1. That There Other David 9 Nov 2012, 11:07am

      The US Supreme Court will also decide this month whether to review the 9th Circuit Appeal Court’s decision to back Judge Walker’s overturning of Prop 8 in California. If the Supreme Court chooses not to hear the appeal Judge Walker’s ruling will stand and marriage licenses can be once again issued to same-sex couples in California.

      Which would mean 10 US states, including two of the most populous, having marriage equality. I can’t imagine Rhode Island, Delaware, Illinois, and Colorado being far behind now. This will increase the pressure on the Federal government to overturn the Defence of Marriage Act and permit the same rights to same-sex marriage couples as available to their opposite-sex counterparts.

      The tide is definitely beginning to turn in the USA. In five years time this whole thing could be all but over. Exciting times.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Nov 2012, 1:06pm

        Rhode Island will probably be next. Governor Chaffey, a former republican now and independent, supports equal marriage. Interestingly, Rhode Island is yet another heavily catholic state as is Chaffey. Delaware, the home state of catholic Vice-President Joe Biden could well follow suit, now that Biden endorses equal marriage.

        1. GingerlyColors 10 Nov 2012, 5:17am

          If Catholic countries like Spain, Portugal and Argentina can have gay marriage then why not Catholic majority states in America?

  5. I love the sight of a sore loser :-)

  6. In years to come never forget which groups opposed equality.

  7. In what realm of their imagination are they ‘not defeated’?

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Nov 2012, 1:10pm

    Anne Widdecombe and her gang of hatemongers had better pay serious attention to her demand for a referendum on the issue in the UK and the implications of it after seeing what happened in three American states this week. She needs to be careful what she wishes for.

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