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Brendon Ayanbadejo: Yes on equal marriage vote ‘was like Christmas’

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Reader comments

  1. That Matt 8 Nov 2012, 2:15am

    Lovely, inspiring words from a great person.

  2. lol at Mr Pollard – clearly didn’t read about the men that married MANY women not just one in his precious buybull.

    1. It is truly amazing how often they overlook that!

      1. They always overlook that part of the buybull!

        This is why they are losing their arguments on equal marriage.

  3. What a wonderful man Brendon Ayanbadejo is and what beautiful comments he has made.

    And as for Bernard Pollard, do us a favour and STFU!

  4. Midnighter 8 Nov 2012, 9:33am

    Pollard, you are so full of crap:

    ““I’m going to love you just like I did. Whatever lifestyle you want to live, you’re entitled to that. I think you are”

    To me that reads – “love you just like before, i.e. not much at all in practice because I insist on thinking of your nature as a ‘lifestyle choice’ against all scientific evidence to the contrary. We’ll allow you to do that. At least I will, even though other religious nutters don’t.”

    And what the hell does …
    ” It’s just that, for us, we’ve got to continue to live life and continue to pray.”
    … mean anyway? Empty words for theatrical effect to make us see the poor bigot as a martyr of some kind.

  5. That There Other David 8 Nov 2012, 9:44am

    The comments from the two players sum up the two sides of this argument perfectly.

    On the positive side the message is – This matters to real people, this affects real people, this is something we as a society should support because if we don’t it needlessly hurts some of us.

    Opposing position – Bronze Age Fable Book says it’s not OK.

  6. Nice words sure.

    But such a pity Pink News can’t find commentators that more of its readers may actually have heard of.

    In its desperate attempt to become the 24th largest LGBT website in the US, Pink News is alienating its core audience.

    (A bit like how David Cameron is alienating his bigot base support by pretending to support marriage equality I suppose).

    1. Midnighter 8 Nov 2012, 10:28am

      Don’t see the problem myself – simply from reading PN in the past I’m very aware that he’s on the same team as ‘that other footballer’ (Chris Kluwe) who made the hilarious response in defense of Brendon (iirc) to a stuffed shirt US politician which I personally found very memorable, and have myself shared it with others online in discussing LGBT rights issues. Kluwe got a lot of publicity for the issue over it, so all these individuals are – in my view- significant voices in this debate.

      You may have missed the background to this, but some of us have been paying attention. I’ve criticised PN’s stories myself several times in the past, but I’m happy to defend them on this one.

    2. Whenever there is an international story on this site, all you do is criticise it. If it angers you that much, why do you keep coming back.

      When I read these articles, I look these people up so that when they are featured again I have an idea on who they are, after all, in this case, they are good allies to have.

      You may want to try reading up on who these people are.

  7. Mr Pollard: “…It’s just that, for us, we’ve got to continue to live life and continue to pray.”
    I think that’s what killed off the die-hard religionist vote at the elections. Most of them were told by their pastors and priests to pray the Gawd would make them win, and they did exactly that.
    Talk about sheep, eh!

  8. Jim Nashville Tn 8 Nov 2012, 3:23pm

    Speaking in the Ravens’ locker room, he said: “It’s something I’ve been passionate about a long time,” he said. “Even though it doesn’t affect me directly, it affects a lot of my friends. It affects my family. It affects Ravens fans. It affects Marylanders. I’ve worked very hard on it; I’m especially proud of the Marylanders who went out and voted and made a difference.”
    I totally disagree it does affect him personally it shows him to be a caring person who lives and breathes and respects and supports equal rights

    Ayanbadejo’s happiness at the legalisation of equal marriage was not a sentiment shared by all of Mr Ayanbadejo’s teammate Bernard Pollard, again a man who only believes and follows the things in his Bible that he wants too . and our right to marry has doing to do with laws in the Bible . if you are a true Christian you follow the words that Jesus spoke and check those out .he didnt say a word about us .

  9. Mike Bernard 2 Mar 2013, 3:56am

    This was a fantastic and wonderful outcome in my state of Maryland. It was one of the most wonderful nights of my life when the election result was announced.

    One correction: Question 6, which asked voters to affirm or reject the Civil Marriage Protection Act that extends the right to marry to gay and lesbian couples, won the popular vote by a margin of 52.4% to 47.6%, or by slightly over 127,000 votes.

    The 58% favorable figure cited in the article was the margin from only those who voted in the Early Voting period, about 12% of the electorate.

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