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UK: Anti-equal marriage bishop chosen to become Archbishop of Canterbury

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Reader comments

  1. He looks a bit weird! Also, as he is only 56, if he is appointed he could be around for a long time!

    1. Until he changes his opposition to same sex marriage I find I am unable to recognise Justin Welby’s relationship with his girlfriend Caroline Eaton.

  2. What excellent news! That banging sound you hear is another nail being driven into the CoE’s coffin.

    1. It really is the best possible appointment possible as it strengthens the case for separation of church and state.

      Basically it is untenable for a disgusting bigot to be the head of the official state religion.

      1. Dave North 8 Nov 2012, 12:11pm

        ” It really is the best possible appointment possible as it strengthens the case for separation of church and state. ”

        Perhaps that’s the plan!!! With a bit of luck.

    2. Totally agree, perfect choice – “Conservative, Evangelical and Bible fearing” . . . Crackpot

      One more nail in the CofE’s coffin as you say.

      Thank goodness the UK hates religous piety

      1. It is time for a Comper clad and Prinknash scented wave of Liberalism…It is our only hope.

  3. Just what we needed – another Archbigot!

  4. Who cares the church is dead ionly the right wing reacitonary queens are pushing this agenda. how did we allow the gay right to take over

    1. the gay marriage agenda. CP are the modern standard marriage and the whole church are archaic. The views on us & women are enough to ignore it but no those right wing idiots want to be “respectable” while they have a cock in their mouths

      1. Slightly bizarre way of looking at it, James! What has a sexual practice common to gays and straights got to do with respectability? It is a question of equality. CPs should be made available to opposite sex couples if they are to remain and marriage should be made available to same sex couples. It’s not for you to decide what choices we are not to have.

        1. Marriage is for reactionary conformists if you stick a dick in your mouth you shouldn’t want to join an organisation with beleives the S&G stort.

          I can’t beleive that the gay right has been allowed t flourish and fester like a cancer in the gay community. marriage kids middle class respectability. I am no loger gay but defiently a homo

          1. de Villiers 8 Nov 2012, 1:42pm

            Good for you. That is democracy

          2. Spanner1960 8 Nov 2012, 8:14pm

            You just said it for yourself:
            It was always lefty idiots like you that came up with this concept of a “gay community”, to the point where you actually start believing your own PR.

            There never was or will be such a thing.
            We are all different people, with different goals, different classes, different politics. The only commonality we have is who we happen to sleep with.

            Get over yourself before you give yourself a coronary.

      2. That There Other David 8 Nov 2012, 1:09pm

        UK marriages are recognised outside of the UK. UK CPs are not, and in the increasing number of countries extended marriage to all they never will be. Married Swedish same-sex couples can move to Portugal and their relationship is automatically recognised. Why should UK citizens be put at a disadvantage?

        Marriage for all who want it. Nothing else is good enough.

        1. If it’s a non religious marraige then fair enough.All this harassing churches seems pointelss

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Nov 2012, 1:53pm

            Who is harassing churches? Nobody is demanding religious marriage but some religious denominations such as the Quakers, Liberal and Reformed Judaism, the Unitarians would like to marry us and they should have that right. The main stream denominations, CoE and RC church can do as they wish and continue to discriminate to kingdom come. Who really cares?

          2. That There Other David 8 Nov 2012, 1:56pm

            The only people harassing churches are other churches. If the Quakers, Unitarians, or members of other faiths such as two major branches of Judaism want to marry same-sex couples why should the Vatican or C of E tell them they cannot? Any religion that wants to do this should be permitted to, and any religion that does not permitted to refuse.

            But don’t think that this is really about religious marriage James. The two major UK churches don’t want any same-sex couples to marry, not even in civil ceremonies.

      3. It doesn’t sound to me, James, as though you are very comfortable with your sexuality.

        You refer to “right wing idiots [who] want to be “respectable” while they have a c**k [my edit] in their mouths.”

        Why shouldn’t someone who performs fellatio be considered to be respectable? There is nothing about sex that should be considered to reduce someone’s respectability, so long as it is consensual, non-abusive and safe. You seem to be equating respectability with celibacy, or at least with not performing fellatio.

        Don’t buy into the centuries of religious indoctrination that has tried to poison our sexuality and make us feel bad about it.

        Yes to fellatio. Yes to equal marriage.

    2. Spanner1960 8 Nov 2012, 8:09pm

      Oh, that sounds so “self-loathing” of you, James!
      The “gay right” were always here, it’s just you lefty twats liked to give the impression that any LGBT person that wasn’t a fully paid-up member of the Communist party was a traitor to their kind.

    3. Wat is grammer

      1. Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more?

  5. The Halcyon 8 Nov 2012, 11:33am

    In other words, the C of E is terrified at losing the support from the African clergy. The church cannot adapt to the changing times – look at the furore caused by ex-Archbishop George Carey, by the wobbly leadership of Rowan Williams. This is a sick institution which has a finite lifespan. Let’s just levy taxes against their estates and enjoy the hundreds of millions we can rake in.

    1. Dave North 8 Nov 2012, 12:14pm

      “In other words, the C of E is terrified at losing the support from the African clergy.”

      Of course they are.

      They need a steady stream of uneducated indoctrinated idiots which they can no longer rely on harvesting in the more enlightened nations.

  6. Peter & Michael 8 Nov 2012, 11:45am

    Still living in the past, as their congregations get smaller and smaller the cofe will have to use some of the billions of pounds locked up in shares and property, they should start paying their share of taxation to the government, like everyone else. We feel sorry for the parents of Gay siblings whom wish their offspring a better life in a marriage, work, education, happiness, but, to be cast aside by the church because of their outdated dogma.

  7. Fantastic news.

    This will cause massive damage to the cult of England.

    This bigot will keep the African contingent on side, but will lead to the desertion from the Cult of England of all progressive people.

    His appointment will also strengthen the demand to separate church and state in England.

    1. Spanner1960 8 Nov 2012, 8:16pm

      He said “cult” again.

  8. This bigot is a ‘former oil executive’?

    I’ll bet he believes climate change is false as well.

    1. Dave North 8 Nov 2012, 12:15pm

      “This bigot is a ‘former oil executive’?”

      Quite apt really.

      In his old job he worked for an organisation that exploited people for profit.

      As CofE Archbigot its just same old same old.

    2. That There Other David 8 Nov 2012, 1:13pm

      I do wonder how someone with so little experience of being a Bishop suddenly heads the pack.

      On a unrelated note, there are lots of oil deals done in Nigeria aren’t there?

      Something smells fishy, and it isn’t just the dead fish washed up in polluted waters.

      1. Robert Piggott in the BBC said this: The dark horse of the contest, he does lack experience on Church leadership – he wasn’t even a bishop a year ago – but his impressive record in the “real” world of business and finance might appeal.

        1. Sorry, rehan, meant to give you a thumbs up…. Damn touch pads…

    3. No, he will say that ‘the gays’ caused climate change!

  9. I guess it could have been work – John Semantu. Maybe they have appointed a traditional conservative to appeal to a global organisation. But agree with others, unless he changes his views on gays, CofE is going to become even more irrelevant in the UK

    1. I was hoping for Sentamu.
      He was so extremist that it would have alienated even more people from the Cult of England than this Welby bigot will.

      1. Spanner1960 8 Nov 2012, 8:18pm

        We seriously didn’t need that gap-toothed twat interfering.

  10. A new captain for the Titanic.

    1. About as apt as you could be.

    2. Spanner1960 8 Nov 2012, 8:21pm

      More ice, Bishop?

  11. Brand new face!

    Same old sh!te!

    1. “Brand new face”… that’s pushing it a bit.
      He has the piously smiling yet cruel face of an inquisitor looking forward to having more power.

      1. Well he is a ‘former oil executive’.

        Corruption is in his blood.

  12. Giles Fraser says that Welby is a friend of Paul Perkin of Anglican Mainstream and FoCA fame. Enough said. He’s going to be another Archbigot who hates the gays. Ugh!

  13. As an Old Etonian you might have thought he would be more tolerant of gays. Last sunday the Earl of Grantham said in defence of his gay valet who had tried to kiss a footman: “If I’d screamed blue murder every time someone tried to kiss me at Eton I would have been hoarse within a month.”

    So ironic that a 1920s fictional Earl written by a Tory peer is more progressive than a likely 21st century Archbishop.

  14. Garry Cassell 8 Nov 2012, 12:37pm

    surprising considering he looks so gay himself….wolf in sheeps clothing…But again does it really matter…let them all swallow their own hateful poo…

    1. Oh for God’s sake (so to speak), have we still not progressed beyond this “looks so gay” nonsense? Do you not think imagining an individual’s secret sexuality from one photograph is unwise? (‘Secret’ because he’s married with 5 children.)

      1. Garry Cassell 8 Nov 2012, 8:25pm

        Most of the gays I know are married with children…So you know little about what u speak…and yes many are clergy…married with children does not make one not gay…thats why I said wolf in sheeps clothing…

        1. And you’re basing this supposition on … what? The strength of one photograph? In exactly what way does he “look gay”, anyway – because he’s got short cropped hair?

          I must be fortunate, I only know one man who’s gay or bi who remains married, and that’s not in the UK.

  15. Another vile man in a long stream of vile men.

    He can be as anti-gay as he wants, he doesn’t have to “like” or “approve” of any of us (although the craven swine Williams concedes that church negativity is part of the cultural zeitgeist that injures LGBT people).

    What he does have to do is get his dirty hands off our rights. Marriage does not belong to the church, never has. It is a civil matter with a ceremonial aspect for those that wish it.

    That said, his church continues to be a as much a crumbling anachronism as the buildings themselves. And nothing of value will be lost when the whole thing turns to dust.

  16. Although this quote is specifically about the US situation it can equally apply to the Anglican church’s stand on marriage equality.
    “the issue of gay marriage is a generational one, a battle that social conservatives have lost … fighting this one is political flat-earthism.” (Jennifer Rubin,)

  17. Dangermouse 8 Nov 2012, 12:40pm

    Looks like a bit of a closet case to me. But at leaast I’m glad the C o E is moving at last into the 18th century

    1. Quite far back in the closet then, given he has 5 children.

      1. Dangermouse 8 Nov 2012, 2:39pm

        five kids are just a cover, he probably bought them offline.

        1. Offline?!

    2. 5 children and a girlfriend.

  18. This man has an advanced form of mental illness. A relative of mine once heard voices, and she was treated by means of E.C.T. Perhaps he could receive similar treatment followed by a period in a lunatic asylum.

  19. The fact that people who hear voices lack a normal level of sanity makes it inappropriate that such an appointment should be made.

  20. Having spoken to Christians in my Role as an Interfaith Representative and found the majority of Christians are bewildered by Gay Men and Women and are trying to understand ‘their choice’ and wish them no malice but wish to see them ‘brought into the fold’ ;
    It then comes as no suprise that the Church authorities choses someone who does not represent the thoughts of its members , but rather the party line of it’s Committee Elite

    1. That There Other David 8 Nov 2012, 1:59pm

      I hope you told them quite clearly that being gay is as much a “choice” as being left-handed. Would they deny left-handers legal equality too?

  21. The evangelical extremist Justin Welby will do to the CoE what Mitt ‘Magic Underpants’ Romney has done to the Repugnant Party.

    He will bring about its extinction even more rapidly !

    1. That There Other David 8 Nov 2012, 2:00pm

      As long as he doesn’t do what Josef Ratzinger has done to the Catholic Church at least children will be safe whilst the demise continues.

  22. Pavlos Prince of Greece 8 Nov 2012, 1:26pm

    ‘Two candidates to the prime minister’. Who was another? Has gay friendly Mr. Cameron no choice? And how strong/weak are relationships of Mr. Welby with Catholic Church?

    1. Cardinal Capone 9 Nov 2012, 1:50pm

      Well if he favours women bishops, he’s not going to get on that well with the Pope.

  23. PantoHorse 8 Nov 2012, 1:38pm

    Bet Bigot Sentamu’s pissed at this decision :)

  24. I know appearances ought not to sway one, but, my goodness, he looks so creepy, doesn’t he!

    It’s very rare for well-balanced and at least fairly good-looking young men to enter the priesthood.

  25. Jesus Mohammed 8 Nov 2012, 2:02pm

    Please add some carefully chosen words to the comments on the following page:

  26. PantoHorse 8 Nov 2012, 2:16pm

    Bet Bigot Sentamu’s pissed about this :) probably thought he was next in line, since they so often wheel him out for media sound-bites.

  27. Congratulations and welcome Archbishop.
    Good to know you are for traditional marriage, maybe you could meet with that pathetic excuse of a PM we have and encourage him to drop his plans before he loses more voters

    1. Ben Foster 8 Nov 2012, 3:19pm

      Do you seriously think he’s going to read this here? idiot.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Nov 2012, 3:41pm

      “Traditional” biblical marriage permitted polygamy, wives the property of their husbands, chattel in other words. Read the old testament dumb arse! Equal civil marriage is coming whether idiots such as yourself like it or not. Civil marriage isn’t traditional, it was invented by the state to allow divorced people and serial hetero adulterers to remarry, over and over and has NOTHING to do with religion or “traditional” marriage.

    3. Equal marriage REALLY bothers you, doesn’t it, Matthew? Do you wish gay people would be invisible so you could ignore the gayness inside yourself that you claim your NARTH therapy is helping you with or do you think it makes you look more straight to oppose equal rights?

      You’d be a lot happier if you accepted yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being gay so stop beating yourself up about it. Read more widely and find some friends who aren’t fundies with an agenda. I feel sorry for you.

    4. Spanner1960 8 Nov 2012, 8:20pm

      I wonder if Christian website comments have gay trolls who are anywhere near as odious and offensive as the dicksplashes we get on here?

  28. The Church has made its postion very clear………lock and load baby! it is going to get nasty.

  29. stephanie 8 Nov 2012, 2:56pm

    that guy is gay.

  30. This apparent ‘Oilybigot’. will get a right royale welcoming when he gets to Canterbury Cathedral from some local queens

  31. Irrelevant bigot chosen to lead an irrelevant bigoted organisation. Big surprise..

  32. Isa Kocher 8 Nov 2012, 3:18pm

    archbıgotç he looks lıke somethıng whıch has offıces ın Wolfram Hart. or cs lewıs’s

  33. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Nov 2012, 3:43pm

    I wouldn’t mind betting this one is a self-loathing gay man. There’s something about him that sends my gaydar into a spin.

    1. Come on Robert, you can do better than this. Please don’t attempt to judge people and their sexuality from one photograph.

  34. Robert (Kettering) 8 Nov 2012, 4:16pm

    This new ArchBigot of Canterbury certainly looks Gay to me?

    Anyway, I am always somewhat confused by homophobic clergy who are ever so keen on Priestesses and Bishopesses, neither of which have any Biblical support (traditional or otherwise) YET get into a hissy fit at the mere mention of Gay Clergy (again, which the Bible does not condemn or even comment on)?

    So why is it that they can accept Priestesses and try to defend yet utterly condemn and forbid Gay Clergy?

    Proves to me that this is all about bigotry and homophobia.

    Remember ArchBigot, that the C of E would collapse without all those Gay Clergy hiding in their closets up and down the land!

    1. Archbigot of Canterbury, love it, let’s adopt it.
      His girlfriend…er!… partner won’t like it.

    2. Why, whom does he resemble – Julian Clary? Kenneth Williams? Which stereotype shall we invoke?

  35. Tom Cotner 8 Nov 2012, 4:20pm

    Oh, my! Will they ever learn???
    The only sensible response is:

    “Who gives a rat’s ass??”

  36. Justin Welby, who lives with his girlfriend/partner Caroline Eaton and their five children, opposes marriage equality.

    1. That There Other David 9 Nov 2012, 11:11am

      Incredible isn’t it? Irony is completely lost on some people.

  37. I’m waiting for the CofE gay uncle toms to come on here now.

  38. Thats it. Should finish the dear old C of E completely.

  39. Godric Godricson 8 Nov 2012, 5:12pm

    It’s surprising that a specific bishop could be called ‘anti-gay’ when the entire Anglican Church is homophobic. By implication anyone involved with the Church must be anti-gay becasue they passively accept homophobia. If you wear the uniform of the Church, attend Church or give money to the Church then you are feeding the beast.

  40. Justin Welby has a weak face with rather cruel eyes.

    1. Dr Crippen.

    2. ...Paddyswurds 9 Nov 2012, 12:26pm

      A face well suited to an Inquisitor. Another dinosaur trotted out to help with the demise of the Cult of England. He should get on well with Ratzi the Naz1 of the Roman Catholic Cult. All in all I can’t say it is a bad thing that this homophobe has been appointed if it hastens the demise of Religion in the UK, something that cannot happen too soon; they have blighted our lives for far too long.

  41. can’t see why he is opposed to gay bishops – celibate gay men are allowed to be priests so why not bishops?

  42. They are all anti – gay. Even the gay ones. (Except the out gay ones that is)

  43. So that is the end of the Church of England. However we still have the Anglican Communion where we can, by and large, be free of bigotry and have Gay Priests ordained by Gay Friendly Bishops and establish our own independent churches, parishes and monasteries. I, for one have had enough, and I now no longer recognise the Church of England as being a credible, truthful or legitimate organisation. I also call on the Bishop of Salisbury and the Bishop of Bucks and any other Gay Friendly Bishop to fully support the Anglican Communion as being the only real Christian Anglican organisation that truly represents the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ in real time action. A full and complete split from the Church of England is now essential for the survival of the Anglican Communion.

  44. It looks retarded what ever it is.

  45. Has six children too. Dirty old bugger.

    1. I pity those children, be interesting if one turns out to be gay.

  46. Great news! The ‘unchurched’ population will become even larger!

  47. Merseymike 8 Nov 2012, 10:12pm

    All of those in the running held essentially the same view. The Church continues to become more irrelevant

  48. Another Hannah 8 Nov 2012, 10:14pm

    I don’t know why so many LGBTs have anything to do with the CE or RC churches. They’re all a bunch of deeply sad creepy old bigots anyway. What exactly does the Cof E have to offer anyone? It’s abit sad to hanker after the acceptance of the sadest people around in this way!

  49. Suddenly Last Bummer 8 Nov 2012, 11:01pm

    He turned to religion after his young daughter was killed. That usually equates to mental illness, as if often the case with most zealots. Bigot tw@t.

  50. I don’t get the logic in calling this man “vile” – he hasn’t yet been anmed and certainly hasn’t made many statements. We are working on speculation that he is anti-gay-marriage….note not necessarily anti gay.
    Wait and see I say – give the bloke a chance

    1. Unless the report is entirely inaccurate that “He is firmly against same-sex marriage and is also opposed to gay people serving as bishops.” why should anyone give him a chance when he is already known to be anti-marriage equality and an homophobic bigot.
      Shame on the Anglican church, shame on Justin Welby and his live-in girlfriend/partner Caroline.

  51. equal marriage is upon your ass justin welby the uk is giving religion the boot. as for david cameron the tory he knows his party will be out on their arses if equal marriage isnt introduced before the next election

  52. 9 Nov 2012, 4:06am

    Another irrelevant and irreverent cleric out of touch with human nature and social reality.
    How did he ever get elected!?

    1. Right on…and good to see you here, Richard..

    2. Me thinks he was chosen a long time ago and carefully groomed to take over the position

    3. The evangelical extremists have hijacked the Anglican church.

  53. GingerlyColors 9 Nov 2012, 6:36am

    Makes us want to bash the bishop!

  54. PeterinSydney 9 Nov 2012, 8:22am

    The fart looks so so boring. He will be a disaster for the Anglican Church if he is avowedly anti-gay. How could David Cameron accept such a person when he is about to introduce legislation for marriage equality! It means he is irrelevant and regressive even before he starts.

    1. I suspect he was the best of a bad bunch.

  55. The bible strongly and repeatedly condemns rich people and barely mentions LGBT people. Yet Eton-educated oil executives are welcomed into the cult with open arms while we are excluded.

  56. With such a narrow minded bigot running an institution which is the official state religion, I have only one word to add as a comment: “Disestablishmentarianism”!

  57. Paul in Brighton 9 Nov 2012, 10:05am

    No doubt the Oil companies, who Justin Welby, previously worked for will welcome his appointment.

    They can look forward to Mr Welby taking his complimentary seat at heart of all meetings and State functions involving her Majesty, The Queen.

    He can sit there at the point of influence, bible in one hand, dip stick in the other and ensure that the greedy oil companies interests are fully represented to the those in attendance.

    Won’t be long now before you’ll hear Cardinal O Brien publicly welcome the appointement of our Oil-snake friend along the lines of them both sharing the same traditional values.

    Meanwhile, the world’s poor are left exploited by the giant Oil companies and the world’s natural resources pillaged and plundered.

    But welcome, James Welby, a ‘traditionalist.’

    Excuse me, while I rush off to vomit.

  58. Or he might get a better offer elsewhere. His less-than-twelve-month tenure in Durham hardly suggests constancy,staying power or integrity, Comforting though that England is at last classless—everyone went to Eton.

  59. Alan Gerrard 9 Nov 2012, 12:14pm

    Gosh look at him, another case of self loathing. It is only a matter of time before the African church and the liberal North American church break away. Then, All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well, to quote Julian of Norwich.

    1. You can discern self-loathing from one photograph, can you? Bravo.

  60. Pavlos Prince of Greece 9 Nov 2012, 3:23pm

    I think, Mr. Cameron has only this choice: homophobic fanatic from York or more moderate bishop of Durham. Gay rights was a subject in the conversation of Prime Minister with both candidates, and the statement of Mr. Welby was, that as Archbishop of Canterbury he will be more open and gay friendly – so my impression after his speech today. Good. And thank you, Mr. Cameron!

  61. I think his attitudes may change by the looks of things.

  62. Shira Lansys 10 Nov 2012, 6:42am

    This article is very onesided – the Church of England could have done a lot worse than Welby. While he might not believe in gay marriage, he’s openly agreed with gay civil partnerships (for an arch-bishop, that’s radical!). Too little, too late, maybe, but he was certainly the most LGBT-friendly candidate. Also, his stance on woman bishops might show the CoE that they’re living behind the times and that it’s useless to fear change.

  63. As far as equal marriage is concerned, I just hope he and his fellow Anglicans pay due respect to what the New Testament teaches us in, for example, St Paul’s Epistle to the Romans chapter 13 verses 1-7, and St Peter’s first Epistle chapter 2 verses 13-17.

  64. Would you buy a used car from this man?

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