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Ugandan anti-gay speaker chairs London human rights conference

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 7 Nov 2012, 8:14pm

    Well said. VERY well said :)

  2. Religion gets in the way probably wont happen

  3. Peter Cat 7 Nov 2012, 8:29pm

    What the HELL was that woman doing anywhere near a human rights conference???

    1. As much as I’d like to just ignore the drip, she needs to be educated as to why she is wrong. If we just barred her from every country, she would just remain as indignant as she has up until this point.

      1. Londuinium 8 Nov 2012, 10:52am

        Yes, but she wasn’t simply attending, she was chairing the conference, which means she can decide who speaks and who doesn’t, what issued get discussed and for how long. Educate certainly, but don’t put in charge!

      2. Har Davids 8 Nov 2012, 6:46pm

        This woman has had all the education she needs, she’s just sorely lacking in empathy and humanity.

  4. Oscar Watson 7 Nov 2012, 8:43pm

    I echo Peter Cat’s comment: Ms Kadaga has zero credibility officiating at an event discussing human rights. If rights aren’t universal, they’re rights.

  5. Oscar Watson 7 Nov 2012, 8:44pm

    if rights aren’t universal, they’re not rights

  6. Keith Farrell 7 Nov 2012, 8:55pm

    well said, but alas to little too late. Ehat was this homophobe doing being the chair of human rights conference??
    The Commonwealth is suposed to chapion human rights and it should be a condiction of membership of the Commonwealth. If sa country does not respect human rights then it must be removed from the Commonwealth and all funding by the Commonwealth withdrawn

    1. The majority of Commonwealth countries are actively homophobic, in most gaymen are crinimalised simply for existing. The Commonwealth is one of the most bigoted organisations on the planet, and actively campaigns against Human Rights and democracy worldwide. The question should be why are democracies like the UK, New Zealand, Australia, India and Canada still members.

  7. Rebecca Kadaga has one of the worst cases of cold, unfeeling. smug. anti-gay bigots face that I have ever seen, it’s really chilling

  8. Robert Brown 7 Nov 2012, 10:37pm

    Horrendous . . .

    Whoever chose this ‘judge’ to chair a conference on human rights needs to seriously have their judgment explored . . .

    and for Ms James to actually attend . . . she should have boycotted the event, along with other equality-minded individuals . . . I wonder if anyone from Canada attended this event . . .

    1. By the way, Kadaga was in Canada last month and criticised the Canadian government for its support of gays. She returned to a heroine’s welcome in Uganda.

  9. Dave North 7 Nov 2012, 10:59pm

    Fortunately the more these bigots spout there ignorant drivel the more people of reason can see there idiocy.

    I say, allow them there idiotic hateful platforms.

    The bigger audience sees them for what they are.

  10. Dave North 7 Nov 2012, 11:10pm

    Quotas. Whether for women , gays , paraplegics whatever are wrong.

    Ability of an individual should be criteria. nothing else.

    As a gay man with 30 years in IT I see this nonsense all the time. Stuffing inexperienced people into jobs in order to fulfill quotas. It simply does not work.

    1. Spanner1960 8 Nov 2012, 7:39am

      Whoever came up with ‘positive discrimination’ obviously had their heart in the right place, but forgot about the real practicalities of the world around us.

      1. One of the organisers of this event is sure to be some carefully placed evangelical extremist.
        We do need to find out who is responsible for including Rebecca Kadaga as chair, so completely inappropriate.

  11. Why was that hatemongering bigot allowed into Britain at all?

    Never mind chair a human rights event.

    What is the International Parliamentary Conference on Gender and Politics?

    Who organised it?

    Was there no screening of those taking part?

    Why was that hatemongering bigot Kadaga allowed near it?

    And why did Margot James not condemn Kadaga loudly at the event for her murderous bigotry?

  12. Yes, who invited that phucking ignorant savage to chair anything in tis country? Totally inappropriate. Need to find out more about this.

  13. GingerlyColors 8 Nov 2012, 6:56am

    What do you know about human rights, Kadaga. GTFO!

  14. Kadaga chairing the International Parliamentary Conference on Gender and Politics? Seriously? It would seem a joke if there was anything even remotely funny about it.

  15. Contact the organisers of this conference to ask them to explain Kadaga’s presence at this event. Taxpayers money should NOT be used to host genocidal bigots.

    Their email address is:

    I wrote the following:

    Dear Gender Conference organisers,

    It was with horror that I read that Ugandan Speaker Rebecca Kadaga recently chaired the International Parliamentary Conference on Gender and Politics at Westminster.

    You are aware, that this person supports genocide against the gay population of Uganda?

    Can you please explain how this person could ever be qualified to chair a human rights event when she supports the death penalty against the gay population?

    Was there no vetting of participants at this event?

    Did you not openly condemn her presence at this event? If not then why not?

    It is deeply worrying that a genocidal bigot like Kadaga could be included at this event and her presence delegitimises the work the conference is trying to do.

    1. Paul in Brighton 8 Nov 2012, 10:06am

      Well said, and well done.

    2. Wel done, dAVID. Thanks for the address. I have written too.

    3. Thank you dAVID. I did send them an email and this was their response:

      Thank you for getting in touch and for raising your concerns.

      Ugandan Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was invited to participate as a prominent African woman parliamentarian, and in her capacity as the Chair of the African group of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians. She chaired, as a senior presiding officer attending the conference, one session of the International Parliamentary Conference on Gender and Politics, focusing on the use of quotas to increase women in parliament.

      Whilst the organisers and all who attended are aware of the differences of belief that exist, including her in such a meeting presents an opportunity to her international parliamentary colleagues to raise their concerns and disagreements with her.

      1. 2) The subject of homosexual rights was specifically raised in this session by Margot James MP as she thought it important to urge the women parliamentarians representing countries with laws against gay men and lesbians to defend human rights and challenge these laws. It was also brought up in subsequent sessions by parliamentarian delegates representing Botswana and Morocco among others, and received support from other delegates.

        Given the good diplomatic and inter-parliamentary relations that exist between Uganda and the UK, we believe that such issues are best resolved through discussion and collaboration in the spirit of encouraging dialogue and inclusiveness. Conferences of this sort allow us important opportunities to express a common UK view in support of non-discrimination on matters of sexual orientation, and we do not discriminate against delegates on the basis of them having different views on key human rights concerns in the hope that by engaging them we can expose …

        1. 3) them to different views and diverse perspectives which might advance the cause of human rights overall.

          Andrew Tuggey, Director, CPA UK and Rick Nimmo, Director, BGIPU

          1. I replied:

            Dear Andrew Tuggey and Rick Nimmo,

            Thank you for your reply, although I am disappointed.

            You and I do not disagree on the fact that these issues are best resolved through discussion, however extreme the points of view may be.

            It is about the fact that this woman does not even recognise the universal right to live. You gave her power, as a chairwoman, who gets to speak on human rights.

            Would you go into a discussion by someone who thinks you should be killed and has the power to do so? No free and descent conversation can be a result of this. Now you are hindering the process you tried to achieve.


  16. I suggest by these actions, the UK Border agency and UK Government could/should prepare themselves for an increase of refugee’s/alysum seekers for those percutited in such a way. This will have other effects on Local Authroities…….

  17. Jo A. Julia 8 Nov 2012, 2:26pm

    I am a Ugandan who is fade up of the homophobia that there is in the country. How does someone, a speaker of parliament at that, go to a HUMAN RIGHTS’ Conference and start talking anti-gay?!!! What is Human Rights? Maybe we need to unpack this whole concept of Human Rights for people like our speaker.

    I would also like to say, although I know that for now such people cannot take it, that even if they passed the bill into a law, it would affect their daughters and sons too; sex in Africa and so in Uganda is not an issue we normally talk about and so they should be sure to find those sons of theirs homosexuals themselves even when they hide them at home so they don’t get ‘contaminated’ or ‘learn bad manners’ from the gay.

    Also to say that I am lesbian and unapologetically so because I was not with God when He created me this way.

    We let you Heteros be, why don’t you let us be?

  18. I am a Ugandan who has gay friends. How ever what people especially those in the western world should understand is that democracy cannot be attained in just a few months or years because of exposure. it takes time to change people’s minds. Well us Uganda is an anti gay community it doesn’t necessarily mean that all Ugandans are anti gay and that guy people are hunted down and killed when ever they are found. We have gay bars and clubs that are freely functional in the country. What Kadaga simply said was that we are a sovereign state with cultural values and we don’t need to be pushed by the donors to pass a bill. She is a very intelligent woman and trusted by many people in the country. There is nothing wrong in being gay and certainly nothing wrong in expressing what she really feels like because even in the so called liberalized communities anti gay people exist. Just give people time and they will come along.

    1. Harlequin 8 Nov 2012, 5:13pm

      I feel a little ashamed that people here voted down your comment.

    2. Well, I personally think she is the worst kind of bigot – an educated one. I am relieved to hear (if what you say is true) that Gay people in Uganda can have some kind of a normal life despite the efforts of malicious creatures like Kadaga. You seem like a good person but because you are an apologist for her I am unashamedly thumbing down your comment.

  19. Errol Semple 8 Nov 2012, 3:13pm

    Anti-gay chair of Human Rights. Give you head a shake.

  20. Is she a joke or just dark British humor?

  21. Jo A. Julia 9 Nov 2012, 7:30am

    The ‘holy bible’ says we sin in our thoughts, speech and actions. Homophobes are murderers. Cut throats if you ask me. They murder ‘us’ both in their thoughts and speeches. Now they even want to do so; ACTION.

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